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Conservative correctness

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Conservative correctness ("CC"), also known as patriotic correctness ("PC")[1] or right-wing political correctness[2], or Wingnut (In)Correctness is a term referring to a brand of political correctness practiced by conservatives. Yes, seriously. Whereas political correctness attempts to minimize offense through the rebranding of certain words and terms to be neutral or inclusive, its conservative counterpart rebrands terms to include extreme political bias, removing the meaning and then filling them with scorn, like little Hate-Twinkies.

Concepts which are liked are Americanized or linked with positive thoughts such as freedom or liberty, while the disliked terms are rebranded in the most negative light possible (describing homosexuality as an "unnatural vice," for example). "CC" is especially hilarious considering that the most heated decrying of "PC" usually comes from conservatives.

The first recorded uses of the term itself were made by Michael Fauntroy[3] and Bill Scher.[4]


[edit] Examples

[edit] Denialist

  • Global warming deniers whining about being called "deniers." They prefer the term "skeptic"! So many right-wingers have this "I'm neutral and apolitical" South Parkian attitude because saying "I'm an asshole who rejects all social change that isn't to my benefit" isn't in fashion right now.
    • Using the snarl word "Warmist" to refer to scientists who deal with global warming.
    • Portraying attempts to reduce use of polluting fossil fuels as a "war on coal".[5]
  • Banning the words "climate change" outright, as Florida Governor Rick Scott has ordered his state employees. Even in print.[6]

[edit] Homophobic

[edit] Jingoist

  • During the anti-German hysteria of World War I, Sauerkraut became "Liberty cabbage," Hamburgers became "Liberty steak," Frankfurters became "Liberty sausage," Dachshunds became "Liberty dogs," German measles became "Liberty measles" (you'd think they'd want to keep the one killing civilians associated with their enemy, but marketing wasn't nearly as much a thing at the time), and German Shepherds became "Police dogs" (or in the United Kingdom, "Alsatians"). Liberty does not work that way.
  • The rebranding of "French fries" as "Freedom fries" in the Congressional cafeteria after the French refused to support the Invasion of Iraq in 2003. Subsequent extention went into "Freedom toast" for French toast.[notes 1]
  • "Mediterranean" food instead of "Middle Eastern"!
  • "Crisis" or "conflict" instead of war - other mindbogglingly complex evasive terms are invented as needed.
  • "Homicide bombing."
  • "Hard-working Americans" (also known as "normal" or "regular" Americans) — anyone who votes for the right, but is not rich enough to gain any benefit from voting for the right — so the only reason they vote with the right is to feel "included."
  • "True American Values" or something similar to describe a specific set of wingnut beliefs.
  • "Patriotism" to the point of being nationalistic, where American culture and values are thought to be superior to every other nation's cultures and values.
  • Opposition to the burning of American flags, which many conservatives believe should be outright illegal. Often, the opposition has the emotional appeal of "soldiers died for the flag!" For a particularly head-explodey form of wingnut fury, burn a Confederate flag.
  • America's Sacred Heroes, whether military members or police officers, shall never be criticized. Deflecting discussions of police brutality with the emotional "police are heroes and save lives" third-grade level argument.
    • Following the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner by police, Fox News and right wing media showed a lot of police apologist CC. After the killings of New York City police officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos in retaliation for the death of Garner (clearly inexcusable, to be sure), it just got worse. Many police officers showed CC by turning their backs whenever mayor Bill De Blasio, who dared suggest that police treatment of black Americans is an issue, spoke at press conferences or the officers' funerals. Classy bunch.[12]
    • Also, various police unions and organizations urged a boycott of Quentin Tarantino's Western film The Hateful Eight, after Tarantino dared speak out against police brutality at a New York City rally in October 2015.[13]
  • America doesn't have social classes. We have economic classes which are not at all the same – totally distinct – as social classes!
  • Don't you dare sit down for the national anthem. Show some respect!

