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Hello there Ali and your companions at

I am not going to beg you to take down your website or challenge you to anything. I would like to say that i do think you need a life. You say that your website isn’t about islamic propaganda and that your forums are about building bridges of understanding however, i find it ironic that everything on your site is teaching everyone who visits it to hate islam. Do you have your intentions all muddled up???. Your intentions are to turn everyone against Islam because Islam wasn’t the right religion for YOU, you and Wafa Sultan were named as Brevik's[sic] heroes…. Your website helped him make the decision to kill innocent human biengs.[sic] Now doesn’t that say something to you???

So you used to be a muslim… who cares. many people enter and leave religions everyday(…) sad very sad indeed.[1]
—Ayda, stating the facts

Ali Sina (pseudonym, real name not known) is an Iranian-born Canadian activist, author, co-founder of WikiIslam, founder of Faith Freedom International, ex-Muslim and apeshit insane Islamophobe. He calls himself "probably the biggest anti-Islam person alive".[2] His main goal in his life is to eradicate Islam and to lead people away from it.[3]


there was another element in shaping [Muhammad's] character: The influence of Rabbis.
—Ali Sina, certified nutjob truth teller[4]

While he denounced the Holocaust and anti-Semitism in the racist sense of the word, Ali Sina doesn't seems to be fond of religious Jews. For Ali Sina, "The Rabbis in Arabia had laid the psychological foundation for Islam among the tolerant pagans." He also said that "[the Jews who still believes in Judaism are] filled with bigotry and hate." As if it applies to all religious Jews.[note 1]

A comment on Ali Sina's website is also… Enlightening:

Sundried Atheist:[5]

Why this maniacal obsession about Islam. Christianity and Judaism are just as dangerous and poisonous as Islam is. Their actions are just as diabolic. In fact Islam owes its existance[sic] to the founders of Christianity and Judaism. So really, it is the Jews we should be taking it out on. All the silly rituals and barbaric rules, human/animal rights abuse all stem from Jewish laws. Jews are suibhuman,[sic] less evolved primates who should be eliminated in a peaceful manner. Such as by spraying them with mega toxic pesticides like you try to eliminate locusts and other field posts.

A peaceful manner indeed.

Even though Ali Sina took his distances with Sundried Atheist and criticized him, he still did it with a double standard:

"I know S.A. for over ten years. His first comments were intelligent. Since then he has gone astray. Now he believes in everything I abhore.[sic] He is anti Semite[note 2], racist[note 3] and mysogynist.[sic] He thinks the white race is superior. He is Indian. And he also believes women should cover themselves and that they are less intelligent then men. You can say he is an atheist version of a fanatical Muslim."

Ali Sina and homosexuality[edit]

Like many radical Muslims, he's not fond of homosexuality. He argues that homosexuality is "a sexual disorder, like sadomasochism, fetishism, zoophilia and pedophilia".[6] For Ali Sina, "Homosexuals are not happy".[7] When a gay Nigerian Muslim asked him for help, here's part of Ali Sina's "advice":

1- Get rid of your belief in Islam because it is a lie and get rid of your false guilt. That false guilt torments you more than anything else.

2- Try to migrate to a non-Muslim country by all means.

3- Slowly, try to awaken in you the sexual attraction towards women. If one guy can develop attraction for men by watching gay porn, maybe the reverse is also true and you can develop attraction for women by watching them in a sensual way. If homosexuality is caused by classical conditioning, which is what I believe, then one may be able to reverse it by the same process by changing the stimulus. This process may be slow. Don’t expect result overnight. The process must be pleasurable. Don’t force yourself. Watch the faces and the bodies of nude women in erotic poses and discover their beauty. Do it slowly and regularly until you start seeing them sexually appealing. You may pleasure yourself at the same time envisioning having sex with them. What you want to do is connect the part of your brain that is aroused by sexual pleasure to women and their bodies. Your brain neurons must create new connections linking women with eroticism. Avoid watching porn that involves men even if that is a heterosexual act.[note 4]

You tried to sleep with one woman and it was a disaster. That is because it was too much at once. You have to do this slowly without any pressure for performance. Do this alone first and once you start feeling attraction to women, find a girlfriend, explain your struggle to her and you’ll find that she will be more than happy to help you.

