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The Faking Hoaxer

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The woo is out there
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Aliens did it...
... and ran away

The Faking Hoaxer was a talented YouTuber who used video editing software to create admittedly hoaxed footage of various unusual events, as an exercise in special effects. The Faking Hoaxer has now retired from Youtube and the internet.

TFH's videos include various UFOs (in space and on Earth),[1] Space Shuttle disasters,[2] news report of Air Force One being destroyed,[3] and many others. TFH generally pisses off conspiracy theorists,[4] who accuse him of being a "disinfo agent," or claim that this only proves that all video records are unreliable. This hasn't stopped people from stealing (parts of) TFH's videos and presenting them as real. For example, a video from "a manned expedition to Mars" was presented as "Proof!?" of a secret mission and posted to the Above Top Secret forum.[5][6][7] Apparently, the ATS posters ignored a previous thread about TFH's work, which prompted TFH to declare The Wheels on the BusWikipedia the official music theme of ATS.[8]

Blue Treason[edit]

In 2010, TFH was working on a video called "Blue Treason" dealing with the 9/11 attacks and posted a few stills with request for feedback, being hesitant to continue.[9] Some people apparently used the stills as proof of a conspiracy, while others asked TFH to release the video as a "real proof," causing TFH to reconsider and drop the project.[10] Unfortunately, in the process it was revealed that TFH is a Truther. It seems that TFH didn't completely abandon the idea though, as he later released a pair of teaser videos for it, though it appears that the new "Blue Treason" may be a Truther "documentary".

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