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WHRC the hate group must not be confused with the actual, unrelated women's human rights campaign
The "TERF swastika", WHRC's ominously swastika-resembling symbol, is apparently intended to convey that men and women are polar opposites
Stop heresy in primary schools, girls and women don't have penises
—WHRC anti-trans slogan used on international women's day in Norway in 2021[1]
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The rather bizarrely-named "Women's Human Rights Campaign" (WHRC) is a transphobic, conspiracist and extremist anti-LGBT hate group of trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) closely aligned with the alt-right. A part of the anti-gender movement, the group is notable for extreme harassment of transgender people in social media while perversely hiding behind the language of "human rights". It has usurped the name of the historical Women's Human Rights Campaign of the 1980s/1990s, despite having the opposite objectives. Claiming to fight for "women's sex-based rights" (a transphobic neologism invented by TERFs in 2015), the group calls for the "elimination" of trans people[2] and focuses on attacking the mainstream LGBT rights groups, which WHRC disparages as a "kweer patriarchy." They have widely promoted anti-LGBT conspiracy theories claiming that the main LGBT rights groups are "paedophiles," a variant of the "homosexual agenda" conspiracy theory. The group explicitly supports the anti-LGBT policies of strongmen such as Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

The group was established in the U.K. (what better place for transphobia?) in 2019 as a transphobic splinter group by people booted from the feminist Women's Equality PartyWikipedia due to their bigoted views, and has become one of the most active transphobic hate groups, with branches in several countries. It claims to have 500 members internationally[1] and has published a hideously transphobic manifesto called the "Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights" with a few thousand signatures. Despite claiming to be "feminists", the group is overtly anti-feminist and outspokenly anti-progressive, and is known for openly collaborating with the religious far right against LGBT rights and everything that feminism – as usually defined – represents.[3] WHRC also has a strong hatred of centrists, especially the center-left. In that respect the group is an example of how the horseshoe theory is sometimes right. The group is highly active in anti-LGBT trolling and harassment on social media and its members have widely shared the transphobic "Super Straight" meme that originated among neo-Nazi trolls on 4chan.[4] The group frequently promotes the transphobic memes – such as "adult human female" – created by far-right extremist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull ("Posie Parker"), who calls for violence against trans women and girls by "men with guns".[5]

WHRC members are frequently also involved with other hateful and conspiracist causes, such as racism and Islamophobia. In 2021 the group was booted from a UN event as an obvious hate group with no business being involved with anything UN-related. WHRC Norway tellingly say that they have been deplatformed and labeled a hate group by everyone from the Conservative Party to the Maoists, and Norway's equality ombudsperson Hanne BjurstrømWikipedia has clarified that WHRC's rhetoric constitutes criminal hate speech. Numerous WHRC members have been banned from Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.


WHRC the hate group has usurped the name of the unrelated, historical Women's Human Rights Campaign of the 1980s and 1990s, despite having the opposite objectives.

History and ideology[edit]

Time and again transphobic people say their rights are being threatened by trans people, that they are being “cancelled for expressing an opinion”, that trans people are a danger to them when, in reality, it’s transphobes — Gender Critical and TERFs — who are the threat, actively lobbying policymakers for the elimination of other members of society

The group was founded in 2019 by prominent British anti-trans campaigners Sheila Jeffreys and Heather Brunskell-Evans,[6] after Brunskell-Evans was sacked the previous year by the Women’s Equality Party for transphobic statements.[7] As a framing tactic, the group claims to fight for "women's human rights", but don't let its name fool you; the WHRC believes it's only okay to fight for "women's human rights" if they're cis, and is hellbent on working against the human rights of everyone else who identifies as female. It is overtly hostile to feminism as per its generally agreed-upon definition. The name has been described as "a pointed critique of the other Human Rights Campaign, given many of the participants’ antagonism towards the group."[3]

The group calls for the elimination of "transgenderism"[6] and claims to oppose "gender ideology".[1] They claim to be active in dozens of countries and have published a transphobic manifesto on the Internet. The group has been described as "vigorous in their opposition to the [U.S.] Equality Act … again and again their rallying cry against equal rights persists, one which says that because expansion of civil rights law may benefit transgender people, it must be opposed," with tactics mirroring "that of antisemites, sexists, homophobes, and racists."[8]

The group is also known for openly collaborating with the religious far right in their campaign against trans rights.[3] On Twitter, the group frequently shares far-right transphobic memes such as the "Super Straight" meme which was started by neo-Nazi trolls on 4chan.

