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User:Aleksandra96/It takes one to know one

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The phrase it takes one to know one means that understanding some type of person requires experience with being their type. It's a comeback to namecalling and accusations to counter accuse the attacker of being what he made the accusation against. It ties in closely with reaction formation, a psychological defense mechanism where people become fanatically angry against other people who have the same characteristics as them.

On the Internet[edit]

There is no shortage of communities that mock other points of view and personality flaws. When one reads through the posts in these communities, most of the members ultimately reveal themselves as having plenty in common with the targets they mock.

Notable cases[edit]

Chris Chan[edit]

Chris is a fat, socially destructive, recently transitioned trans woman whose behavior has seemed too outrageous to be true. He's so far down the rabbit hole that whole online communities of neckbeards hold him up as an example of social failure. When he was still a man (child) he was harassed by the troll Jack Thaddeus who was later doxed as Ahuvia Harel who is almost as deluded and manic as Chris. The incident was very revealing about the psychology of someone who would dedicate herself to harassing an Autistic man who she never even met. By extension, most "Christorians" as they call themselves are probably the same way. Anthony "A-Log" Logatto self immolated by going after Chris when the trolls picked up on his irrational hatred, turned on him, and discovered all the skeletons in his closet. If you read the wiki on Chris after high school you'll understand this. Your IQ might drop but it's not as bad as most involving so called "lolcows."

We Hunted the Mammoth[edit]

This one is a blog that mocks Men's Rights Activists written by an actual journalist. It seems like he's reasonably interested in blogging about MRA drama, but a trip to his comments reveals that many of his readers have their own serious issues not unlike the MRAs they mock.

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