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[His website] is of course, the same old premillenialist,[sic] futurist hash made popular by such self-appointed prophets and guros[sic] as Herbert W. Armstrong, Ellen G. White, William Miller, Joseph Smith, Jim Jones, David Korresh and all the rest. When one reads this stuff one finds this enthusiastic and entirely confused zeal for the "Second Coming" with an endless array of Bible prophecies which are pulled entirely out of context and made to 'force-fit' the various theories; these often silly man-made theories are then upheld as something like "real biblical truth which you ignore at your peril!" I must confess that it saddens me that so many professing believers have such a thin knowledge of the Bible that they are still falling for this sort of thing.
—UK Apologetics[1]

Tim McHyde is a fundamentalist Christian who runs an end times fearmongering webshite and hawks various products that claim to hold prophetic truth about the world. Media Bias/Fact Check awarded McHyde their "Tin Foil Hat" rating for the level of conspiracy crap on McHyde's webshite, which exists primarily to advertise his book called "Know the Future."[2] McHyde admits he has no training or credentials in Biblical analysis or interpretation, and he says that according to the Bible, this doesn't matter.[3] He is, however, an expert at shoveling together a huge pile of green ink that links every scary event in recent human history to a purported upcoming apocalypse that can only be fully explained if you buy his book.[note 1]

Map of the End Times?[edit]

When it comes to prophecy writer Tim McHyde, a close examination of his prophetic output shows us he is the proverbial double minded man detailed in the New Testament. Like the fictional character Dr. Jekyll who is regularly transformed into the hideous Mr. Hyde, author Tim McHyde deftly moves back and forth from reason to complete lunacy — and he apparently does it all without drinking any special potions.
—Christian Media Ministries[4]

McHyde runs a webshite called "Escape All These Things," which he claims holds a "map" of the end times.[5] But no, You don't get the whole map; you must buy his book, "Know the Future"! Buy it or you'll burn in hell![3]

Know the Future: 8th Edition: Buy now![edit]

The fact he has to update his book shows his love of shoehorning[6]

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  1. McHyde claims to link 9/11, hurricanes, tsunamis, global warming, climate change, Iran's nuclear ambitions, terrorist conspiracy theories, peak oil, asteroids and Planet X, China's aggression, North Korea, World War III, global pandemics, overpopulation, more hurricanes, more terrorist attacks, more killer earthquakes, and many other events back to the Book of Revelation.