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The colorful pseudoscience
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Hating thy neighbour
Divide and conquer
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—Typical HBD word salad[1]

Anthroscape is sadly not a Furry version of Runescape. Instead it is a self-described "Human Biodiversity Forum"[2] and anthropology discussion board. Its moderator, "Crimson Guard" is a creationist loon. Like other HBD forums that have sprung up in the last few years, the site is primarily used by white supremacists to rebrand racialist and racist ideologies, while professing to be apolitical. Most posts on the site are from scientific racism books over a hundred-years old.


Anthroscape was founded in 2008. The forum's Admin who posts as the user "Racial Reality" adopts the "I'm not a racist, I'm a racial realist!" mantra now commonly found on Stormfront and VDARE. The Admin runs another website also titled "Racial Reality".[3] Earlier "Racial Reality" had posted across the internet as "Medhammer", arguing only "Mediterraneans" are superior, and that Scandinavians and Sub-Saharan Africans are primitive.[4][5]

Creationism, and other kookery[edit]

The only Anthroscape moderator posts under the name "Crimson Guard" and is a creationist; more than 90% of his posts consist of copying and pasting antiquated scientific racist texts from incredibly outdated anthropology books on "race types". The forum also enjoys some oddball threads where people are "classified" as "race types" via pictures.

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