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August 2010[edit]

5"The University of Minnesota is abandoning the traditional teaching methods of yesterday in favor of ... a mindset that favors innovative teaching paradigms." Never mind the asinine objections from those dumb professors, who obviously know nothing about teaching.
12 More racefail: a middle school in Mississippi uses a 30-year old plan to determine their student government. It's just that black students aren't allowed to be president.
3Just when everyone thought that German racism was a thing of the past, a Bundesbanker puts his foot in his mouth.
9The Burgess Shale now has a smaller, but equally important sister site.
4Heavy drinkers rejoice! You'll live longer than non-drinkers!. Moderate drinkers may rejoice even more - in moderation of course.
9Climate change sceptic does will do a complete volte-face.
7Psychedelics are making a comeback... in your doctor's office. Link to source article here.
7"Swarm Intelligence" - a new concept in marine energy harvesting may allow turbines to gather energy from the Gulf Stream.
6The Internet has killed the Oxford English Dictionary!! Well, possibly in print form anyway.
5Mother cuddles 'dead' baby back to life.
7Headline: "North Carolina man waits for 'ghost train,' killed by real one."
6Just in case you had any free time left, Diaspora is about to launch and compete with Facebook.
12Too horrible to contemplate - it could take up to four months to rescue trapped miners.
13Glenn Beck following in Martin Luther King's footsteps? "It's just a coincidence," he claims.
12Apparently the educational qualification for lap-dancers is rising. - A university study finds that one in four lap dancers has a degree.
14Want good grades? Bug your teachers.
9"You can't appreciate Shakespeare until you've read him in the original Klingon."
15Captain's log; Stardate: sometime soon. Our mission: to search for the anti-universe. Wait... what?
7The new public editor for the New York Times acknowledges an awful science story and asks how they could have done better. (Answer: Don't discount absolutes; just learn a little logic.)
17For more than a decade, Britain has vaccinated hens for salmonella. In doing so, they have virtually wiped out the disease in their egg industry. By following suit, American egg farmers might have prevented the current salmonella scare. However, when new food safety rules were being debated a few months ago, the FDA quashed plans to vaccinate hens because "there was not enough evidence to conclude that vaccinating hens against salmonella would prevent people from getting sick."
6People can sell smut in the streets of Baghdad without being assassinated, meaning it's safe for the U.S. to pull out. (No pun intended.)
7A new study suggests that colonising new living space (the "ecological niche concept" hypothesis) is possibly a more important aspect of evolution than direct competition and natural selection.
8Court ruling: Death threats against corporations are legal.
2Please excuse our schadenfreude.
16Latest natural resource crisis: we're running out of helium.
-10Cat haters find new ways of destroying their nemesis
11The more things change, the more they stay the same. 16 years after ending apartheid, the ANC plans to impose apartheid-style censorship on the independent media.
7A French town hallucinated, ergot the CIA drugged them.
4When scientists attack!
-6Poll: Costa Rica is a happier country than the U.S. Perhaps this is because some people in the U.S. make themselves depressed by yowling about the "exploitation" of Costa Ricans.
7Thought your commute was bad? Try being stuck in a 9 day, 100km traffic jam.
11Time Magazine: Is America Islamophobic? Rest of the toadying rational world: Uh, yeah, duh; they haven't outlawed blasphemy yet.
11Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has just unburqua'ed unveiled Iran's first unmanned bomber and states, "The jet, as well as being an ambassador of death for the enemies of humanity, has a main message of peace and friendship."
34First atheist to run for Federal office in the USA for 10 years.
8Can where you vote affect how you vote?
19First Wikileaks leaks details about the Afghan war mess, then its founder suddenly finds himself facing rape allegations. Let the conspiracy theories begin. UPDATE: Charges dropped
-9A new guide to English composition aims to "encourage more fluency in writing" by reclassifying, i.a., the Summa Homosexualita and the musings of Jpatt as English-language works.
18Mexico's Supreme Court OK's same-sex marriage in Mexico City. Cardinal claims mayor of Mexico City bribed Court. Mayor sues cardinal for defamation.
13In a follow-up to the missing Japanese centenarians' stories below, Japanese officials are now tracking down 281 centenarians who are missing or may have already died.