WHRC also engages in the usual harassment, trolling and abusive behavior towards transgender people and anyone who finds their methods disgusting typical of extreme TERFs on social media. The group also tends to show up on women's day with slogans such as "stop heresy in primary schools, girls and women don't have penises" and "only women are women" that would have made Fred "God Hates F*gs" Phelps proud.[1] In 2021 the group's Norwegian spokesperson Christina Eline Ellingsen said it has 500 members worldwide, including 40 in Norway—in other words 0.01% the size of the membership of the other (and respected) Human Rights Campaign.[1]

WHRC also tends to link their anti-trans views to other popular conspiracy theories such as Big Tech and Big Pharma, believing trans rights to be the product of those all-powerful conspiracies.[9] The group often promotes the views of white supremacist Posie Parker, who is considered a bigot even by some TERFs (including Julie BindelWikipedia). With particular reference to groups like WHRC, philosopher Christa Peterson has noted that anti-trans ideology has "solidified over time" into embracing other and more explicit conspiracy theories and that "today, this rhetoric provides an entry point into far-right politics."[10]

Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights[edit]

The "Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights" is WHRC's founding document. More than "6000 Feminism-Appropriating Reactionary Transphobes (FARTs) seem to have signed on to their piece-of-shit, nakedly trans-hating “declaration” of being transphobes."[11] The declaration focuses almost entirely on denying the reality of trans people's lives.[12]

Booted from UN event[edit]

In 2021 the group attempted to hijack one of the events of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, resulting in the powerful NGO Committee on the Status of Women, NY banning WHRC from events and banning anyone who referenced WHRC and its declaration of hate.[13] Apparently the ban of WHRC was unprecedented, as all sorts of arch-conservative groups are usually allowed to participate in UN events, demonstrating the extent to which WHRC is regarded as a discredited hate group.

Conspiracy theories[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Homosexual agenda

WHRC actively promotes anti-LGBT conspiracy theories, often targeting the mainstream LGBT rights organizations. One of their favorite tactics, that they share with the far right and other conspiracist groups, is accusing LGBT rights groups of being paedophiles or having a pro-paedophile agenda:

At the end of March 2021 the Women’s Human Rights Campaign (WHRC) published a one page pdf falsely implying that the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex AssociationWikipedia (ILGA) was campaigning to legalise child sexual exploitation. In under two weeks, this claim was being repeated, and transformed into a homophobic false accusation that Scottish LGBT rights groups were lobbying to lower the age of consent to 10 years old
—Mallory Moore[14]


Most supporters of WHRC are believed to be old or middle-aged. This is supported by general findings on the support for trans rights among different age groups. For example, in 2020 the polling company Ipsos found that 56% of Generation Z in the United Kingdom supported increased trans rights, as opposed to only 20% of the baby boomer generation.[15] This is significant considering that the U.K. is generally a hotbed of transphobia in relative terms. Support for trans rights, especially among young people, is even greater in other countries like the United States. Thus TERF ideology is significantly linked to an aging demographic mainly born in the 1940s and 1950s. The majority of known and active members of WHRC, as discussed with examples in the Norway section below, also tend to be women in their 50s to 70s–80s.

By country[edit]

United Kingdom[edit]

WHRC was originally founded in the UK, as a transphobic splinter group from the feminist Women's Equality Party.

United States[edit]

WHRC is known for its collaboration with the U.S. far-right in their opposition to LGBT rights.[3] Their members include Kara Dansky.


The purportedly German WHRC Germany is in fact founded in the UK and lists its address as Mildenhall, a provincial town in Brexit Land. It could be considered a British missionary TERF group that is trying to recruit in Germany, not unlike how Russian trolls like to pose as U.S. gun nuts. Its leader is Stefanie Bode.


WHRC Norway's Tonje Gjevjon mocking Plan for awarding its Girl Prize to ethnic and sexual minorities. The drawing was accompanied by a series of hateful comments, such as "great that a disheveled adult lesbian man with blue hair can be considered for the prize" followed by four "penis comments" about the genitalia of the young trans woman who had been nominated for the prize; notice also how the trans woman is portrayed with a penis[16]
Tonje Gjevjon sharing Facebook post by anti-semite Hans Olav Brendberg gloating over the alliance between TERFs and the far right, while posing with the "Shoananas" symbol of Holocaust denial. The post was also shared/liked by most of WHRC's other key members including Christina Eline Ellingsen, Kamilla Aslaksen, Anne Marve and others
We watch Posie Parker's program every night.
—WHRC Norway admitting that their role model is the British far-right extremist
who calls for violence against trans women and girls by "men with guns"[17]
The Criminal Code, the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud and a whole range of other representatives of the kweer patriarchy attempt to silence us!
Anne Kalvig, vice chair of WHRC Norway, doesn't understand why WHRC's nakedly hateful rhetoric is considered criminal hate speech[18]

