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Genesis Park

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You bet this isn't the sort of dinosaur they were thinking of.
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Genesis Park despite its name, is not a park, but a website. A dinosaur-themed creationist website.[note 1]

Their motto? "Dinosaurs: living evidence of a powerful Creator." Yeah, dinosaurs are living,Wikipedia all right. Should the dinosaurs ever be successfully captured, we advise not angering your chief programmer.[1] Like most other Creationist sites, Genesis Park is rather short on scientific fact, rather long on biblical interpretation, and rather condescending to the "Science" community at large, reinforcing the meme that scientists are trying to get God out of our lives.

Like all good non-virtual theme parks, there is a store where you can buy creationist material. We guess God needs money, too.

The well-trodden arguments[edit]

  • Here there be dragons - seriously. Every reference to a "dragon" in mythology is taken to be proof that dinos and man co-existed.
  • The Loch Ness Monster is really a plesiosaur. We know, 'cause we have a doctored picture of it. By the way, that picture of the Chinese "monster" that most of the world thinks is a hoax or a whale - it's not. It's a another plesiosaur.
  • Alligators were found with dinos. Therefore science is dumb, 'cause alligators live today. Ohhh, Ahhh... top that, you Darwinists, you.
  • Carbon-14 dating proves dinosaur bones are young.[2] This is another common creationist argument based on a misunderstanding of the complexites of physics and geology; see our page Carbon dating.
  • Out-of-place artifacts which must have been put there by the Biblical flood.[3] Or pranksters or fraudsters, or like the London Hammer left underground by miners.

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  1. As if we needed one more