[edit] Liberal-bashing

  • David Horowitz's "Academic Bill of Rights," and other poutrage stories about supposed liberal bias in higher education regularly published by sites like Campus Reform and The College Fix. The irony of such sites is that the complaints about "liberal professors" whose critiques of Republicans, religion, "traditional America", etc. hurt their feelings become a right-wing version of the supposedly easily-offended, "politically correct", leftist college student that they despise, hence conservative correctness.
  • The whole Dixie Chicks "controversy."
  • "Liberal" or "(L)amestream" media in place of most network news and/or major newspapers
  • Explicitly using "liberal" when referring to self-identified "progressives".
  • "Bleeding-heart". The epistemology traces back to libertarian articles.
    • This week we are calling fraternity and kindness "fee-fees", and anyone who has them in any form a "cuck," according to the Liberty Home Office. Check your inbox.
    • The CC brigade do love their emotional register. You're not expressing disagreement or calling bullshit, you're "offended." Leaving me free to reject all of your arguments out of hand, ergo the better man by default. Particularly potent in conjunction with the next point, just below.
  • "Social Justice Warrior". A malign spirit of incompetent enthusiasm that descends upon college age (and younger) liberals from time to time. Since GamerGate hit, it's become a catchall for anybody who thinks poor people, women, or brown people matter.
    • Including themselves. No longer is it ten different groups "offended" by ten different things; behold "The Perpetually Offended," carefully-cultivated mythical superbeast of pure, monolithic, permanent irrational indignation onto which any rightie can graft anyone at any time. For some strange reason, they tend to look like white, conventionally unattractive college-aged women. All actual minorities, under said mythology, secretly long for their rightful place in the kitchen/cotton field/mass grave that those hysterical latte-sipping SJWs just won't stop yanking them away from. Tumblr comes up very often.
    • Anyone who whines about "Tumblerinas" is most likely a trenchcoat-wearing teenage libertarian. You have to go so out of your way to be offended by such a small microcosm of social media. Look at /r/tumblrinaction: The way Tumblr works, you have to either follow or actively look for these types of posts. At least with Reddit (r/shitredditsays), there are default subs which attract all sorts of crazies, the random button, and a news feed which might take you someplace goofy. It's a common theme among /pol/ petitions to remove, replace or boycott something that they are against by citing Tumblr social justice arguments.
  • "Democrat Party" to refer to the Democratic Party or use of "Democrat" as adjective. (This originates from a reluctance to use a "good" word like Democratic to describe their enemies. No, really.)

