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Michael Bloomberg

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Bloomberg in 2007, before he somehow aged eleven years in a mere six.

Michael R. Bloomberg (b. 1942) is a Democrat Republican independent, the 12th richest man in the United States, and was the 108th Mayor of New York City from 2002 to 2013. His annual salary as mayor was $1.[1]

Bloomberg attended John Hopkins (where there is now a Bloomberg School of Public Health) and Harvard University before being elected mayor of New York in November 2001. He is also a well-known philanthropist and businessman. He started Bloomberg LP in 1981 and even has his own news channel.

There was speculation about a possible bid for the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election, contrary to public statements that he would not run. He didn't. There was also speculation that he would be seeking the gubernatorial position in New York in 2010, contrary to statements that he wouldn't. He didn't. There was some more speculation that he would seek the presidency in 2012, contrary to statements that he wouldn't. He didn't. Now there is even more speculation that he will seek the presidency in 2016.[2] Jury's out over whether he will.


[edit] Head-scratching attempts at bipartisanship

Bloomberg seemingly cannot make up his mind any more than he can make up his mind about which political party he is a member of. His mayoralty saw a list of policies arguably more diverse than the demographics of the city he was mayor of:

This mixing of left and right-wing politics gets more confusing in regards to illegal immigration (wanting open borders while simultaneously calling for national ID cards) and economics (ie. defending welfare and fiscal moderacy at a Tory conference[5] despite his cozying up to certain embarrassing financial institutions[6][7] and opposing an early version of the Zadroga Bill because "there's no free lunch"[8]). Basically, WTFs all round, and in the post-recession era, his opinion polling took some hits.[9]

[edit] Occupy Wall Street

Long story short, Bloomberg is a bit of a dick who thought he had his own personal "army."[10] He cracked down on the protesters rather violently, to the point where the cops in New York City set up a surveillance system meant to gather information on the protesters and shared what they gathered to banks.[11]

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