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RationalWiki:Courtesy policy

RationalWiki encourages civil discourse. Behavior below can be subject to moderator action depending on the severity and moderator discretion, and punitive action to promote constructive discourse and limit drama may be pursued.

  • Personal attacks (flaming). Insulting users, particularly using strong language such as profanities. Personal attacks based on sex, race, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disabilities are completely unacceptable and can result in immediate action. Ad hominem attacks are overall strongly discouraged even if you believe there's every justification for them. If a user is personally attacking you, you can call attention to mods.
  • Questioning a user's honesty; calling user a "liar", a "troll", "concern trolling", or "intellectually dishonest". Disagreements happen. But you should assume good faith. If you believe a user demonstrates bad faith, criticize the user's actions and point out inconsistencies and flaws in the reasoning.
  • Asking if a user is a sockpuppet of any other users or insinuating that one is. We don't have CheckUser. Such speculation is strongly discouraged and also contributes nothing to the argument.
  • Calling someone "triggered" or a "snowflake" or anything in this vein if a person finds something in particular offensive. While we strongly criticize particular demographics and they may find our views offensive, simply resorting to trite and tired comebacks has lost all power. You aren't obligated to validate their feelings, but there is also no reason to be sarcastic about it. If you find something offensive, on the other side, you should also be constructive about it (when in doubt, bring it in the talk page before you edit out the offending passages), too so we can address your concerns.

Keep in mind this applies to users who edit in good faith, not to either trolls or vandals. Even if you suspect a user to be a troll, however, it remains best to ignore, revert (if the troll has made bad-faith edits), block. Use Trollcollapse or DFTT to prevent other users for falling for the bait and wasting their time.