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BadMouseProductions is a far-left communist YouTuber who as of April 2019 has over 65,000 subscribers and 4,875,000 views. Although he used to be a right-libertarian [1], he abandoned this to join the far left [2]. He went on hiatus from October 2017[3] to February 2018.[4]

He's debated multiple YouTubers such as QuantumOverlord on socialism[5] and the Distributist on anarchism [6] as well as participated in a three on three debate where he, Xexizy and the Finnish Bolshevik supported socialism whereas Sargon of Akkad, Academic Agent and Bantu Rhino defended capitalism.[7]



He has made numerous videos about his anarchist views, including those in support of collective property as opposed to private property,[8] being pro-gun ownership as he believes the it is needed for the working class to defend themselves and initiate a revolution,[9] anti-private property,[10] anti-capitalism (duh),[11][12] as well as critiquing universal basic income from a far left perspective.[13] He's also debunked climate change denialism (which is probably his least radical video, unless you deny science of course) [14]


He has also made history based videos, including the history of anarchism, looking at it's origins from Pierre Joseph Proudhon to the current day,[15] the history of slavery and how it was heavily influential in the growth of capitalism,[16] the Paris Commune, "the first real attempt at a new working class society"[17] and Paulo Freire, a leading advocate of critical pedagogy (the belief that teaching is a political act that should be used to advance social justice) [18]


Although he says he was previously an ancap, there is no mercy in his videos about anarcho-capitalism. He's stated that anarcho-capitalism is an oxymoron [19], made criticisms of the anarchy ball memes (which in fairness were pretty shit) [20], stated that there can be no compromise between social anarchists and anarcho-capitalism [21] [22]

He's also mocked Anarcho-capitalism through creating a fake documentary of a Minecraft world he created called 'AnCapistan', a parody of what an anarcho-capitalist state would look like [23][24]. His satire focuses on the fact that although everything is seemingly free and everyone has liberty, the capitalist property owners decide how everyone works and lives.

Calculating Capitalism's Death Toll[edit]

BadMouse made a video about the death toll of capitalism [25] . The basic crux of the argument is that because capitalists have become extremely wealthy through the labour and resources of the third world, then the capitalist system should be blamed for the deaths caused by not having access to clean water, nutrition or basic health care. However, he doesn't stop there, saying that these deaths outnumber the number of deaths caused by communist regimes. This can draw serious criticisms, mainly that the parts of the world that capitalism has apparently "killed" are also the parts Western capitalism is not that active in (the people deprived of clean water, nutrition and healthcare are isolated communities or during political instability, which global capitalism (Neoliberalism) are barely present, through still appears through other forms). It is also apologetics for communist regimes, even though they've at times caused the social problems capitalism was supposed to be responsible for.

The video itself has amassed almost 200 thousand views and around 11 thousand likes and 7.6 thousand dislikes, making it one of BadMouses most popular videos. BadMouse got a lot of responses to his video [26] [27] [28] a lot of whom were very reasonable.......crazy libertarians (one responder said "why should I care" when BadMouse brung up the twenty million deaths capitalism had apparently caused. [29]). Even Sargon's best friend and fellow shit lord Vee made a response [30], to which BadMouse made a response (this is getting a bit confusing) [31]. Strangely enough, BadMouse's response didn't just defend the legitimacy of the death toll, but tackled other issues such as Venezuela, the fact that capitalism is global, getting rid of kulaks, refugees etc.

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