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Ramon Watkins (1952 or 1953–2014),[1] more famously known as The Prophet Yahweh (apparently his legal name[2]) or The Seer of Yahweh was an American who claimed to have the ability to summon UFOs using passages from the Bible. He said that he had developed this ability after studying the Old Testament in its original Hebrew form and gaining knowledge related to UFOs from his studies.


Watkins was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He briefly attended Tuskegee Institute on a basketball scholarship before accepting a football scholarship to Southern Illinois University, where he joined the ministry. His first radio ministry was on WYZE in Atlanta, Georgia in 1978. In 1981, he began his first cable television program. In 1996, he began airing a UFO cable TV show in Los Angeles, California.

In 1999, he claimed to have had a dream instructing him to move to Las Vegas. On 1 August 1999, he began broadcasting his cable television show; Prophet Yahweh – Ufologist.

In one radio show interview, Prophet Yahweh explained how his grandfather was a Freemason, and when Prophet was little, taught him many secrets about the church. On many occasions Prophet also explains how life was like back in the day, "I was raised busted, disgusted, but I could be trusted." Also, as described from his Yahoo bulletins, Prophet Yahweh got caught up in drugs during the 1960s and later embraced the homosexual lifestyle. However, he was once again a heterosexual and happily married to "an African queen".

Claims and theology[edit]

Prophet Yahweh espoused a similar belief system to that of previous claimed contactees and founders of UFO religions, stating that Yahweh and his angels are extraterrestrial beings and that UFOs are their manifestations. Furthermore, he claimed that Yahweh in particular is an extremely powerful being residing on a distant planet who controls many, if not all, of the mechanisms of the Universe and creation; he is thus the central figure in the Universe and is the real identity of the figure worshiped by the Abrahamic religions. Prophet Yahweh did assert that UFOs are spacecraft, but claimed they are automated and not manned.

Prophet Yahweh did not consider himself a New Age religious leader. He instead viewed himself as being Jewish, and his beliefs as fitting into traditional Jewish religious thinking. Although he adopted the name Prophet, he claimed he was not truly a prophet, but a mere seer and messenger instructed by Yahweh to bring his message of coming UFO sightings to the people of Earth.

Prophet Yahweh said he had been preparing for over a quarter of a century, awaiting the day Yahweh would further his role as a Prophet to expose the truth world-wide through the phenomena of UFOs. Yahweh said he had been summoning UFOs for the past 25 years and summoned over 1,500 UFOs, but only decided to go to the media with his abilities because he was ordered to do so by Yahweh.

Prophet Yahweh denied having any form of power, but rather a relationship with the extraterrestrial beings he referred to as "The Angels of Yahweh". He did not claim to be their leader, but merely a pawn to Yahweh and The Angels of Yahweh.

He claimed they were here is because the Earth is currently locked in a complete state of death due to Luciferian forces at work: that through the centuries they have infiltrated every religion guiding humanity down a continuous path of no return, and have replaced words in ancient scriptures enabling us to lose all effect of our prayers and leaving us actually worshiping Lucifer.

According to Prophet Yahweh, the modern-day Gospel is a forgery in which Jesus is portrayed as a homosexual. The entire New Testament is a fraud including the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and the only sacred scriptures are the Y-Document Hebrew Version Old Testament. Jesus Christ was not the Messiah's name; he did in fact come, but his name was Emanuel. His purpose was to re-instate the true religion of Yahweh — the religion which Adam, Moses, Abraham and the rest of the holy blood line followed. Of course, nearly everything written about the Messiah is wrong.

Earth is the only inhabited planet in the Universe that is opposed to truth and everything Yahweh represents. Apparently, our creator Yahweh has a federation of planets where all worship Yahweh. Also, each planet has the same morality and life-style and they all live in perfect harmony.

Yahweh and his angels are not spiritual beings, but rather super-human beings that live on an extremely advanced planet which is inhabited by countless races of every color and form. Yahweh's Angels fit the exact resemblance of the so-called humanoid "Nordics" (a.k.a. Pleiadians) seen in many abductions. The greys are actually robotic beings, biological otherwise who reside on Yahweh's planet. The inhabitants of Yahweh's planet utilize robots in every aspect of life. For instances, you could merely think of something and the robots will already be doing what you asked for in your mind. However, the main reason robots are needed is because of the huge population rate on the planet, which is due to the fact it is where people go when they die. Also, the "Yahweh Military", as Prophet Yahweh calls it, uses robots to their full extent for purposes such as psychological warfare which they even plan to use against Earth.

Yahweh's Angel's have been slowly making their presence known to Earth and have even abducted people, took them back to Yahweh's planet and shown them the ways of Yahweh. Yahweh, our creator, has sent a delegation of ships stationed all over the Earth (outside the Earth's atmosphere). These ships are filled with countless types of smaller vessels which are released to catch people's attention and wake up our minds to their presence.

Phase One is referred to as "Public Descent" where Yahweh's delegation of ships will uncloak and sit over major populations — similar to the movie Independence Day. Phase Two was due to start officially around 2009 where Yahweh's Angels would land in front of the governments of the earth, exit their ships and go to a podium where they would begin addressing the entire world of who they are. The religious and government leaders preventing each person from having an eternal life will be thrown down the hole to the lake of fire, and Yahweh and his Angels will then reinstate the religion of Yahweh and make all other religions illegal and punishable by death. All of our technology will also become obsolete in the face of theirs.

2005 media coverage[edit]

Yahweh claimed that for 45 days, from 1 June to 15 July 2005, he would summon a series of UFOs over the city of Las Vegas. In particular one ship would hover directly over the city for a period of two days, in an area where millions of people would be able to witness the craft. This event was referred to as The Descent by Yahweh as it is meant to reveal to the population of Earth that UFOs are real. Following The Descent would come another period of time where the UFOs would land, this time manned by the extraterrestrial beings who had created them, at which point the alien life will make contact with humanity, explain themselves and the Universe to a greater extent, and set up an eternal kingdom on the planet. This did not, in fact, eventuate.

A few days after the period when his prophecy was supposed to happen, the prophet announced that he was going to begin a 50 State UFO Summoning Tour 2005, during which he would travel to every state in the United States and summon UFOs for media outlets to film and photograph. He claimed to have been abandoned by all of the media in Las Vegas, resulting in the UFOs not coming during the 45 days he had prophesied:

The spaceship would never have appeared if I was not filmed calling it down. This is what the space beings wanted. They wanted me captured on film with their spaceship so everyone would know that these beings have chosen me to speak for them and no other person. The space beings kept their end of the bargain by sending a real UFO, on my signal, that was documented. But, Las Vegas media refused to film me calling down the spaceship. That's why it never happened.

A short time before Prophet Yahweh's apparent summoning of UFOs on local news, Yahweh had appeared on Coast to Coast AM. Shortly after the incident, Prophet Yahweh appeared on the Alan Colmes radio program and conservative news website World Net Daily.[3] The story was also widely reported in digital, television and print media. secured what they claimed was an exclusive interview with him.[4][5] The Prophet also received lots of attention on various blogs in June 2005, such as Boing Boing.[6][7]

Even some UFO advocates were skeptical of his claims, e.g.[8]

JREF Challenge[edit]

In June 2005, Yahweh applied to James Randi's Million Dollar Challenge, and was set to undertake their challenge (to prove his ability to summon UFOs) in January 2006. However, in December 2005, the JREF closed his claim file, due to disagreements over new requirements proposed by Yahweh, particularly his request that armed security be present.[9][2]