You may never be able to get rid of your homosexual feelings. Don’t try it because it does not work and it will cause you frustration. It is fine if you feel attracted to men. Accept yourself as you are and be in peace with yourself. Just don’t act upon it and don’t engage in fantasizing about men. I may find many women attractive, but this does not mean I should act upon my feeling.

There is an old Chinese story I mentioned before about a young student going to his master complaining about his handicaps and telling him how he has tried and has failed to overcome them. His master draws a line on the ground and says if you can make this line shorter, without erasing it or covering it, you will be able to overcome your flaws. The student thinks and thinks and finally gives up saying this is one of those puzzles that has no solution. His master says, it has, watch carefully. He then draws another much longer line next to it and says, look, isn’t the first line shorter? The moral of the story is that instead of striving to overcome what you perceive as flaws in you, ignore them and instead work on other areas of your life and make them stand out. Your flaws[note 5] may never go away, but they become insignificant in comparison to your strengths. Eventually, when you draw many longer lines, they become invisible.

I am of the opinion that homosexuality is a disorder, not unlike eating disorder. Some people are more prone to be obese than others. But this is not a determining factor. Obese people can overcome their eating disorder and have a normal body. It takes more work and more awareness for them than it takes for someone who has no problem with food.[8]

Last but not least: his obsession with Islam and Muslims[edit]

For Ali Sina, Islam is pure evil. But he goes yoctometres farther than mere criticism of Islam. He reaches the deepest pits of Islamophobia, an Islamophobia that would make shiver even the likes of Richard Dawkins. For example, on his website, he has an entire section about love stories with Muslims with bad endings.[9]

But, let's see his craziest claims about Islam and Muslims:

Islam is more than a religion. It is also a state… a totalitarian political ideology that aims to overthrow all systems of governments and establish a worldwide theocratic dictatorship.

Such a claim can be easily rebuked -as for any religion-, like here.

Islam reduces its followers to brainless hate mongers.

Medieval Islam, apologetics and the tons of Muslims denouncing terrorist attacks made in the name of Islam would say the contrary.

Allah is not God. Originally known as the Moon god Hubaal (Ha Baal in Hebrew), Muhammad carved this deity in his own image.

Claims that Allah is a moon god have been debunked so many times -even by non-Muslims- this claim is almost laughable.[10][11]

We see Muslims as stupid and backward brainwashed people who harbor hate, who divide mankind into “us” vs. “them” and kafir vs. Muslim.[12]

I find the word "Muslim" very derogatory and insulting. It is synonymous to stupid, barbarian, thug, arrogant, brain dead, zombie, hooligan, goon, shameless, savage and many other ignoble things. I don’t know whether this most disgusting word elicits the same meanings in you or not. So when I want to show my despise of someone I call him "Muslim".[13]

Muslims are braindead, incapable of rational thought.[14]

No, I do not agree with “Self determination” for Muslims anywhere. Not in Kashmir, not in Iran, not in Pakistan, not in Saudi Arabia, not anywhere! Muslims are truly incapable of governing. Once they come to power, they abuse the rest and trample over the rights of others, kill their own people, torment the women, end democracy, torture and kill their critics and engage in mischief like exporting terrorists to other countries.[15]

All good people must despise Islam just as all good people must despise hate, violence, discrimination, abuse, and terrorism.[16]

Muslims are sick in the head.(...)Donkies in comaparison to Muslims are philosophers. It is just disgusting to know we have to share the air in this planet with such idiot animails called Muslims.[17]