Established in 2020, WHRC Norway is the most active anti-LGBT hate group in Norway. It was founded by Kari Jaquesson, Tonje Gjevjon, Anne Kalvig, Christina Eline Ellingsen, Tina Skotnes, Marielle Leraand, Frode Saugestad, Kamilla Aslaksen, Inge Ås, Anne Marve, Kristin Slaatta, Oline Margrethe Rustad, Benedicthe Lyngås, Kristin Bodin, Cathrine Ude, Barbro Svensson, Rita Lock Nilsen, Marit Johanne Bruset, Edwige Mortyr, Sarah Kaldestad, Brita Merete Gulli, Anne Ragna Sann, Karen-Anna (Kanatta) Pedersen, Margrethe Voll Storaas, Anna Nordlund and others.[19] Many of its often septuagenarian members are disgruntled former Maoists who have now left the traditionally Maoist Red party due to the party's clear condemnation of their transphobia, and who now instead seek alliances with the anti-immigrant far right. Despite their self-identification as far-left radical feminists, they are for all practical purposes a group of far-right Internet trolls and a perfect illustration of the horseshoe theory in action.[20] The Norwegian humanist and biology professor Øivind BerghWikipedia has noted that WHRC represents a "strange alliance between some fanatical Christians and some Lesbian activists."[21]

The group came to prominence in Norway through their use of extremely transphobic slogans, reminiscent of the Westboro Baptist Church, on international women's day in 2021.[1][22] Their slogans included

  • "Stop heresy in primary schools, girls and women don't have penises"
  • "Only women are women"
  • Several variations of "war against the kweer patriarchy" (by which they mean Norway's mainstream and widely respected LGBT rights group FRIWikipedia, the Norwegian counterpart to StonewallWikipedia)
  • "Save women's sports, exclude men who pose as women"
  • "Women are not a fetish, you dick"
WHRC heckling the prime minister. Needless to say no politician ever responds to them

The group is also known for its aggressive anti-LGBT trolling on social media, where WHRC's founders, leaders and other members use even more extreme hate rhetoric. WHRC members routinely compare trans women to paedophiles and claim that trans women are predators who pose a danger to cis women. The group has bizarrely claimed that the main function of Norway's equality ombudsperson Hanne BjurstrømWikipedia is to "discriminate against women," due to her enforcement of legal protections for LGBT people as mandated by law.[23] WHRC has also accused FRI of being a "government-funded fantasy machine" dedicated to "spreading lies".[24] WHRC Norway members widely promoted the anti-trans "Super Straight" meme that originated among neo-Nazi trolls on 4chan.[4] The group has also founded a hate website called Matriarken (The Matriarch), dedicated exclusively to anti-trans bigotry. Gjevjon and her fellow WHRC transphobes aggressively heckle politicians on Facebook and Twitter, although most simply ignore their crazy talk; for example Anette Trettebergstuen, Labour member of parliament, said that she never replies to anything Gjevjon says.[25]

The group has stated that the main enemies of their brand of "radical feminism" are "FRI, the Liberal Party, the Socialist Left Party, Red (the communist party) and The Greens," in other words all the left-wing and center-left parties and Norway's main LGBT rights organization. On the other hand, the group didn't mention the far right as enemies of their "radical feminism" at all – because they see them as close allies.[26]

WHRC Norway's leader Christina Eline Ellingsen posing with T-shirt with the transphobic meme created by far-right activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull ("Posie Parker") who calls for violence against trans women and girls by "men with guns"; Ellingsen says she "watches Posie Parker's program every night"

The group has strongly supported far-right activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull ("Posie Parker"), who calls for violence against trans women and girls by "men with guns"[27] and who is so extreme that even Julie BindelWikipedia has called her "a thick feck who is a bigot and NOT a feminist".[28] For example WHRC's leader Christina Ellingsen and other members often pose with the transphobic T-shirts created by Keen-Minshull, e.g. with the "adult human female" meme. Ellingsen appears to regard Keen-Minshull as her major role model. The group also uses language closely modeled after Keen-Minshull's group Standing Up For Women, e.g. by frequently describing themselves as "women who stand up for women," thereby aligning themselves with her extremist views. Ellingsen/Gjevjon said that "we watch Posie Parker's program every night,"[17] which explains a lot.