7Where will it end? "Psychic" Croc picks Gillard to win. Octopus Paul says "no comment."
6Spoon under the Moon in June while you still can. The moon is getting smaller.
14No Pooh! Bad Pooh! Wrong pot! Hunny pot here, Pooh.
7Australian judge orders witness to remove niqab in court.
18Well that's one less way in which the Catholic Church can discriminate against gays.
181 in 5 Americans think Obama is a Muslim. In other news: 1 in 5 Americans is a complete dumbfuck.
6Heavily armed trucker opened fire on a public safety building and tried to set off improvised explosives before shooting himself. The police have no clue why. And all this happens in Texas, of course.
13New age woo peddler: Our magic amulet gives you the protection of seven angels, watching over you and protecting your life. UK Advertising Standards Authority: Does it bollocks!
8Rest in peace piper Bill
6Thailand attempts to block WikiLeaks.
14Fair and balanced.
12Dr Laura, you have First Amendment rights... its just that when you use them, fewer folks want to listen to you...
20The birthers get smacked down for the umpteenth time as the Supreme Court refused to block a $20K fine levied against Orly Taitz.
0The 33d anniversary of Elvis going into hiding
13Evolutionary psychologist Marc Hauser busted - after Harvard knew about his shoddy research for three years. (His next book? Evilicious: Why We Evolved a Taste for Being Bad. Really.)
14What could help US college students with mathematics? Oh, how about teaching them how an equals sign works.
16Bike sharing in Denver "threatens our personal freedoms." Just don't tell the Conservative blue-blood pushing the scheme in London.
10Proposition 8 proponents strike back with a cunning 95 page appeal. "the confusion and irreparable injury that would flow from the creation of a class of purported same-sex marriages." Oh, and we don't have legal grounds to stand on, so let's accuse the judge of being a faggot.
5In his new campaign TV ad, the son of the biggest dumbass ever to serve as U.S. Vice President says that Barack Obama is the worst president in history. Knowing the Quayles, is there any doubt that Li'l Ben's knowledge of history is a bit sparse? Oh, and check out his country club tough guy act starting at the 20 second mark.
9How to use baraminology to convert creationists to proper science.
10Turnabout is forefair play when a gay activist tries to recruit Mormon missionaries.
7Dog Saves Drunk Man's Life By Eating His Toe.
12Global warming denier Viscount Monckton is a hereditary Lord ... but was never a member of the House of Lords. The House Of Lords goes out of its way to make this quite clear, including demanding he stop using a logo resembling theirs. Monckton then uses pseudolaw to claim he should be considered a member, dammit.
8RIP Ted. The tubes will never forget you.
-1What's more powerful than Facebook? /b/.
5Best. Parthian shot. Ever. JetBlue flight attendant quits his job in truly epic style.
11Let us never forget. 65 years on, atomic bomb survivors relive their experiences.
18In Iceland the mayor of Reykjavik was "too busy" to attend the opening of a gay pride festival - so he sent his friend instead.
12All together now: Note.png Always look on the bright side of life Note.png
10Ann Coulter who, as Wikipedia puts it, "has been engaged several times, but never married," will be the headline attraction at "Homocon," a convention for gay conservatives. Will Westboro Baptist Church protest that?
13Publicity hungry Westboro Baptist Church protests at Comic-Con but the real attraction was the counter protests from the nerds themselves.
6It's not quite the Well of Lost Plots, but...
15Elena Kagan is confirmed as Supreme Court Justice 63-37.
19Adolf Hitler taken away by social services. Really.
58Proposition 8 overturned by federal judge.
15Those evil, liberal, atheist, commie, muslim, nazis are once again refusing to be charitable. Bastards.
19FBI: "Using our seal in your Wikipedia thing is illegal!" Mike Godwin: "Arkell v. Pressdram."
10It's deja vu all over again! A week after finding out that Tokyo's "oldest man" actually died more than 30 years ago, officials have now been told that the whereabouts of Tokyo's "oldest woman" (113 years) have been unknown since 1986.
5Niche marketing in a recession. For those who are about to die, we have a magazine for you.
11Book burning is back!
20Idiot creationists, not just for America any more! Queensland students taught humans coexisted with dinosaurs. "But the teacher replied that DNA wasn't invented then."