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The Monkey Man of Delhi

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The Monkey Man of Delhi incident took place mid 2001 in the Indian capital of New Delhi during a sweltering heat wave. It is considered a case of mass hysteria.[1]

The first reports came in May 2001 and throughout the month dozens of people reported seeing, or being attacked by, a creature approximately 4 feet tall and covered with thick black hair. Some witness said that the creature had a metal helmet, metal claws, glowing red eyes, and three buttons on its chest. Some suggest that the Monkey Man could make itself invisible and leap from building to building in single bounds.

Monkey Man cases[edit]

  • On May 13th 2001, 15 people reported to hospital with bites and scratch marks from an unknown creature.
  • A pregnant woman woke to screams by her neighbors that “The Monkey Man is here!” on the 15th May. The woman died after falling down a flight of stairs.[2]
    • On the same night a four-foot-tall Hindu mystic was mistaken for the Monkey Man and beaten by an angry crowd.
  • A van driver was set upon on May 18th in a second case of mistaken identity.
  • The Monkey Man, no stranger to contemporary music, was spotted at concert on 21st May where it attacked a band member.
  • Further sightings were received from Kanpur in early 2002. A witness described a monkey-like machine that sparkled red and blue lights.

As many as three people were killed, after jumping from high buildings to escape the Monkey Man, before the panic wound down. The mysterious shaggy creature was last seen on an Aeroflot flight from Delhi to Moscow in June 2001, where it had to be restrained.[3]

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