The group frequently also shares scaremongering stories from other right-wing sources such as The Post Millennial.[29]

Two of the group's activists, both close collaborators of Tonje Gjevjon, are men's rights activists (MRAs) Ola Movinkel and Loke Aashamar. Both frequently use rhetoric reminiscent of Islamophobic and anti-immigrant discourse, indicating their involvement with more than just one hateful cause. For example, Movinkel is quite fond of referring to LGBT rights groups and mainstream society as the "queer caliphate."[16] Loke Aashamar is a writer for the alt-right publication Resett.no, where he typically writes racist articles about "African immigrants raping Norwegian girls."[16] Aashamar also has a history of making overtly misogynist comments, e.g. by mocking women who are the victims of violence.[16] That Gjevjon, Ellingsen and the other WHRC members are perfectly happy to collaborate extensively with a racist men's rights activist who mocks women who are the victims of men's violence illustrates how transphobia is the sole motivation of the hateful women behind WHRC, not any genuine concern for or knowledge of "women's human rights," which is simply used as a smokescreen by these bigoted charlatans.

Examples of hate speech by WHRC Norway members[edit]

A public Facebook discussion (excerpt) by WHRC Norway co-founders and key activists with numerous examples of hate speech

WHRC's founders, leaders and other members are extremely aggressive on social media and have posted numerous comments that likely qualify as criminal hate speech under Norwegian law; in fact the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud has explicitly stated that a stream of hateful comments (all of them by WHRC members) were removed from the Ombud's Facebook page because they constituted criminal hate speech.[30] By its own admission WHRC has been reported to the police for hate crimes by Norway's mainstream LGBT rights organization FRIWikipedia.[31]

Why should we women feel safe with males who call themselves women? They follow the same criminal pattern as ordinary men, and commit gross violence and abuse
—Kristin Bodin, WHRC Norway co-founder[32]
Men who call themselves women are the worst [predators]. Just calling themselves women shows that they are deranged, to put it mildly. (...) I would instantly know if it was a man who posed as a 'legal' woman – simply because of the smell.
—Edwige Mortyr (77), WHRC Norway co-founder who has posted hundreds of similarly hideously transphobic comments on Facebook[32]

Feminist response[edit]

I was shocked at what unfolded in our comments section. We had to delete numerous comments. Our [Facebook] page can not be a hotbed of hate speech against trans people
Hanne BjurstrømWikipedia, Norway's Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud, on WHRC anti-trans trolling[30]

WHRC Norway tellingly say that they have been deplatformed and labeled a hate group by every political party from the Conservative Party to the maoist Red. For example, WHRC has been described as a hate group by Norway's main LGBT rights group FRIWikipedia.[33]

Feminist scholar Elisabeth Lund EngebretsenWikipedia has compared WHRC to the far-right anti-gender movement in Hungary and Poland.[18] In March 2020, 2,500 Norwegian feminists, both leftists and centrists, signed a condemnation of WHRC's transphobia.[34] In connection with women's day in 2021 WHRC was widely condemned by actual feminists for its disruption of the meeting planning that year's event, where WHRC members engaged in transphobic rants and proposed hideously transphobic slogans. Alberte Bekkhus, the leader of the Red Youth, said WHRC's transphobia hinders the feminist struggle, that they are aligned with the far right and that transphobes like WHRC aren't feminists.[35][1] The prominent feminist Martine AurdalWikipedia noted that "TERF and transphobia are in fact appropriate descriptions" of the argument's of WHRC's principal founder Tonje Gjevjon, and that "she contrasts women's rights with transgender rights, claims that trans women are not women and argues on the basis of her own, irrational fears."[36]

The Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud has also robustly condemned the transphobia promoted by WHRC trolls on social media, and clarified that their rhetoric constitutes criminal hate speech.[30] In response, WHRC's vice chair Anne Kalvig has claimed that "the Criminal Code, the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud and a whole range of other representatives of the kweer patriarchy attempt to silence us!"[18]

After months of incessant harassment of the leader of Norway's LGBT rights group FRIWikipedia, that involved false claims that FRI has a "paedophile" agenda, WHRC's leader Christina Ellingsen was reported to the police by FRI for stalking and harassment.[37] In April 2021 WHRC's leader was questioned by the police about intimidating the leader of FRI.[33]

Tonje Gjevjon says she once met Bent HøieWikipedia, Norway's Minister of Health, who rightly told her that deplatforming of transphobes such as herself and WHRC is a small price to pay to ensure the rights of the vulnerable group that they relentlessly attack.[38]

Crank magnetism[edit]

