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Zeta Reticuli

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Zeta Reticuli is a pair of G class (sunlike) stars deep in the southern sky, about 39 light-years from Earth. No planets have been confirmed to exist around either of these stars, but Zeta2 appears to have its own Asteroid belt. The first Alien film is set in this system as well as its prequel, Prometheus.

Betty Hill's star map, redrawn by a helpful Wikipedian.

It has gained a strange sort of fame as the home of the aliens who visit Earth to abduct humans. The evidence for this is a star map drawn from memory by Betty Hill, who claimed to have been kidnapped by aliens in 1961. Despite the dubiousness of this source, the idea has hung around in ufology for over 50 years, with folks like Bob Lazar claiming Zeta Reticulans are in cahoots with the US government.

See also[edit]

  • ZetaTalk, for some of the people who took the idea and ran with it
  • Project Serpo, a fantasy about American military astronauts going to live on a planet of zeta Reticuli

External links[edit]

  • See the Wikipedia article on Zeta Reticuli., if you're interested in boringinteresting stuff like their orbital separation distance (at least 3750 AU, probably more), or their heavy element abundance.