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Paul Marc Washington

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Paul Marc Washington is an African-American pseudo-historian and black supremacist. He owns a loony Afrocentric historical revisionist website beforebc, which claims (very similar to Egmond Codfried) virtually all notable European historical personages from classical antiquity to the Early Modern Period were black people, or "Negroids".

The supposed black kings and nobility of Europe[1] include:

  • Charlemagne
  • Robert Karoly, Hungarian King, 1288 — 1342 AD
  • Charles I and IV
  • The Habsburgs — Europe's imperial family
  • Leopold II, Emperor of Holy Roman Empire
  • Henry VII and Elizabeth of York
  • John Frederick I, the Magnanimous, 1553
  • Ferdinand II and Isabel of Castile
  • James VI
  • King Henry VIII
  • King George III

Washington, unlike Codfried, appears less interested in trolling forums to post this garbage. Although he has been blocked on Historum.com.[2]

He posts on the Afrocentric forum Egyptsearch as Marc Washington.

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  1. Black kings and nobility (archive)
  2. "When I first joined, I could post to every section. Then I was banned for all other sections except the speculative one, this one. Now, the thread I started was blocked to me and when I tried to post a new topic, I could not. I was barred." — Paul Marc Washington (posting as "paulmarcw" on the Historum forum, [1])