The Fall of America and the Western World

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Not to be confused with The Decline of Western Civilization series of documentaries (favorably) about punk rock.

The Fall of America and the Western World is the name of a DVD released in September 2009 which boldly claims "How to protect you and your loved ones from financial armageddon, government tyranny, the destruction of the middle class and the end of freedom." It was written, directed and co-produced by Brian Kraft, defined not as a liberal or conservative, but a "free man,"[1] which raises the question why he would create a documentary alleging the installation of a Big Brother state across the whole of the Western World.

DVD marketing[edit]

The DVD consists of "an 8 hour plus, 9 DVD box set survival guide," poised to protect the average American from the modern day social and economic threats to middle-class Western life and everything the United States of America stands for. According to the website,[2] for one easy payment of $79.99 - apparently marked down from $250.00 to make it affordable to consumers during these tough economic times - all this could be yours. The homepage concludes by proclaiming in big, bold letters "IT COULD LITERALLY SAVE YOUR LIFE." And after all, at one point or another, who hasn't had a DVD case take a bullet for them? Interestingly, the filmmakers claim to be unaffiliated with either liberal or conservative ideology, instead condemning both sides of the political spectrum, while also featuring interviews with both liberal and conservative Americans. [3]

Incidentally, no evidence has yet been found of the package ever being sold for $250.


A list of "Important DVD Content" on the homepage includes such useful tips as "The Destruction of the Middle Class and the End of Democracy," "The Forthcoming World-wide Police State/Surveillance Society," "The Globalist Agenda and the End to Nation Sovereignty," "How to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones from Financial Armageddon," all of which generally seem to come back to the government attempting to infringe on the rights of you and your loved ones.


The film contains interviews with several high profile prolific general people from the American political scene.[4]

  • Joseph Farah - the founder of WorldNetDaily. Need we say more?
  • Naomi Wolf - self-described "liberal feminist"[5]
  • Dr. Paul Craig RobertsWikipedia's W.svg - Saint Ronnie's Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.
  • Professor Mark Crispin MillerWikipedia's W.svg - an activist of democratic media reform.
  • Alex Jones - "libertarian"[6] film maker and radio host.
  • Doug CaseyWikipedia's W.svg - a free-market economist and author of the #1 best-selling financial book of all time[7] Crisis Investing (1979).[8]
  • David Icke - The only non-American interviewee, David Icke played football at first and second division level before retiring at the age of 21,[9] later working for the British Green Party and later still becoming a political commentator. Now he writes books claiming that a race of shape-shifting reptilian aliens is secretly running the world. The Fall of America website boasts him as someone "[people] used to laugh [at], but now they come in the thousands to hear him speak all over the world."[10]
  • Michael ZezimaWikipedia's W.svg - an author of two books, The Seven Deadly Spins: Exposing the Lies Behind War Propaganda[11] and 50 American Revolutions You're Not Supposed to Know: Reclaiming American Patriotism,[12] "Mickey Z" also has a bimonthly column for VegNews Magazine.
  • David McAlvany - currently Secretary of the Asia-Pacific Children's Fund (a non-profit organisation aimed at helping impoverished third world children),[13] McAlvany has experience in commercial and economic areas, working for various charity organisations in America.
  • Doug McIntyreWikipedia's W.svg - a political commentator with a morning radio show on KABC radio in Los Angeles, California, McIntyre identifies as a Republican, though of more liberal creed than most.[14]
  • Peter GriffinWikipedia's W.svg G. Edward GriffinWikipedia's W.svg - an American film producer, author and political lecturer. Griffin is known for his writings on topics such as Noah's Ark, Laetrile, and terrorism. In 2002 he founded Freedom Force International an organisation promoting libertarian values.[15]
  • Ken Klein - a former NFL player, Klein is a political commentator and author of the book America, Globalism and the False Prophet.[16]

Biographical similarities[edit]

It is interesting to note that the Fall of America website's descriptions of the featured interviewees has no clear format or structure in the bios, most likely because they were lifted from elsewhere on the internet. Performing a simple Google search with extracts from the texts of the Fall of America website yield similarities between the biographies on the website and those on the WorldNetDaily website for Joseph Farah,[17] the Big Think webpage on Naomi Wolf,[18] the Wikipedia entry for Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,[19] the Wikipedia entry for Mark Crispin Miller,[20] the Facebook page (apparently) of Alex Jones,[21][22] the Wikipedia entry for Doug Casey,[23] the David Icke Books website for David Icke,[24] the Wikipedia entry for Michael Zezima[25] the McAlvany ICA website for David McAlvany,[26] the Wikipedia entry for Doug McIntyre,[27] the Wikipedia entry for G. Edward Griffin,[28] and the Ken Klein Productions website for Ken Klein.[29] While this is not relevant to the contents of the DVD, it indicates that the director of the website needs a good, hard, kick in the pants.

Of course, it could just be a hilarious coincidence.


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