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Hbdchick is an alt-right "human biodiversity" blogger who attempts to give "scientific" racism credibility by presenting herself as an innocent bookworm fascinated with human variation.

Like many other bigots who try to rebrand racialist and racist ideologies online through "human biodiversity" or "race realism" blogs and forums, Hbdchick describes herself as a geek who became an "HBDer" after reading books on "Eskimos and Indians, that sort of thing – and I was absolutely transfixed by them!"[1] Books on Eskimos and Indians somehow led her to the work of those who promote racial differences, presenting 19th-century pseudoscience as credible research, and quoting extensively from some of the most polarizing, controversial and racist researchers. She regularly quotes from Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve, the 20th-century book that attempted to reframe understanding of society through the lens of IQ scores.[2]

Hbdchick also links to other "HBD" sites including an assortment of neo-Nazis, racists, and internet kooks (e.g. "Racial Reality" the founder of Anthroscape, Bonesandbehaviours set up by a Holocaust denier, Chris Brand, Steve Sailer, VDARE and Forumbiodiversity). Many of her posts draw directly from the work of controversial and mathematically incompetent authors like J. Philippe Rushton, Richard Lynn, Satoshi Kanazawa, Henry Harpending, and Gregory Cochran. Interviews with her have appeared on the Neo-Nazi site Counter-Currents.

Like HBD bloggers in general she is known for deleting all dissenting opinion however polite and sophisticated.

Unsurprisingly, she also doesn't seem to like irRationalWiki very much.[3]

As of January 2017 Hbdchick's blog has been on indefinite hiatus,[4] although she is still active on Twitter.[5]

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