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His Excellency Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez (1981–) is the self-declared world's coolest dictator[1] and the current president of El Salvador since 2019. Bukele is a unique example of the right-wing populism that has swept the world in recent years. As an example, Bukele is a right-wing authoritarian but denies that he is on the right or the left. Despite this, he curiously has been praised by rightists and conservatives worldwide.[2][3]

Bukele is the descendant of Palestinian Orthodox Christians who left the country in 1921. His grandparents were devout Christians, while his father was a Christian but converted to Islam later in his life. His mother was also a staunch Christian and remained so.[4][5][6][7]

Since his ascendance to the presidency in 2019, Bukele has held his country in a death grip of power. He has used emergency powers during the crackdown crisis to strengthen his hold and effectively make the country an autocracy.[8] Though many Salvadorans have a positive opinion towards him, his dissidents and some whistleblowers have been shut down or have fled the country during the chaos.[9] Bukele is noted to be part of the growing far-right wave in Latin America (and the world).[10][11]

The good[edit]

Bukele has fought drug gangs that engaged in violence and defended poor neighborhoods from such violence. Unfortunately, he has used this issue as a Trojan Horse for cracking down on inoffensive drug users as well, such as marijuana users (more of that documented below).[12]

The bad[edit]

Like other right-wing Latin American leaders, Bukele has built a cult of personality (derived from Salvadorans fed up with the political establishment and facing hardship across the country) around himself as a result of his brutal crackdowns.[13][14] Bukele started off as a self-proclaimed radical leftist (for which he received some backlash[15]), but later claimed that he became independent when he entered politics and ran for president. Curiously, his policies are right leaning and he has a huge right-wing audience inside and outside El Salvador.[16]

Bukele has done the typical right-wing policies as his counterparts abroad, namely banning abortion and barring LGBT people from society and preventing them from being recognized or even identifying publicly.[17][18] LGBT Salvadorans face social stigma and brutal crackdowns just for being themselves, all in the name of "traditional marriage" and "family values".

The fascist[edit]

Bukele is part of the far-right wave of politicians gaining steam and grabbing power worldwide. Bukele has abused his power, against the rights of people such as indigenous communities, the LGBT community, feminists, immigrants, the homeless, drug addicts, and recreational drug users.

Like many fascists worldwide, he is a staunch supporter of the Zionist state of Israel and the war oin Gaza.[19]

As part of the global far-right movement, Bukele was one of the many right-wing leaders interviewed by Tucker Carlson and promoted and propped up by his propaganda. In one segment, Bukele proclaimed that the United States was less safe than his own country and other South American countries, and Carlson himself even praised Bukele in one of his segments after the interview.[20]

Much like his other counterparts, he scapegoats George Soros for all of his country’s problems.[21][22]

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