[edit] Libertarian

  • "Libertarian" (in the U.S., at least) is the new "Independent": a label which allows people to lie to themselves about being free-thinkers as they consistently side with the GOP base. Oddly, they tend to skew even farther right, so the "embarrassed Republican" epithet isn't totally accurate.[14] There are consistent Libertarians, like DiLorenzo, but the world they describe is so scary that most libertarians pick and choose which tenets to follow. A pure libertarian society would likely result in a failed state.[15]
    • "Socially liberal". Like Göring, reach for your revolver.[16][17]
    • Thanks, right wing, for ruining the term "classical liberal".[18] Classical Liberal used to mean Hobbes, Rousseau, Kant, Locke, etc. But they cut out all the Germans and Italians and Frenchmen, and kept only the English stuff — but only from the 18th century on, so no Hobbes. But it's nice and ethnocentric, which is just how libertarian WASP boys like it, we suppose.[19] Libertarians believe that their version of liberalism is the correct one and it has been hijacked by state propagandists under the guise of a social contract.[20] (This is what neoreactionaries call "the Cathedral", or, as you might know it, modern civilisation as descended from the Enlightenment.) If you believe what Heritage and Cato are putting out, every other industrialized nation in the world is "Classically Liberal", apart from the U.S., which has fallen under the bootheel of Marxism.[21] Which also doesn't exist anywhere else.[22]
  • "Job creators". There always seems to be a better job riiight across the street.
  • "Pro-business" or "business-friendly" to describe policies for lower taxes and fewer regulations.[notes 2]
  • That's not capitalism; that's CORPORATISM!!!1! Obviously if you had a free market, everybody would be farting rainbows.[23]
  • Republicans changing the names of committees in the House of Representatives from "labor" to "workforce" and removing any mention of "civil rights."
  • No one complains when the 1% form unions. Then, they become "a group of like-minded businessmen," or the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, or the Club for Growth, or the Koch-founded and funded astroturf organizations "Americans for Prosperity" and "FreedomWorks," or just joining a country club. Message: Unions are OK for us, but not for you, little people. Then it's socialism.
  • "Free market". Never get between a Libertarian and his government benefits. All the "Deregulation, competition, and the invisible hand of the free market" stuff goes right out the window when you try and do that. ("The Free Market will always take the side of consumer safety—except when it fights tooth and nail against it!") The problem American consumers have is that when they see problems and want to do something to rectify them, there's a small but vocal cabal of assholes that intercede to shut that shit down.
    • It's clear that libertarians are either hypocrites or think Free Market actually is an invisible libertarian superhero. Free Market only does things libertarians like, so anytime the plurality votes for something they don't like, it's obviously the fault of jack-booted thugs or communists/socialist/liberals/SJW.[24]
    • The very fact that "sharing economy" exists as a term is propaganda to try and allow under-regulation. You might as well say that you shouldn't have regulations on oil companies because they're just sharing their gasoline (at a price).
  • "Independent contractor". It's no secret that corporate's attitude has always been "take our bottom line out on the employees", which means you're on salary and have to work more for the same money. Being a "contractor" means the company doesn't owe you anything. They're completely insulated from liabilities with their contracted employees, have almost zero overhead and just sit around raking in money and taking no risk. By crushing unions and forcing contracting and subcontracting, companies can shrug off much of their liability and force workers to bid against each other on work in a race to the bottom. Uber and nonsense schemes like this one are another way of siccing desperate proles on other desperate proles.
    • It has been going on for decades in nearly every industry, and these kids act like it's the Way of the Future (it's on a smartphone so it's revolutionary). Likewise, the 'sharing economy' plays into pseudo-leftist hipsters who think small businesses and "startups" aren't capitalism. By giving it another name, they make their model seem like a novel alternative, when in reality, it's the kind of economic policy that most conservatives dream about, and will undoubtedly result in nothing novel actually happening.
  • "Statist / Statism". ("A federally-operated postal service!!! Jesus, just fire up the gas chamber why don't you")
  • "Affluenza". Poorfluenza probably wouldn't hold up as well in court.
  • "Personal responsibility". (Translates as: "I am a serf, I know my place and will obey my masters without complaint.")
  • Every Sovereign citizen or ancap that screams about "not signing a social contract" as they are wrestled to the ground outside of a traffic court.
  • Ancaps say "voluntary communities" will prevent stuff like robbery and assassination markets. Next we'll need some kind of committee to establish rules. We can call it a "Legislature". Then we need to put together a group that will enforce these rules — a sort of "Executive" body. Finally, whenever someone breaks a rule, we'll need to arbitrate a resolution. This could be some kind of "Judiciary". Once we have all three of these things, there'll be no need for a government at all.[notes 3]
  • It is argued in the economics literature that the poor operate with a higher rate of "time preference" (the fancy term for instant gratification) than their wealthier counterparts. The poor, it is suggested, have a higher rate of time preference because they are more concerned about present survival than they are about saving for the future,[25] which is over-generalizing the issue already; in times of scarcity, poor households in Africa will often undertake extreme measures in the present, including depriving the family of needed calories, in order to preserve capital for the future. Austrians, Ancaps, and the Mises Institute guys like to use "time preference" as a measurement of IQ. See, "due process" and "no cruel and unusual punishment" are all well and good for smart, rich white folks, but those dusky "low-IQ" types have to be punished as soon as you catch them, like dogs, otherwise the punishment won't work as a deterrent. Because something something time preference.[26][27]

[edit] Orwellian

[edit] Pro-life

  • "Pro-life" (natch) instead of anti-abortion.
    • It takes all of a hot second to figure out what they're really opposed to is people having sex outside of wedlock.[33] Blah blah blah, Planned Parenthood is Auschwitz... But I support the death penalty, sending 18 year-olds off to war for bullshit reasons, and bombing Mecca. Once you're out of the womb, pro-lifers don't particularly care if you die. And, as polling shows, most people know that.[34]
  • "Unborn baby" or "person" instead of zygote, embryo, or fetus.
  • "Pro-abortion" or "pro-abort" instead of pro-choice.[35][36]
  • "Sidewalk Counselors" for anti-abortion protesters who stand outside of clinics and intimidate anyone going in.[37]

