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Do you need help passing a drug test? Synergy Detox can help. Our Full Body Detoxification Programs will get you on the right track so you can pass a drug test and get clean permanently. With the best in Hair & Body Detox Programs, Synergy Detox can help you during this stressful time.
—Synergy Detox[1]

Syenergydetox is a company that sells quack "detoxification" products. Unlike most detox products, its products are marketed solely for the purpose of helping people pass drug tests, not for alleged general health purposes.

Amazing products[edit]

Hair drug test products[2][edit]

Synergydetox hair.png

Hair drug testing has been undergoing dramatic changes. Testing labs now have the ability to detect even traces of drug metabolites. That means that a one time use, one slip up, one mistake, can cost you dearly.

Technical developments in hair testing technology forced us to reformulate our hair detox product.

With inputs from hair stylists, hair experts, and toxicologists, our research team developed a product formulation that effectively detoxifies the hair strand. The products are called Precision Cleanse & Toxin Wash. Which product you use depends on your usage level.

There's a lot more information on the science of hair testing which would be beyond the scope of what you need to know. You can read more at the bottom of this page about how Precision Cleanse & Toxin Wash products detoxify the hair for passing a drug test for THC and other substances

The webpage actually contains correct information about drug tests. Even though the page claims the reader can read how the products work at the bottom of the page, it doesn't do so in a manner to help the products' scientific credibility. The bottom reading material instead bombards the reader with information about drug test procedures, how to use the products, and how the products work on a high level of understanding:Wikipedia

Toxin Wash Shampoo: Our Toxin Wash shampoo comes in a 1 or 2 bottle format. 1 bottle is appropriate if you are certain that only your head hair will be tested, 2 bottles are recommended for both hair from your head and on your body. It is designed to cleanse hair of THC, Benzo and opiate metabolite traces. This shampoo is designed for a person that uses drugs fewer than twice a week. If you use drugs more than twice a week or have consumed cocaine or meth, we recommend purchasing our precision wash shampoo instead. This cleanse is permanent; however, it only treats existing hair and will not be effective for new growth after the wash has taken place.

Studies aren't cited in the piece, and it is not explained why the "Toxin Wash Shampoo" only works for "a person that uses drugs fewer than twice a week". The writing doesn't account dosage but rather frequency of use.

Precision Cleanse Shampoo: Our Precision Cleanse Hair Detoxification system comes in a 1 or 2 bottle format for the hair on your head and body hair. This shampoo is designed to reduce toxins from the hair follicle of a drug user who consumes or has previously consumed drugs more than 3 times a week. This shampoo is designed to break the bond of metabolites from THC, Benzo, opiates, cocaine, or meth from the keratin of the hair and then remove them from the hair strand. This shampoo offers permanent results; however, will only treat existing hair and will not be effective for new growth after the wash has taken place.

The writer avoids how the products work because hair cannot be "detoxed"; no blood vessels flow through your hair, and the core of the hair strand would still be untouched by surface shampoos.[citation needed] It doesn't help that the ingredients don't do anything at all.[citation needed]

Urine test products[3][edit]

Synergydetox urine.png

If you've used a drug in the last month that you don’t want to test positive for, you have only two options to pass a urine drug test. One is to obtain clean, drug-free urine. Using another person’s clean urine is risky, and as mentioned before, considered a criminal act in many states. You should also understand that it can be difficult to get away with the act of providing someone else's clean urine as a sample.

The other option is body detoxification. Clearly, this method is the best way to pass urine drug tests. There are two methods for urine test body detoxification and the one you choose is based on how much time you have before the test.

Permanent Detoxification — Before choosing the permanent detoxification method, you should make sure that you have at least a week before the test. The permanent detoxification method will completely cleanse your blood, urine, and saliva. The effects of this method are permanent and you can pass any drug urine, blood or saliva test afterwards as long as you don't use again. And for the "Temporary Detoxification

Temporary Detoxification — Temporary detoxification systems are meant to be used if you have less than a week’s time before the test. They'll keep your urine clean, but they do not clean your saliva, blood, or hair. Using a temporary detoxification system will keep the urine clean only for 5 to 6 hours. After this period of time, the toxins would reappear in the urine. You will, therefore, have to plan the use of the temporary detoxification product accordingly.

