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Ben Garrison

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Some dare call it
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Ben Garrison draws thought provoking, "politically incorrect" cartoons
—Ben Garrison[1]

Ben Garrison is an American editorial cartoonist from Montana. His stated goal is "to help raise awareness of the drift toward tyranny".[2] Garrison is a self-described libertarian, though his cartoons tend to contain a strong paleoconservative and alt-right streak as well. While his work demonstrates numerous conspiracy theories and much pseudoscience, it also reveals he is a very skilled and talented illustrator. His comics are commonly featured on InfoWars.


In keeping with his libertarian ideals, of the 2016 United States presidential candidates (on the right, of course), he has said that Rand Paul was the "perfect candidate",[3] although since Paul's departure Garrison has expressed support for Donald Trump.

As with all political cartoonists, it is very easy to tell who Garrison is sympathetic towards in his cartoons, as they will likely be the only ones who aren't drawn really really ugly. Der Trumpenführer in particular is not surprisingly depicted very positively (bold, handsome, even bulky) in many of his illustrations.[4][5][6]

In short: He is a fervent Trump supporter.[7]

Views and crankery[edit]

In his cartoons and writing on his blog, he has expressed strong opposition to Islam,[8] political correctness,[9] social justice warriors,[10] neoconservatism, gun control,[11] the Federal Reserve,[12] Basically, enough to give three in a row on any given crank magnetism bingo card.

Anti-vaccination movement[edit]

This cartoon is based on the ancient Greek legend of Pandora. She opened the box (actually it was a large jar) out of innocent curiosity and hope. Instead of hope, evil was released and it had long-lasting effect. That about sums up the current situation with Big Pharma with their endless vaccinations and concoctions designed to make them ever-more money. I’m not anti-science and vaccinations have been a great benefit to mankind. (Yeah, I know that last word is not PC—too bad). Inoculations have prevented a lot of death and suffering. Like anything, though, it can be and has been abused. Babies are now treated as pin cushions. They receive up to nearly a dozen vaccinations well before their own immune systems can develop. Autism has gone up astronomically as a result. A search engine query produced this:

If you follow the CDC’s recommended vaccination schedule, your child will receive 49 doses of 14 vaccines by the time he/she is 6 years of age. And by the age of 18, the CDC recommends that children should have gotten 69 doses of 16 vaccines.

Big Pharma employs lobbyists and operatives to make sure doctors push new drugs in return for kickbacks. Recently South Korea fine Novartis $50 million for such practices. (Novartis denies that it’s their policy). It boils down to money. Pushing drugs is profitable for big Pharma. They are tied in with the globalists. Therefore, natural cures are suppressed. Now they want to ‘control and regulate’ supplements.[14]

Climate change denialism[edit]

Like most carnival barkers, he preys on the gullible. “Step right up! Give your money to me to help save the planet!” Too many people buy into the scam because the mainstream media and Hollywood personalities have been loudly beating the climate drum for many years. They throw around the word ‘science’ as proof without questioning the data.

Recently the creator of the ‘hockey stick’ climate graph, Michael Mann, was held in contempt of court for withholding his so-called scientific evidence. Why wouldn’t he show his data? Because it would prove it’s all a fraud, that’s why. The globalists have purchased the best scientists money can by. The data is skewed to fit what the buyers want.[15]


Ben Garrison censored.jpg

On the request of alt-right twitter personality Mike Cernovich, Garrison made a cartoon portraying George Soros as a puppet of the Rothschild banking family, resorting to the old anti-Semitic canard of Jews as the puppet-masters behind world events.[16] After the predictable backlash, the cartoon was cropped to cut out the part about the Rothschilds, showing a totally non anti-Semitic variant with Soros being the puppet master behind everything (despite Soros also being a Jew and the target of anti-Semitic conspiracies).[citation needed] Unfortunately for Ben, the internet has a long memory, and the more overtly bigoted version can be viewed online.

Vegas massacre[edit]

Crooked Hitlery and super hawt Trump.

"Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get." —Hillary Clinton

This was Hillary’s ignorant and insensitive reaction to the massacre in Las Vegas. She immediately began banging her gun control drum while attacking the NRA, which had nothing to do with it.

The Las Vegas shooting is the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history, (aside from the 700 killed in Chicago in 2016). Many questions remain. Why did the shooter suddenly snap? He was peacefully retired and well-off. He was a hard core gambler and often won. He had no military experience and knew nothing about such weapons. He gave no sign or reasons for the shooting.

Some witnesses claim there were multiple shooters. Why were there so many weapons in his room? He couldn't possibly use them all. Did he convert to Islam recently? It seems unlikely. That religion instructs jihadis to go out in a blaze of glory, not commit suicide. We will get the answers over time—or not.

Despite Garrison's claim, gun control is relevant to the massacre because ... the shooter had a gun. Making it harder for people to have guns makes it harder for massacres to happen. Instead of actual refuting Hillary's argument, he dismisses her comments as ignorant and moves on. Ironically, the NRA pushed for gun regulations for bump-stock devices after the massacre:[17]

The National Rifle Association is calling on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to immediately review whether these devices comply with federal law.

Not an argument[edit]

Not an argument.jpeg
See the main article on this topic: Not an argument

Commission for host Stefan Molyneux, topics range from philosophy to economics to art to how to achieve real freedom in the modern world. Passionate, articulate, funny and irreverent, Freedomain Radio shines a bold light on old topics – and invents a few new ones to boot!

The comic supports the informal fallacy, not an argument.


Garrison has been the target of a sustained smear campaign[18][better source needed] by members of 4chan, who have photoshopped many of his cartoons to combine them with strongly xenophobic, anti-semitic, and racist cartoons, most of which are culled from National Alliance newsletters published in the 80s, specifically A. Wyatt Mann cartoons, which often feature grotesque caricatures of Jews, gays, and racial minorities. These fake Ben Garrison works still contain Garrison's signature, however — thus falsely giving the impression that he holds these views. He may be a crazy right-winger, but he isn't a Nazi or an overt race warrior of the 4chan kind.[19]

Despite this, his more recent cartoons have taken a decidedly alt-right friendly, racial and Islamophobic turn, often portraying Middle Easterners as murderers ready to destroy European culture,[20][21][22][23] including a cartoon alleging an evil plot by Angela Merkel to replace Europe with foreign countries and implement Sharia Law. It seems as long as you limit your bigotry to non-Jews, you're totally not a Nazi.

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