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Marxism is unbiblical— Marx himself knew as much. Capitalism isn’t an ideology. It describes what naturally happens when people are free to provide for themselves. The Bible protects property rights (thou shall not steal, thou shall not covet); Marxism does not.
—Pretty much her entire ideology summed up. [1]

Allie Beth Stuckey (1992–) is a fundamentalist Christian and right-wing commentator from Dallas, Texas. Her current career started in 2014, where she worked as a publicist and a social media strategist. During this time, she started speaking at colleges about the importance of voting. In 2016, she started a blog on a Facebook page called The Conservative Millennial, because she felt like at the time there weren’t enough young conservative voices in mainstream media.[2] She started uploading videos on Facebook and gave her own commentary on the daily news.


In 2017, Stuckey started appearing as a guest host on both Fox News and Fox Business Network. In the same year, she started making videos for PragerU.

Things started moving fast for Stuckey in 2018. She started her podcast Relatable where she analyzes the news, politics, culture, and theology from a conservative Christian perspective. Another memorable moment of hers was when she had a video of her doing a fake interview with senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez go viral, with the senator herself even tweeting about it.[3]

On November 14th, 2019, she gave a testimony in front of Congress about why she is anti-abortion.[4] In June 2019, she had interviews with representative Dan Crenshaw.[5] She has also done interviews with conservatives' favorite black person, Candace Owens.[6]


Stuckey is a conservative Christian. Her particular brand of Christianity is Reformed Christianity, or Calvinism, after John Calvin. Calvinism believes that God hand picks everyone’s fate, meaning God knows that you are going to either heaven or hell before you are even born (otherwise referred to as predestination).[7] She is also a staunch Republican. In 2012, she voted for Mitt Romney,[8] and in 2016, despite thinking Crooked Hillary was going to win, she voted for racist and rapist Donald Trump.[9] Her favorite president is Ronald Reagan and her favorite holiday is the 4th of July.[10][11]

  • She believes in traditional biblical marriage, and she also believes that being gay is a sin, and because of this, she is extremely homophobic and transphobic. In one video, she even argued for a conservative case against same-sex marriage.[12]
  • She believes that social justice isn’t real justice, mainly because the term “social justice’' is not in the Bible.[13]
  • She believes that you have to date people of the same religion as you and that you have to save sex for marriage as she did.[14]
  • She is pro 2A, meaning that she wants everyone to have the right to own a gun. She thinks the only way to fight a bad guy with a gun is to give a good guy a gun.[15]
  • She believes that socialism can never work and thinks Bernie Sanders would be a terrible President for America. She believes that only a Godly government can work.[16]
  • She blames COVID-19 on China and thinks it is okay to call it the Chinese flu.[17]
  • She believes that self-love is a cult/religion and that it is bad for you. Her debut book titled “You’re Not Enough (and that’s okay)” is about “escaping the toxic culture of self-love.”[18] [19]
  • She blames her own generation, millennials, for the decline of Christianity.[20]
  • She criticized Taylor Swift for her liberal views.[21]
  • She believes that you shouldn’t care about your pets as much as humans.[22]
  • She finds the rise of millennial witches “troubling” and thinks Yoga and personality tests are bad for you.[23]
  • She doesn't believe that police brutality is real.[24]
  • Her biggest thing is that abortion is bad, even as bad (or worse) as owning slaves and that it should be banned. She compares everything to abortion for some reason.[25]
  • She is a young earth creationist who also doesn't believe dinosaurs ever existed.[26][27]
  • She is a climate change denier and thinks environmentalism is a cult.[28]