The different permanent and temporary systems we have are based on usage level and body weight.

It is not elaborated why the "Permanent Detoxification" products work better than the "Temporary Detoxification" and what active ingredients give the aforementioned products certain properties.

Total body detox system[4][edit]

Synergydetox total detox.png

The Synergy Detox Total PDS cleanses your urine, blood, saliva, and hair to the point where toxin levels will fall below detectable levels in a laboratory drug or toxin test. Once you complete the Total PDS program, you can pass any future lab test — as long as you don't use again. If you know your urine, saliva, blood, and hair will all be tested, or if you're not sure how you'll be tested, Total Detoxification is the best option.

The PDS Total system is a combination of the PDS body cleansing kit and Precision Cleanse shampoo. You'll first use the PDS body cleansing kit to remove toxins from your body. Once removed for the body they can no longer grow into your hair. This means that you don't have to be concerned about your future hair growth as being toxified or "dirty".

The next step is to follow with the Precision Cleanse hair treatment. This detoxifies your existing hair. After successfully finishing the PDS and Precision Cleanse treatment, you current hair future hair growth will be clean.

The Total PDS is not a mask or cover up, but works by permanently reducing toxin levels in your body. The Synergy PDS works for all toxins, but is designed to specifically target the more difficult to remove fat soluble toxins, like THC.

THC stores in the fat cells of the body, making it difficult to permanently remove in a short period of time. Stage one of Synergy PDS helps to shrink fat cells, forcing out THC metabolites and other toxins. In stage 2, these toxins are broken down and expelled by your body.

Synergy PDS uses a specific formulation of herbal and mineral supplements, along with a specific diet and fluid regiment that makes it a powerful but safe body detoxification system. Follow up with Precision Cleanse shampoo and you have the most effective body detoxification system to pass a hair, urine, blood or saliva test.

Synergy Total PDS comes in a 4, 7, and 11 day program, and after successful completion you will be able to pass a urine, saliva, or blood drug test. We include FDA approved home urine drug test kits so you can test yourself after completing the program, giving you the confidence to know that you're clean.

This product's page, unlike the other previous one, boasts that the product is FDA approved; so are the other products not FDA approved? No citation is provided. By the way, this wiki is FDA approved too.[citation NOT needed]

Lyophilized human urine[5][edit]

Ever wanted to freeze your own piss? No? Now you can!

This Lyophilized (freeze dried) human urine kit utilizes advanced processes to ensure both freshness and uniformity. This kit contains two vials of lyophilized human urine in powdered form, an I.V. bag, heating element, and temperature strip.

The urine is stored in two small, air-proof, waterproof, vials (enough dehydrated urine for two uses). This allows the kit to be stored at room temperature (one year shelf life). Everything needed to successfully use this control test kit is included.

DISCLAIMER: advertises and markets dehydrated human and synthetic urine kits strictly for the sole purpose of being used as a control sample for verification that home drug testing kits are functioning properly. Using synthetic or real human urine to falsify or defraud a drug or alcohol screening is a criminal act in the states of NJ, IL, KY, NC, SC, PA, TX, FL, OR, AR, OK, VA, MD and NE and represents a mis-use of our product. This product is not intended to violate any federal or state laws and is not for sale where prohibited. As the buyer/user of this product you warrant this product is legal in your jurisdiction.

Freeze your piss today for only $99.00!

Synergydetox wants you to know that it does not "intended to violate any federal or state laws" even though it's supposedly selling you products to cheat drug tests.


That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
—Christopher Hitchens

Overall, the company Synergydetox neglects to present the reader with a low level understanding of the function of its products, and it seems more concerned about selling the reader products. Therefore, it is appropriate to dismiss the products as alternative medicine.

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