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July 2011[edit]

15God has a 52% approval rating.
10Keeping up with Quartzite, AZ? Well, you know you're probably a corrupt government, when WorldNetDaily is agreeing with the liberals!
3Using Internet Explorer? You might have a low IQ.
11Alex Trebek kicks some ass.
2Finally, somebody invents a menstruation machine, so that men can feel what it's like to menstruate.
5Kucinich speaks some sanity (it's like all the woo has disappeared from him).
6Would've been better off with the toxins.
8 So, Apple has more money than the US Government, eh?
2Economic experts for hire are still failing to make an A in the area of disclosure.
6"What are you in for?" - "Well, I raped this bitch at knife point." - "I knocked over a liquor store and shot the owner" - "Erm... I put this sex doll in the bathroom..." (Petition at change.org)
12Italian member of the European Parliament thinks a certain Norwegian's ideas range from "good" to "great". What party? Lega Nord, of course. Fascists recognise their own.
13Vatican invokes Godwin's law over Irish scandal
8Herman Cain "apologizes" to Muslims.
2New plan for Libya being considered: GTFO.
9Got a smart phone? They can see you.
14Chris Christie balances his budget: No "millionaires tax" and $900 million in cuts for the most needy. He's just toeing the GOP line
0"People who take part in the Belfast Pride parade are “repugnant” – that’s according to the future Northern Ireland health minister, Jim Wells."[1]
8The latest sex scandal is grrrrreat!
5Obama and Boehner trade blows
13It may be time to start holding your breath for the Higgs boson.
12Egan-Jones cuts US credit rating.
20They do.
6Amy Winehouse joins the 27 Club.
50Faux News, classy as ever, blames the Norwegian attacks on "Muslim extremists", then segues straight into a story on the Ground Zero Mosque. Here's the twist: the lead suspect is a blond, blue eyed, right-wing Christian fundamentalist with anti-Muslim views.
26The Oslo bombings and the shootings at the Norwegian Labor Party outing were all allegedly committed by one man -- a 32-year-old right-wing Norwegian nationalist with anti-Muslim views.
3Leonard Boswell (D-IA) was attacked in his home, although there does not appear to have been a political motive.
24"Huge" blast strikes Oslo government buildings, including Norewegian Prime Minister's office. PM is reportedly unhurt, but no sources other than Twitter. EDIT Gunman dressed as a policeman opens fire on youth camp nearby, five 80 injured confirmed dead. No one has claimed responsibility yet. Total death toll of both the bombing and the shooting reaches 92.
10The 9/11 phone hacking investigation ratchets up another notch on News Corp as the Justice Dept prepares subpoenas.
15Well, this explains everything about Russia...
9Fermilab creates a new particle.
13Atlantis touches down safely, marking the end of the Space Shuttle program. NASA TV
9It's Fox vs. Mormons. No doubt this must be the real reason behind their most recent cancellation.
7A noted hard-core leftie on raising the debt ceiling.
8The Tea Party has some challengers.
9Pluto may have felt lonely after being demoted to just a "dwarf" planet, but at least it has plenty of company out there.
13Mossad suspected of hacking New Zealand's central police computer after quake victim is found with 5 passports. Update New Zealand PM confirms it looks suspect but probably isn't.
10Woman turns the tables on TSA gropers.
5Murdoch gets pied. Hurray for Looney Tunes inspired retribution!
32Muslim shows Christian America how that "forgiveness" thing works.
7Good riddance.
4You are witnesses to the birth of Prussian Blue Mark II... hope you enjoy our new direction.
21Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain sides with communities that want to ban mosques, and, in an attempt to break the irony meter, calls one proposed Tennessee mosque an "infringement and an abuse of our freedom of religion."
21A ruse to avoid Parliamentary scrutiny, or another domino toppling? Rebekah Brooks arrested over phone-hacking allegations. Update: The NotW whistle-blower Sean Hoare is found dead.
16Bachmann was asked to leave her church.
35A video from the You Can't Make This Shit Up department: Steve Douchey Doocy and another Fox News flak compare News Corp's role in the hacking scandal to corporate and government victims of hacking. Then, as if that wasn't precious enough, Da Douche brings up China's role in hacking the Pentagon's computers. Then, he trots out this little gem: "We are teetering on default, and what do they do? They talk about this!" Update: Taking the moral high ground...Larry Flynt?
23The Sarah Palin feature film debuts to empty theaters. (Must be those Harry Potter-lovin' surrender monkey ushers.)
25One down... Rebekah Brooks falls on her sword. And another - Les Hinton resigns. Update: Metropolitan Police chief quits.
29As fine upstanding conservative US citizens, the Murdochs can tell the MPs who want them to answer questions about phone hacking to go fuck themselves. They may not be able to say that to the FBI, though.
11Biggest earthquake in 300 years hits the English Channel. Of course, at magnitude 3.9, "biggest" is a relative term. Murdoch's earthquake machine suspected.
12Why you can ignore anonymous internet critics.
9MASSIVE amount of "model legislation" leaked from ALEC. The whole document dump is here.
15Minnesota hurtles toward a state of emergency, as the government shutdown threatens the beer supply.
11International House of Prayer, part 2: Oprah is a harbinger of the Antichrist. (Video included, for now at least.)
11Computer learns language by playing Civilization.
11Climate change is speeding up the rate at which creatures are going extinct.
9We're not just getting hotter, we're getting more unjust and more unstable too.
20An Austrian atheist and Pastafarian wins the right to wear a colander in his driver's licence photo.
13A County Supervisor wants 13 California counties to secede and form a 51st state, South California, in order to escape liberal policies.
18Announcing the winners of Google's Science Fair - do check this every time you feel down after one too many 'creationist science fair' jokes.
-1A US Marine serving in Afghanistan asks out Meg Griffin Mila Kunis via YouTube, she accepts - but for her country, or Justin Timberlake, or what?
17Republican presidential candidate speaks sense. (Hey, that's no way to get elected!)
8There's an outfit called the "International House of Prayer" (currently being sued by IHOP) hosting an orgy of Christian rock and prayer that goes on nonstop, 24/7. For a dozen years the votaries have sent up their humble supplications against abortion and gay marriage, with remarkable effect.
29Skinheads assault Native American family. Guess who gets arrested?
12It always pays to read the small print.
8The DEA declares marijuana has no medicinal properties.
13Smokey Joe is fighting back in the "war on light bulbs." (Update: Mike the Mad Biologist comments.)
23Senate GOP leader on why accused terrorists should not be tried in civilian courts: The jury might not find them guilty.
16Oh, and the News of the World may have hacked the phones of 9/11 victims.
11The final gasps of News of the World. The Guardian, trolling its blog readers as usual: "It was a good day for the bad guys. Villains, paedophiles and corrupt politicians will be able to sleep more soundly now that the greatest investigative newspaper on Earth has gone." In NotW itself, a final "Fuck you!" jab at its editor -- in the crossword puzzle. And on the BBC, comedian Steve Coogan -- himself a victim of phone hacking -- jumps down the throat of a NotW editor who had the nuts (not to mention the nutters) to defend the practice.
12Really, at what point did the Church of England's Ethical Investment Committee ask themselves "what would Jesus do?" and get the answer "give £4 million to Rupert Murdoch"? Must have been very sophisticated theology. C of E clergy and lay members are outraged — just in time for the general synod!
8Irony alert: Democratic Senator Patty Murray solicits the Kochs for campaign funds.
16New country on the block: South Sudan is now an independent nation.
9Malaysia decides it's not having any of this peaceful protesting. Or the colour yellow.
11Boys can be girls, and girls can be boys. Sweden opens its first gender-agnostic nursery - Egalia (equality) - [2]
13Final hold is removed, Space Shuttle Atlantis is at 8 minutes to launch (11:26 EDT). Update: Atlantis is now in orbit, for the 135th and final mission of the Space Shuttle. Live: NASA TV
16Michele Bachmann pledges to ban all forms of female pornography
8Regarding the national debt, the oracle of Utah Gospel according to Orrin sayeth: "The poor need jobs! And they also need to share some of the responsibility" because "the top 50 percent pay somewhere near 98 percent of all income taxes. 51 percent don't pay anything." (And π=3.)
9States with marriage for gays have lowest divorce rates
12Surgeons carry out first synthetic windpipe transplant
11News of the World to publish its last issue on Sunday. (Rumours that The Sun intends to start publishing a new Sunday edition are entirely unfounded...)
11Rupert Murdoch's PR company goes into overdrive (warning: satire)
15You thought legalisation of gay marriage in New York was enough of a win? Well, after the vote, some photographer managed to capture Brian Brown of National Organization for Marriage crying in a corner. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
21Following the phone hacking scandal, advertisers are now hitting Murdoch where it hurts:the wallet.
29In Britain; Ghosts and aliens are more believable than God.
3Homosexuality is observed in animals, morality is observed in animals, superstition is observed in animals... now emo cam-whoring is observed in animals.
4Evolutionary biologists uses creationist techniques to gather evidence for evolution.
6The Vatican announces that it has turned a profit after three straight years of losses. Uh, just a minute there, Ratzo. Isn't the Catholic church tax-exempt in the US because it claims to be a not-for-profit religious organization?
17"Physicists: Universe Almost Certainly Not a Hologram"
5A recent report on federal wiretaps shows they hit an all-time high under the Obama administration. But, hey, at least they're getting cheaper!
5Next GOP hopeful: David Duke?
8Shorter Noam Chomsky: Maybe that Hugo Chavez guy isn't so good after all.
27If you thought the News of the World couldn't sink any lower… well, it turns out they can.
5Google bid Pi for Nortel Networks patents.
0Hugo Chavez receives cancer treatment in Cuba, which many Venezuelans see as a tacit admission that Venezuela's health care system is failing.
14Give it up, liberals. Part two of Atlas Shrugged is announced.
14Motorcyclist dies in an accident protesting helmet laws, from an injury he would have survived if he had been wearing a helmet.
14Surprise, surprise! Climate change denialist funded by Big Oil.
14It's not Soylent Green. It's much, much worse.
10Titanic II sinks on maiden voyage.
15And you thought hentai tentacle porn was just the product of fevered Japanese imaginations?