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White separatism is a separatist political movement that seeks separate economic and cultural development for "white people". White separatists generally claim genetic affiliation with Anglo-Saxon cultures, Nordic cultures, or other white European cultures, but not, obviously, the evil darkies of their predecessors. Some also affiliate with white ethnic cultures that developed outside of Europe, like the Neo-Confederates and Boer-Afrikaner Nationalists. Advocates of racial separatism say that separatism differs from racial supremacy in that separatists believe that all races and ethnic groups have the right to develop their own culture separately and any race should not dominate another. They argue that racial differences are "important" and they strongly oppose miscegenation.

Randy Weaver claimed to be a white separatist rather than a white supremacist.

In reality, the only difference is one of semantics, and the views held are similar whether they call themselves white separatists, nationalists, or supremacists. At the end of the day, "white separatism" is a code phrase used by people whose views are indistinguishable from white nationalism or white supremacy, but who want to distance themselves from the latter terms and their deservedly negative connotations. It fools no one.

Notable groups and people[edit]

  • Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging, advocates for an Afrikaner Volkstaat.
  • Northwest Front/Harold Covington and Aryan Nations, Both Covington/NF and Aryan Nations advocate for "The Northwest American Republic" to be located in the Pacific Northwest. The project is referred to as "The Northwest Territorial Imperative" and "The Butler Plan"
  • League of the South, advocates for the resurrection of the Confederacy as an ethnostate for "Anglo-Celtic" Southerners.
  • Occidental Dissent, similar to LOS Occidental Dissent seeks to create a "Jew-free white ethnostate in North America" (specifically The South) that would reestablish "white supremacy" throughout the region and discriminate against blacks. Unlike LOS, OD's idea of a Southern ethnostate would be a variation of the Confederacy idea called "Gulf Coast Republic" (7 of the original Confederate states) or "Republic of Dixie" (if all 11 Confederate states joined together)
  • Pioneer Little Europe, wants to build small whites only settlements
  • Tom Metzger, advocate
  • Traditionalist Workers Party/Matthew Heimbach, wants to create a National Socialist ethnostate known as "Aryon" "Avalon"
  • Billy Roper, ShieldWall, Project New America, Ozarkia, and Franklin all are Roper's various plans to dream up a white ethnostate.
  • Scott Adams, author of long-running office humor comic strip "Dilbert", apparently believes in White Separatism.[1]

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