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A drawing of a bunyip from 1890. Note its fondness for oversized toothpicks.
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A bunyip is a mythical animal from down under that dwells in rivers and swamps and generally either resembles a large dog or has an elongated neck.[1] Individual bunyips seem to have a multitude of other features, including scales, feathers, tails, flippers, and tusks.[2] Despite their Aboriginal roots, no drawings of bunyips exist in Aboriginal art.[1] As nothing more than a freakish skull or two has ever been found, most scientists, and most Australians, doubt the bunyip's existence. Some scientists suggest that the bunyip may be a part of the Aboriginal cultural memory from either discovery of pre-historic bones or contact with the animal itself, as the bunyip shares a resemblance to the extinct DiprotodonWikipedia's W.svg.[3] Creationists have somehow managed to use the bunyip as possible proof of dinosaurs still being alive... no, seriously.[4]


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