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Do you need help passing a drug test? Synergy Detox can help. Our Full Body Detoxification Programs will get you on the right track so you can pass a drug test and get clean permanently. With the best in Hair & Body Detox Programs, Synergy Detox can help you during this stressful time.
—Synergy Detox [1]

Syenergydetox is a company that sells quack "detoxification" products.

Unlike most detox products, their products are marketed solely for the purpose of helping people pass drug tests, not for alleged general health purposes.

Much like those other detox products, however, it doesn't work.

Their incredibly stupid amazing products[edit]

They sell many bullshit amazing products, including a hair detox.[2] It is impossible to even guess at how this would work, as your hair cannot be "detoxed" because no blood vessels flow through your hair, and the core of the hair strand would still be untouched by surface shampoos. It doesn't help that the ingredients don't do anything at all. They also sell "temporary" and "permanent" detoxes,[2] why you wouldn't always use the permanent kind has clearly not been thought over thoroughly enough by these particular cranks, but perhaps you would still want to fail your drug test later for some reason. Also they make the comparison of a "mask" even though they claim that it fixes urine "toxins" too.

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