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Communpedia is a multilingual wiki on communism. It describes itself as "the communist encyclopedia." Communpedia was founded in November 2010. In its own article, it claims "we write information on subjects you won't hear from CNN or Fox News, but propaganda is not allowed" and that the wiki is for "Everyone. Who is interested in left-wing politics and is open-minded."[1]

Communpedia is also the largest currently-active wiki on socialism/communism. Unlike older wikis, like Anarchopedia, Communpedia intends to reflect the point-of-view of all leftists (what they call the "Common point of view"), and not a single perspective, i.e. Trotskyist or Stalinist.

All users on Communpedia have been granted sysop abilities. In June 2011, Communpedia moved from Wikia to join the Russian-language Kommynist.Ru Encyclopedia.

A small site, it consists mostly of articles about "heroic" Communist leaders and revolutionaries. It has complimentary articles about North Korea and the Kim Family, accuses South Korea of being a concentration camp and also heaps praise upon Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong.

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