[edit] Racist

[edit] Red-baiting

  • Centrists politicians (e.g. Bill Clinton or Barack Obama) called "socialist" for not being conservative enough.
  • "Socialism." This used to just be called a country. Socialized costs predate the concept of socialism: Adam Smith, the father of capitalism, talks in The Wealth of Nations (Book V, Chapter I, Part III, Articles 2d-3d) about the benefits of public schooling. This modern push for all people to carry the totality of their own weight without any form of public assistance—even going so far as to argue for the privatization of roads—is exactly that: modern, and pretty detached from "classical" notions of liberalism.
    • Adam Smith also supported the redistribution of wealth and a form of class warfare against what he called the "Rentier Class". A term which, at the time, referred to the aristocracy, but which he foresaw as the robber barons. Libertarians love Adam Smith only because they don't read him.
    • "Marxist", "Leninist" and even sometimes "Maoist" when "socialist" isn't scary enough.[38][39]
  • Articulate gays, women or black people? Blame Cultural Marxism 101. The biggest irony in all of this is that Cultural Bolshevism[wp] was a term exclusively employed by Nazis.
  • "Socialized medicine" to describe health care systems like Medicare. This term was made famous by Ronald Reagan in his 1961 record Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine.
  • "Free stuff". 'Cos it's a dank meme to cry "free stuff!!" without actually discussing the merits of something nearly every other developed first world government provides for its people.
    • And on that, "handouts," as in state financial aid to the unemployed. Most of whom are actually employed. And white.

[edit] Religious

[edit] Tax protester

  • "Taxation is theft!" A platitude which instantly alienates people who, say, are victims of actual theft.
    • Also, point and laugh at the idea that people would donate anything to society if the government didn't use force to take it. There's absolutely no way. The rich donate even less of a portion of their income as they get richer, this is well-established.[43]
  • Calling the public option on health care the "government option" or something similar. It's the same goddamn thing.
  • Similarly, using the term "government schools" for public education.
  • Instead of saying "Privatize Medicare and Social Security" just say "Save and strengthen entitlements!" Sounds better, right?
    • "Fiscal responsibility" or "Cutting the deficit/debt", is Beltway speak for privatizing Social Security and reallocating those payroll taxes to discretionary spending. That's why billionaires (and professional deficit scolds) like Alan Simpson, Erskine Bowles, and their bankroller Pete Peterson opposed the sequester cuts.[44][45] Those cuts reduced the deficit without taking an axe to "entitlements".
  • Referring to "smaller government" as "more effective and efficient government!"
  • The moral argument against raising the income tax is that it's the money people work for. Okay, so if you want to cut that, don't also turn around and eliminate the estate tax. That's the money that people don't work for that Washington implicitly taxes instead of the normal income. Of course, the GOP just rebranded it the "death tax" and pretended it had nothing to do with inherited wealth. Instead, they're filling the tax gap with sales taxes - slamming poor people who spend most of their wages on food and utilities.

[edit] See also

[edit] External links

[edit] Notes

  1. "French fries" originated in Belgium, where they are called "pommes de terre frites" or simply "frites." "French toast" has its origins in the 14th century German dish "Arme Ritter" ("Poor Knights"). Legend has it the dish was popularized by an 18th century New York tavern keeper named Joseph French and was called "French's toast." Somewhere along the way, the apostrophe and letter "S" vanished.
  2. For top corporate douchebags, they call it "churn".
  3. Anarchist arguments always lead to their own idea of a state. To be fair, this exact point has been addressed and talked about for literally ages.[wp]
  4. The German word for stroll, "Spaziergang" is used by Pegida themselves
  5. This will never stop being relevant.
  6. German for "Bio-Germans"
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[edit] Footnotes

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