Ali Sina also claimed that Nordine Amrani, a Belgian who killed 6 and injured 125 people, was Muslim.[18] When it was revealed Amrani was not a Muslim.[19] Faith Freedom's page on the attack mysteriously disappeared.[20] In the same article, Ali Sina also claimed that "Two days earlier, another Muslim, calmly pointed his handgun and opened fire on passing cars near Vine Street and Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood while shouting Allahu Akbar. He injured one passerby before being killed by the police. In both cases the media refused to identify the killer as Muslim terrorist.". Bad News for Sina: the killer, Tyler Douglas Brehm...Was "a confirmed member of the Second Presbyterian Church in Carlisle."[21]

Nuke 'em all![edit]

However, Ali Sina reaches pure hatred, bigotry, and idiocy, in a few sentences here:

If any city in the West is nuked I am 100% for nuking tens of cities in Islamic countries. I don’t see Muslims as innocent people. They are all guilty as sin. It is not necessary to be part of al Qaida to be guilty. If you are a Muslim you agree with Ali Sina[note 6] and that is enough evidence against you.(...)I don’t want to see good people die while Muslim scumbags live and take the world. If any city is nuked I think the world should destroy the Islamic world completely in a way that they can’t have any strength to do anything. Any wait would only cause more death. This must be done decisively and immediately. Muslims must get the message loud and clear. If your terrorist brothers nuke one of our cities, we will nuke your world. I bet this will make the Muslims think twice and they then will see they can’t play the game of taqyyah saying we are the moderate Muslims and are against terrorism. If you are against terrorism why you follow the terrorist Ali Sina? It is like saying, I love Hitler and do whatever he says but I am a peaceful Muslim and I am against killing people. That lie does not wash anymore.[22]

So much for trying to win it's enemies "as friends and allies". So much for being "an instrument of peace."[23] And… What about the ex-muslims convinced by Ali Sina who didn't have the time to leave Islamic countries before they are nuked?

Ali Sina's obsession with moderate Muslims[edit]

Tarek Fatah proves my point that there is no such thing as moderate Muslim ... Every “moderate” Muslim is a potential terrorist. The belief in Islam is like a tank of gasoline. It looks innocuous, until it meets the fire. For a “moderate” Muslim to become a murderous jihadist, all it takes is a spark of faith.[24]

Islam is disease. What does moderate Muslim mean anyway? Does it mean you are moderately diseased? This makes as much sense as saying, I am a moderate Nazi, or I am culturally a fascist.[25]

Quote mining of an hadith[edit]

Ali Sina seems to like quote mining:

The pattern and the modus operandi, is already set. All Muslims’ wars and conquests have been through raid. This has been always the case and the secret of their success. In one hadith Muhammad boasted, “I have been made victorious through terror”. Bukhari 4:52.220

Here's the whole hadith:

Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said, "I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy), and while I was sleeping, the keys of the treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand." Abu Huraira added: Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) has left the world and now you, people, are bringing out those treasures (i.e. the Prophet did not benefit by them).[26]

Ali Sina's advice regarding Muslims[edit]

  • Your abusive wife is a Muslim? Convert and beat her![27]
  • Muslims cannot love.[28]
  • Do not marry a Muslim.[29]
  • Do not befriend a Muslim.[30]
  • Any Muslim reading Ali Sina's Understanding Muhammad: A Psychobiography will leave Islam.[note 7]
  • Stay away from Muslims "as you’d stay away from bubonic disease.".[31]
  • Don’t trust a Muslim.[32]

More craziness![edit]

See also[edit]


  1. So… Is the Haredi at the beginning of this video "filled with bigotry and hate" despite having no problems with secular and atheists Jews?
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  3. See "More craziness!"…
  4. In others words, you should just watch girls sharing your "disease" just because they are from the opposite sex... Great double standard there, Ali. One wonders if he's not imagining himself doing a similar action with a man.
  5. as if being an homosexual is a flaw...
  6. He seriously mistook himself with Muhammad...
  7. Obviously, the ones who did a negative review of it and are still Muslims doesn't count: