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Svali is a person who claims to be a whistleblower for the Illuminati. She's pretty popular among conspiracy nutters.[1][2] She is claimed to be an ex-Illuminati programmer (whatever that means) who escaped and turned to Christianity. She self-published a book on how to break free of a cult, "which several experts in the field have said has 'invaluable information' for the survivor of ritual abuse."[3] Her story is unusually elaborate compared to the likes of John Todd.[4] She is claimed to have gone missing, probably to fuel the claim that she's a whistleblower.[5]

Her writing is happy to identify industries as being run for the benefit of the Illuminati, citing incredible detail on standard operating procedures, alleging huge numbers of agents, facilities, and possessed business but not putting forth a single example of any such agent, business, or facility. The contradiction of perfect, in-depth understanding of all operations against total ignorance of any verifiable specifics continues throughout her writing.

Her writing on "cult programming" descends into constant and nonsensical brainwave woo, alleging that EEG machines can be used to "induce a delta state" and other such claims.

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