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Conservapedia:What is going on at CP?

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Keep up to date with what is going on at the extremist blog Conservapedia with our rolling reports of the bizarre happenings there. We report; you decide which entries make it to the Best of Conservapedia! If you are contributing for the first time please read the instruction manual. For the older entries, see the archives.

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What is going on?

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[edit] January 2015

7User Conservative 19:30 15 January: I think you are on your way to having your blocking rights removed. Refer the matter to Karajou.img

User Karajou 09:43 16 January: I also don't think AugustO needs blocking rights removed.img

User Conservative 20:33 16 January: Baaaarrrrffffff.img
1TAR can't keep his idols straight during his devotional worshipimg and can'timg accept the edits of fellow conservatives.img
4You know how Ken protects his masterpieces as soon as they are created? Well TAR has come up with a way to convert article talk pages into BATTLEGROUNDs as they are created.img
2There have been many lame edit wars on Conservapedia, but the boys are spending all afternoon fighting over whether talk page comments should be in chronological order.img
1Newbie TheAmericanRedoubt converts Buddhism from the religion of peace to the religion focused on gun rights.img And then 3 hours later reverts his own idiocyimg.
19Ken: Not only will I be too busy to edit CP, my alter ego(s) sharing my account will be busy too.img
27At least six users complain about a relatively new user who is turning Conservapedia into an "Ayurvedic medicine spam site". They plead for help, and in response, Andy just blanks out the discussion.img When AugustO restores the discussion, Ken blocks him for 48 hours.
24AugustO complains about Ken's sockpuppet HistoryBuff with diffs. Ken responds that the changes underlying the diffs were deleted.img AugustO supplies the deleted text and asks Andy to disapprove of Ken's sock. Andy just blanks out the discussionimg

[edit] December 2014

3Ken to a clueless newbie: "Ignore trolls (rude people). You can try to reason with someone who is acting a little gruff. But no sense wrestling with a proverbial pig in the proverbial mud. Feel free to steamroll over people who persist in being rude. You can ask an admin to mediate or ban a rude person."img
13Terry on MPR: Only by the grace of God does America still stand.img Along with North Korea, Iran, Syria...
15Ken: Yay! Thousands of Europeans Take to the Streets to Drive Out Islam.img

Ken's source: These include such luminaries as the German "Hooligans against Islam" and the English Defence League.

[edit] October 2014

43In a desperate attempt to justify his beliefs, Karajou turns toimg parody sites.
29Jpatt gives us a scary insight into his thought processes... and the fact he doesn't get the concept of "consent": "Allowing gay marriage, means 60-year-olds can marry 10-year-olds."img
59Andy: Atheists can't explain the Blood Moon!img

User: Oh really?img

Andy: Well, they can't explain why it's beautiful!img
14Conservapedia Proven Wrong in...img

[edit] September 2014

55In the battle between the wife beater and the liberal media, Andy sides with the wife beater.img
42In the battle between the child beater and the liberal media, Andy sides with the child beater.img

[edit] August 2014

73Andy: "Atheistic science is remarkably inept at explaining earthquakes, many of which are not near active faults."img
I forget, how successful has religious science been with that?
UPDATE Andy explains what "Atheistic science" isimg and then creates a new article about itimg.
42Reality: Maryam Mirzakhani becomes the first woman to win the Fields Medal.
Conservapedia: No.img
14After AlanE muses about why CP does not note the anniversary of the start of WW I on its Main Page, Conservative responds with an insightful new article World War I and Darwinism that is immediately fully protected and promoted on the Main Page.A new reason to ban all night-time editing?img
64After AugustO and Conservative edit war over whether predictions about the "Question Evolution" campaign belong on Conservapedia Proven Wrong, Karajou deletesimg the whole page as "unencyclopedic". "Conservapedia Proven Right" is, of course, totally encyclopedic.

[edit] July 2014

43Andy trumpets that the conservative states of Nebraska, North & South Dakota and Utah have the lowest unemployment rates in the country.img Happily ignoring the other conservative states of Mississippi, Alabama, Arizona, Kentucky and Georgia, on the other end of the scale.
57Andy associates conservatism with an antiquated machine that has been nearly completely phased out in the industrialized worldimg.
Well, whatever gets the number of conservative terms to double per century.
13Markman II finally gets kicked off the island for going MexMaximg

[edit] June 2014

65It's all Greek to Andrew Schlafly...img
45Reality: Right-wing white supremacists shoot policemen, drape corpses with Teabagger "Don't tread on me" flag.
CP: "Fans of the evolutionary racist Adolf Hitler go on a shooting spree.img
-19Ken: Overweight professor yells at equally overweight Christianimg ... right?

[edit] May 2014

23WARNING!!: Having your dad direct part of a Hollywood movie, can lead to you going on a killing spree.img Ken reminds us that video games and liberalism does this, too.img
21Nearly 6,000 pages on Conservapedia are "orphans"img - pages that have no links to them from anywhere else on the website, and are therefore to all intents and purposes, invisible.
25Six years onimg, and FOIA is still writing the Alger Hiss articleimg which is moving in on even the Atheism and Obama articles in number of editsimg, and is the longest single article on CPimg. However, despite being the third most edited article, it does not feature on the Main Page list of Most Popular articles, because Ken de Meyer didn't write it.

[edit] April 2014

38Ken Demyer on the main page of CP: "Military personnel are leaving the United States Navy SEALs in record numbers due to influx of sissy boy homosexuals who don't fit into its meritocracy culture."img
82Something is 6000 years old. Therefore, everything is 6000 years oldimg
43The Demyer Test for political suitability: How do candidates respond to having shoes thrown at them?img
23Conservapedia on April 6th:
351,300,000 views at Conservapedia in March 2014! 8th best number of views in a March since 2007! More views than! (you know, the Wikipedia written in Ido, a fork of Esperanto....)

[edit] March 2014

66The real reason Crimea joined Russia? To avoid same-sex marriage!img

[edit] February 2014

52Andy: The latest story from CNN gives as an example a 10-month-old child, who would instinctively fight any overt attempt at euthanasia (just as an unborn child does).img

The source which he claims to have read: Mother Linda van Roy, from Schilde, Belgium, is among those backing the bill. She could do nothing to help her terminally ill baby, Ella-Louise, in the last hours of her life. Ella-Louise, who was 10 months old when she died just over two years ago, would never have qualified for euthanasia. ... That's why she's campaigning for a change to Belgium's euthanasia laws, to give the choice of ending their suffering to older children whose bodies are wracked with pain.

No surprise that his course on writingimg was terminated prematurely...

[edit] January 2014

55Detective Schlafly finds a new mystery: why have liberals turned against Justin Bieber?img
With his amazing skills of deduction, he solves the case: 'cuz Bieber's pro-life.
70Andyland: Conservapedia proven right! Hawking says black holes don't exist!img
Reality: Of course there's black holes; Hawking just thinks they might be grey.
46Andy's anti-intellectualism on display: "eloquent wisdom" now equals "liberal claptrap."img
46Conservapedia proven rightimg as Overrated Sports Star Tom Brady falls in defeat... to even more Overrated Sports Star Peyton Manning.
107Andy takes his misunderstanding of physics to a whole new level:
"uncertainty principle: an underlying chaos (uncertainty) at the atomic level in the physical world after the Fall of man, which renders a perpetual motion machine and life beyond 120 years impossible"img.
16 Ken wins his latest argument with the evolutionistsimg. Admit it. The man in the picture is pretty fat. You can't explain that!
36Andy: "Evil contributes to the reasons why non-conservatives exist"img

[edit] Footnotes

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