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Revelation13 is a website owned and operated by a man who calls himself T. Chase. T. Chase is, surprisingly, rather well known because of a series of YouTube videos in which he documents clouds, which he calls "cloodes," and makes claims to be able to manipulate them with his alleged psychic powers. His YouTube channel[1] also showcases videos of his own conspiracy theories, other psychic tricks and gimmicks, and predictions of the apocalypse. The beliefs of T.Chase are just about the same as any other horribly misinformed Fundamentalist Christian but also with the inclusion of extraterrestrial beings, Bigfoot, demonic world leaders, psychic weather control and just about every other absolutely insane thing you can find in RationalWiki's database.

Weather control[edit]

Unlike Braco, T.Chase claims to have psychic powers with which he can control clouds and, more impressively, the weather in general. Although he occasionally says he can control the weather, all he really produces are videos of him supposedly controlling the shape of moving clouds. The videos would be unimpressive without the hilarious audio. The clouds move a bit after several minutes, and sometimes vaguely resemble the shape he describes, but you can tell, even before he attempts his psychokinesis on the clouds, that they're already moving into that shape. It should also be taken into consideration that, from a different perspective, what looks like one cloud could be several, and what looks like a T-shaped cloud[2] from one angle, could be a square-shaped cloud[3] from another, or a cloud with a hole in its centre[4] from yet another angle. Without actually watching the videos from the Revelation13 YouTube channel, they may sound boring, but hearing a man shout at the sky in a ridiculous fake accent, repeating absurd phrases over and over, while the clouds he claims to control either hardly do anything, or look as though he had dubbed over the footage may very well be the most amusing, yet sad thing in the known universe.

There are many very memorable and quotable phrases amongst T.Chase's "psychokinesis" logs, but the most memorable and most quotable term, out of any of the cloud transformation videos, is definitely T.Chase's absurd pronunciation of the word "cloud." T.Chase claims that the strange voice and heavy breathing that occur while he uses his powers are part of the process. The odd voice leads T.Chase to constantly say the word "cloode." Whether he's turning a "cloode into a tee-shaped cloode" or making a "houl in the centur of [a] cloode," the term "cloode" really leaves an impression, especially after getting hammered into your head a million times.


If you enjoy reading nonsensical conspiracies typed out, or read aloud by someone who actually believes in them, the Revelation13 website and YouTube channel are the places to go. Most of his connections make very little sense, but he makes so many that every now and then an interesting - but meaningless - link between two or three things occurs. He often looks for significance in numbers as if they weren't just numbers, and seeing as how he often relates his conspiracies and current events to movies, he most likely watched the movie "Pi" one too many times. He also tends to mix pagan stories and ideals into his heavily Christian conspiracies, including Greek and Egyptian mythology.

Among the many, many, many conspiracies that T.Chase has thought up over the years, some of the most absurd include:

  • T.Chase suggests that "Europe (and Mrs. Merkel leader of Germany) is the woman named 'Babylon' in the Book of Revelation."[5]
  • T.Chase gives a "New Age analysis" on whether or not Vladimir Putin is the Antichrist.[6]
  • He suggests that a new central artery project in Boston, which people nicknamed "The Road To Hell," is literally the road to hell, and that the Antichrist, who he said is Vladimir Putin in another article, will rise from it.[7]
  • He has a huge page dedicated to his theories about airline accidents, in which he said that the crash of American Airlines Flight 587 somehow had something to do with scripture in the King James Bible, which, then, somehow had to do with predicting modern events involving the Taliban.[8]
  • He suggests that new TV programs and films can foretell the future.[9]
  • He claims that the explosive destruction of a supernova is a sign of hope, says it has something to do with the Mayan calendar, states that Putin is Russia's former president (and restates that he is probably the Antichrist), and implies that he believes that anything involving bears is related to the Antichrist.[10]
  • He seems more sane than usual at first but soon expresses his lack of knowledge about how viruses evolve, then he expresses that Ebola, Swine Flu, and AIDS will gain regenerative properties and ravage the world now that the "PutinChrist" is in power, after doing some fancy number-work resulting in 666.[11]
  • He relates HIV/AIDS to beehives, dragons, terrorist dragons, and, of course, what he referred to as "the satanic number of the Antichrist."[12]
  • He says that SARS is directly related to Saturn, brings up the "Putinchrist" again, and comes to the consideration that the way to cure AIDS is by burning its mortal heads, cutting off its immortal head, and burying it in stone. He also says that Ebola could become the virus from Michael Crichton's book "Andromeda Strain," but he says it will be the one from the movie, not the book.[13]
  • He says that, since smallpox is a virus that causes people to have spots, it's worth noting that a leopard has spots, and that the Antichrist (which we all must remember is "former president Putin") is like a leopard. He proceeds fear-mongering with threats of bio-weapons in Iraq, never to bring up his beloved "Putinchrist" again.[14]
  • He assumes that national borders have meaning to them, even the ones with borders decided on by people. He also says that T-Rexes represent nuclear weapons.


T.Chase also apparently has documentation of supposed ghost sightings[15][16], and Virgin Mary sightings[17], as if he didn't have enough beliefs stacked up already. His photos of "ghosts" can be explained by any combination of dust, glare from lights, the camera's flash, bugs, or reflective surfaces. T.Chase refers to the circles as "orbs of energy", not taking into consideration that if it were souls he saw, then he should have been able to see them in people too (according to his own beliefs).

The Virgin Mary sightings are all stretches. One must try very hard to see her in any of the pictures, if at all. The reason for this is probably because she isn't in any of the pictures. These photographs show how bad T.Chase's wishful thinking is, even more than the psychokinesis weather control demonstrations. He sees things that aren't there and believes that they are highly probable, if not absolute truth.

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