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Frank Gaffney, Jr. (1953-) is a noted Islamophobic pundit transition team with a not-so-secret hard-on for dictatorship who writes for the Moonie Times and Andrew Breitbart's Big Government website. He also founded the Center for Security Policy, a haven for conspiracy theorists. In March 2016, Ted Cruz added Gaffney to his campaign's national security team.[1]

Even his Wikipedia pageWikipedia introduces him as a conspiracy theorist. Well, most of the time anyway, as mysterious users with few other edits sometimes concern themselves with removing "biased commentary".[2]

Center for Security Policy[edit]

The Center for Security Policy is Gaffney's propaganda organ, which he founded in 1988. It now exists to keep people "informed" about Islamism, terrorism, and the threat of creeping Sharia. The Center has published "research" that claims to have demonstrated that Sharia is taking over the American court system.[3] It also runs a site, Family Security Matters, which gained notoriety when it ran an article advocating for George W. Bush to nuke Iraq and become "president for life." The article was quickly yanked as an "editorial error".[4]

The Center has decided that global warming denial is also a matter of national security for whatever reason. It is a former member of the denialist alliance Cooler Heads Coalition, though denialist material can still be found on the site.[5][6]

The Mooslims are coming![edit]

Gaffney had a Michelle Malkin moment in 2010 when he made a post to his Big Government blog accusing Barack Obama of changing the logo of the Missile Defense Agency to include a crescent.[7] He later made a "retraction" after finding out the logo was approved by the Bush Administration in which he claimed he was merely asking the hard questions.[8]

In 2012, Gaffney posted an amusing pile of contradictions in the Washington Times that asserted that Obama was attempting to promote a radical Islamist and radical homosexual agenda at the same time in the US armed forces.[9] Not content with repeatedly beating a dead horse to a messy pulp, he later invited George Neumayr of the American Spectator to join in on some potshots on Gaffney's radio show claiming that Obama was part of a liberal/Islamist conspiracy to poison our youth's precious bodily fluids destroy America.[10]

Gaffney got in a feud with Grover Norquist when he vowed to boycott the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference due to Norquist's alleged connections to the Muslim Brotherhood (his wife is Muslim and runs a Muslim outreach program).[11] He was subsequently banned from speaking at CPAC for two years.[12] Judging by a more recent chat he had with fellow wingnut Jerry Boykin, he's now actively trying to smear Norquist as having "associations" with the Muslim Brotherhood.[13] Gaffney repeated the charge against Norquist on his radio show and even upped the ante by claiming that John McCain and John Boehner were "parroting the Muslim Brotherhood line on a number of issues."[14]

Gaffney's craziness on this issue extends to McCarthy-like charges of guilt by association extending to figures in the executive wing of the Federal government as well. His efforts to smear State Department official Huma Abedin (the unfortunate wife of Anthony Weiner) as being in league with the Muslim Brotherhood (a goal he shared with fellow knee-jerk crazies like Boykin, Michele Bachmann and Louis Gohmert) is probably starting to make some people think that Gaffney is under the impression that everybody else not named "Frank Gaffney" is probably a card-carrying member of the Muslim Brotherhood.[15] He continues to wave the Abedin flag, even to the point of claiming that she was given responsibility to run "Islamist influence operations" for sixteen years under Hillary Clinton.[16]

He also claimed that CIA Director nominee John Brennan was "deeply sympathetic" to Islamists despite his previous role in the Bush II administration. Proof of said sympathy seems to consist of the fact that a) Brennan speaks Arabic and b) was former head of the CIA in Saudi Arabia… and not much else.[17] His views on the candidacy of Chuck Hagel for US Secretary of Defense are equally strange; he intimated that Hagel openly promotes Iranian influence to the point of acting like an Iranian agent.[18] Gaffney, at least, is completely consistent: no stone will be left unturned in his apparent goal to come off as being more off-his-rocker batshit on this subject than anyone else.

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