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Jaclyn Glenn

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Jaclyn Glenn is an atheist vlogger. As of 2016, she has over 300,000 subscribers to her channel.


Glenn was raised Roman Catholic, and was still a Christian when she started vlogging on YouTube. In her early videos, she generally expressed liberal views on social matters. She apparently began to question Catholicism's stance on divorce, which led to a questioning of her faith more generally. In 2012, she revealed that she was no longer religious, and now identified as an agnostic. She has since come to call herself an atheist.

Richard Dawkins has shown some pretty flirtatious strong support for Glenn.[1][2]



As an atheist activist, Glenn is critical of religion. She has criticized Christianity, mostly fundamentalism within the religion, as well as Islam, arguing that it promotes violence.

She is opposed to Atheism+, which she describes as "atheism plus radical feminism".[3] Despite this definition being far from the truth, she seems to support a lot of the same values as Atheism+ at times.

LGBT rights[edit]

Glenn is an outspoken supporter of LGBT rights, and has made efforts to spread awareness and prevention of suicide among LGBT youthWikipedia's W.svg.

Relationship with feminism[edit]

Glenn has attracted a fair amount of MRAs to her videos after voicing her opinions against feminism,[4] It seems her main issues with feminism are radical feminists. Some have criticized her for being an "MRA apologist". Some radical feminists have also criticized her for posing for Playboy.

Following the massacre committed by Elliot Rodger, she made a video arguing that Rodger's actions were solely based on mental illness, rather than misogyny. She has even gone as far as to claim feminists were "hijacking" the massacre to make it look like it was influenced by misogyny, when, according to Glenn, it wasn't.[5][6] Glenn's view specifically was endorsed by Dawkins.[7][8] Never mind that Rodger himself, widely considered one of the foremost experts on his motives, pretty explicitly debunked this.


Glenn came under fire in 2015 for allegations of plagiarism. The controversy began when she was called on a video she made about Kim Davis, in which she repeated every word of a video by Theoretical Bullshit. She was then caught also reading word for word the comments of her Facebook fans and passing them off as her own.[9] Afterwards, other videos of hers were found to be copied dialogue of other individuals, including Sam Harris.[10] However, she mostly plagiarized — that is, copied verbatim without attribution — comments on her Facebook and dialogue from other YouTube videos. Many other YouTubers condemned her actions, including her buddy TheAmazingAtheist. She has since given a half-assed apology admitting she did some wrong doing, but not really. Interestingly enough she hasn't even been prudent enough to delete the evidence of her plagiarism from her Facebook page which is available to see.[11]

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