For more information, see: Crank magnetism
WHRC members literally worship Putin

Many of the members are also active in other conspiracist or hateful contexts, e.g. the alt-right website Resett.no, the Islamophobic website Document.no owned by Hans Rustad (yes, the father of WHRC's co-founder) or the conspiracist and racist[39] website Steigan.no, where co-founder Kari Jaquesson is an active writer. Jaquesson, the group's arguably most high-profile member, is seemingly involved with every conspiracist movement there is in Norway, is also a climate change denier and has argued that Greta Thunberg is "an ugly child."[40] A 2021 survey by YouGov found that the public figures viewed most negatively by Norwegians were Donald Trump, Kari Jaquesson and Vladimir Putin, in that order.[41] Characteristic of their alignment with the far right, WHRC is quite fond of Vladimir Putin and some of their members use slogans like "#IStandWithRussia" rather than the more familiar "#IStandWithRowling,"[42] with many of their members even peddling Kremlin propaganda that Ukrainians who oppose the Russian occupation of certain areas within eastern Ukraine are "Nazis".[43]

Related organizations and activities[edit]

WHRC's members are known for constantly starting new organizations/splinter groups, usually with the same handful of members (typically involving full-time transphobe Tonje Gjevjon), and with names reminiscent of Monty Python's Life of Brian. The extremist organizations and activities that are in practice part of or aligned with the hate group WHRC Norway are:

Lesbisk Forbund
(Lesbian Alliance)
a tiny group started by Tonje Gjevjon with literally a handful of members, concerned only with the anti-trans struggle and the "lesbian erasure" conspiracy theory. It is a microscopic splinter group consisting of transphobes who have left FRIWikipedia.
Ny Lesbisk Bevegelse
(New Lesbian Movement)
a splinter group from the above splinter group (SRSLY!) started by Tonje Gjevjon. It literally uses the face of transphobic troll Magdalen Berns (banned from numerous LGBT groups and women's groups for her hateful views) as its logo. The group explicitly supports Posie Parker and other extremists who call for violence against trans women. It also uses all the usual anti-trans memes and dog whistles, e.g. "adult human female."
Lesber i Dagslys (LeDa)
(Lesbians in Daylight)
Yet another transphobic splinter group, consisting of a handful of septuagenarian and octogenarian transphobes led by WHRC co-founders Anne Ragna Sann and Edwige Mortyr. It focuses solely on the war on trans people, and is regarded as a hate group by FRIWikipedia.
Lesbisk Kvinnebevegelse
(Lesbian Women's Movement)
Another tiny transphobic group with two or three members, including WHRC co-founder Inge Ås
LLH 2019
(LGB 2019)
a T-less "LGB" group and a Norwegian counterpart to the LGB Alliance hate group, started by Tonje Gjevjon. It has deliberately usurped a historical name of FRIWikipedia, Norway's main (and trans-inclusive) LGBT rights group. The board members are Tonje Gjevjon, Loke Aashamar and Ola Movinkel.[44] All have a long history of both anti-LGBT and racist hate speech and trolling.[16] Unsurprisingly, the group has received gleeful support from fundamentalist Christians who have incorrectly claimed it represents a major split in the LGBT community, although FRI has 500 times the membership that LLH 2019 has[45]
(The Matriarch)
a website and Facebook group started by Tonje Gjevjon and Christina Eline Ellingsen, dedicated to peddling fear of trans people. The website is the main platform of WHRC Norway
Trygg i kroppen
(Safe/confident in the body)
a website started by Tonje Gjevjon that promotes conversion therapy for trans/queer kids to make them straight. In 2019 Tonje Gjevjon also furiously opposed a proposal by the Norwegian Labour Party to ban conversion therapy.[46]
(The Women Activists)
originally a splinter group from the TERF-leaning radfem group Kvinnegruppa Ottar (Women's Group Ottar) led by disgruntled Maoist Jane Nordlund, now closely allied and intertwined with WHRC Norway
JA til tokjønnsmodellen, NEI til radikal kjønnsideologi
(FOR the Two-Gender Model, AGAINST radical gender ideology)
Initiated and led by Tonje Gjevjon, this is an unholy alliance of TERFs and Christian fundamentalists who oppose what they call "radical gender ideology", not unlike anti-gender organizations in countries like Poland and Hungary.

Norway's main sports organization rejects WHRC's transphobia[edit]

After badgering the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of SportsWikipedia (NIF) for weeks on end, WHRC finally got a reply from NIF, that robustly rejected the transphobic trope peddled by WHRC. NIF said that "the real problem concerning trans women and sports is that trans people participate far less in sports than cis women and cis men. We want to make it easier for trans people to participate in sports."[47]

"TERF swastika"[edit]

Due to its ominous appearance as a seemingly deformed swastika, WHRC's logo has been tentatively named the "TERF Swastika".[48]


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