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Fear And Loathing

WikiIslam is an anti-Islamic wiki, describing itself as providing "information from traditional and critical perspectives on the beliefs, practices, and development of Islam". Large numbers of its articles are set up to document topics relating to Islam based on its own sources, the Qur'an, hadith and Islamic scholars.

It was launched on September 4, 2006, in collaboration with Ali Sina and Faith Freedom International (FFI) who provided the site with server space and exposure. In August 2008, the site was moved out of FFI's server and for some years operated independently, remaining unaffiliated with or owned by any organization.

In 2015 the site ownership and operations were transferred to Ex-Muslims of North America[1]. In 2021 Ex-MNA announced that a milestone had been reached whereby a large number of article deletions had been completed and new content standards introduced as well as other measures. They criticised the former condition of the wiki, stating that "The quality of articles was inconsistent, and too frequently, objective analysis was lost to biased, harsh disparagements of both belief and believers".[2] The Media Bias/Fact Check website subsequently updated its assessment of the site noting "significant change" since their last review.[3]

Its criticisms of Islam are very sharp, and its outlook on these is consistently negative. Amongst its articles are those on the subjects of homosexuality and child marriage, which purport to be descriptions of Islam's treatment of these subjects. It also has a considerable amount of detail on apostasy from Islam, focusing on the fact that it is punishable by death in some Muslim-majority countries as well as other issues surrounding leaving the religion. Other articles focus on such topics as errors and contradictions in the Quran, its textual history, and the sources it draws upon from the late antiquity milieu.

Due to constant vandalism and non-compliance with guidelines by anonymous editors, WikiIslam, like the German Wikipedia, has implemented “pending-changes protection” on all pages, meaning that editing still remains open to registered users, but changes have to be approved before becoming visible to readers.

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  3. accessed 11 April 2022
    "We rated them a questionable anti-Islam site in a previous review. Since our last review, they have cleaned up the website removing the overtly hostile content toward Islam. At the time of this review, they continue to focus on the negative aspects of Islam, such as this Wife Beating in the Qur’an. While this paints Islam negatively to a western audience, it is sourced directly from Verse 4:34 of the Quran. A review of dozens of content areas reveals most information focuses on negative aspects of Islam, such as this Scientific Errors in the Quran. Again they source directly from the Quran.
    Although WikiIslam is edited by those, who do not favor Islam, the information is usually derived from the texts themselves and not third-party interpretations, which is a significant change from our previous review in 2018. In general, WikiIslam publishes fact-based information that is one-sided, resulting in anti-Islamic propaganda."