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Welcome BoN
This is a place for general chit-chat about virtually anything that doesn't fit anywhere else.
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What is going on?

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Pointless poll

Which fundie school should have a RW article?

Andersonville Theological Seminary0Vote
West Coast Baptist College5Vote
Grand Canyon University1Vote
Jimmy Swaggart Bible College1Vote
Clarks Summit University0Vote
Crown College0Vote
Golden State Baptist College0Vote
Zombie Squirrel Theological Seminary (Are you serious RZ94?)5Vote

What will be the 51st state?

Puerto Rico7Vote
US Virgin Islands0Vote
State of Jefferson2Vote
There will never be a 51st state9Vote
Lincoln (eastern Washington, northern Idaho)0Vote

What is the most hilariously bad conspiracy "theory"?

International Jewish Takeover1Vote
Vaccines cause Autism5Vote
Moon landing is fake2Vote
Muslims coming to kill us1Vote
Illuminati controls the world1Vote
New World Order2Vote
Gays coming to make the world fabulous4Vote
Transgender people are out to get us2Vote
All transwomen and cis men are rapists who oppress all "real" Womyn™ by like, existing4Vote
Atheists are coming to destroy churches13Vote
Vaccines have microchips4Vote
Immigrants coming to kill white people0Vote
RZ94 secretly controls RationalWiki (eyes shift)1Vote
Soros-funded space lasers run by DA JOOZ are the real cause of California wildfires and the Texan Ice Bowl; a truth that THEY censored Congresswoman MTG (QR-GA) for exposing!!!6Vote
Biden will soon have us all speaking Chinese and impose radical liberal Green New Deal marxist socialist atheist BLM antifa communism on America30Vote
Biden stole the election from Herr Drumpf3Vote
Big Tech censuring muh freezepeach that Patriots™ constantly whine about on Fox News, Newsmax, and the New York Post0Vote
Collapses are the thoughtpolice's way of censoring freeze peach0Vote
IT'S A PLANDEMIC1111SHIFT!!!oneone11SHIFT!!1elventy11oneSHIFT!!111one!!!11!!1Vote
Bush did 9/110Vote
JFK Jr. is still alive and is investigating an elite pedophile ring that includes Hollywood and the Democratic Party6Vote

What's your favorite Mars Rover?

Mars 31Vote
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