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Without the labels, you'd have no clue this is Ben Garrison wearing sunglasses and a trademark cowboy hat.
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Ben Garrison draws thought provoking, "politically incorrect" cartoons
—Ben Garrison[1]
Hopefully you're starting to see why conservative comedy is hard, if not impossible. Like every time you're mocking things from the dumb side, Ben Garrison's comedy options were limited to calling everyone a liar, arguing how evil things are fine, or meekly insulting the other guys. None of those are very funny, and the best-case scenario is that they distract your audience from the premise of your own joke. I don't think there's a saying about how all great comics are unquestioning of their great leader, but if there was, Ben would make it his Twitter bio.
—Sean Patrick Reiley, Cracked[2]

Benjamin “Ben” Garrison (1957–) is an American far-right[3] editorial cartoonist and QAnon conspiracy theorist[4] from Montana whose stated goal is "to help raise awareness of the drift toward tyranny"[5] by advocating that we sprint towards tyranny, and by helpfully labeling everything in his drawings. He is a self-described libertarian, although his cartoons tend to fuse a strong authoritarian paleoconservative and alt-right streak into his libertarianism as well. While his work demonstrates numerous conspiracy theories and much pseudoscience, it also reveals that he is a very skilled and talented illustrator; his comics are commonly featured on far-right websites.[6]

He is basically the real life version of The Onion's fictional Stan Kelly.

Since 2018, his wife Tina has occasionally also been drawing cartoons with a "TinaToon" signature. One of her comics was retweeted by Donald Trump.[7]

On January 8, 2021, he was banned from Twitter along with several other far-right figures (including Trump himself) for incitement of violence during the January 6 attempted coup.[8]


In keeping with his vulgar libertarian ideals, of the 2016 United States presidential candidates (on the right, of course), he has said that Rand Paul was the "perfect candidate",[9] although since Paul's departure, Garrison fanatically threw in for Donald Trump.

As with all political cartoonists, it is very easy to tell whom Garrison is sympathetic towards in his cartoons, as they will likely be the only ones who aren't drawn really really ugly. Donald Trump in particular is unsurprisingly depicted very positively — bold, handsome, even bulky (!) — in many of his illustrations.[10][11][12]

His cartoons lack any sort of subtlety, exemplified by the excessive labeling. According to Garrison's Law: The more labels you have, the more effective your cartoon is.

Spend any time on some of the internet's more devoted pro-Trump sites and you'll likely come across one of Ben Garrison's cartoons. Instead of using his artwork to mock the president, he frequently depicts Trump as a young, muscular, all-American hero, standing up to the Deep State swamp monster or slaying the dragon of Political Correctness. Other prominent far-right figures are also featured, including Milo Yiannopoulos, who is drawn in one cartoon as a suited JFK lookalike. Meanwhile "SJWs" — internet slang used to refer to liberal activists, or "social justice warriors" — are blue-haired and shrill.[6]

In short, he is a fervent Trump supporter.[13]

Gallery of crankery[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Crank

In his cartoons and on his blog, Garrison has expressed strong opposition to climate change action,[14] Islam,[15] political correctness,[16] social justice warriors,[17] neoconservatism, gun control,[18] and the Federal Reserve;[19] basically, enough to give three in a row on any given crank magnetism bingo card.

Anti-vaccination movement[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Anti-vaccination movement
Vaccines contain: bribery, Guillian-Barre, mercury, formaldehyde, lobbyists, cancer, aluminum, seizures, autism, and thimerosal[sic]

This cartoon is based on the ancient Greek legend of Pandora. She opened the box (actually it was a large jar) out of innocent curiosity and hope. Instead of hope, evil was released and it had long-lasting effect. That about sums up the current situation with Big Pharma with their endless vaccinations and concoctions designed to make them ever-more money.

I'm not anti-science and vaccinations have been a great benefit to mankind. (Yeah, I know that last word is not PC—too bad). Inoculations have prevented a lot of death and suffering. Like anything, though, it can be and has been abused. Babies are now treated as pin cushions. They receive up to nearly a dozen vaccinations well before their own immune systems can develop. Autism has gone up astronomically as a result. A search engine query produced this:

If you follow the CDC's recommended vaccination schedule, your child will receive 49 doses of 14 vaccines by the time he/she is 6 years of age. And by the age of 18, the CDC recommends that children should have gotten 69 doses of 16 vaccines.

Big Pharma employs lobbyists and operatives to make sure doctors push new drugs in return for kickbacks. Recently South Korea fine[d] Novartis $50 million for such practices. (Novartis denies that it's their policy). It boils down to money. Pushing drugs is profitable for big Pharma. They are tied in with the globalists. Therefore, natural cures are suppressed. Now they want to 'control and regulate' supplements.[22]

Oh, and as for the GMOs? Well, we either trust 156 Nobel Laureates (as of 2020)[23][24] or Alex Jones and his chiropractic "doctor" Bohdi Radbod.

In the 2019, Ben cranked out this whopper:[25]

"US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, warned Tuesday that the agency might have to step in and override state laws allowing unvaccinated children to attend public schools.”

This is a dangerous precedent and with the help of the Silicon Monopoly Giants, anti-abuse of vaccine information is being hidden from search engines and social media. They already ran Mike Adams, the "Natural News Health Ranger," out of social media on a rail. They continue to try to purge him and his valuable information. What does come up now is mostly negative.

It's the same for Dr. Andrew Wakefield. He's now called a discredited doctor and anti-vaccine activist because he linked vaccine abuse to autism. Isn't it funny that the FDA and CDC are so concerned about kids getting vaccinated, but they can’t correlate rising vaccines with rising cases of autism. It used to be that 1 in 15,000 children would get autism. Now it’s 1 in 60 and rising. When I was born a child would get a couple of vaccine doses before the first birthday. Now it’s 72 and rising.

Ronald Reagan foolishly signed into law a loophole that allowed vaccine makers immunity from lawsuits. The law also created a vaccine court, but no justice for vaccine makers. We taxpayers are forced to pay any settlements, which are limited. What a scam. The law made vaccines less safe because without repercussions, the Big Pharma vaccine makers are free to be less responsible and accountable. Some statists would now love to see another law: One that makes criticism of vaccination abuse a crime.

Children continue to get abused with more and more vaccines that are given before natural immune systems have a chance to develop. The vaccines given to babies include Hepatitis B. Why? Is the baby in danger of being exposed to it? Very likely not. In fact, most of the diseases had already largely gone away before a vaccine was invented. Clean food and water and modern living standards did the trick. Removing poisons such as DDT being sprayed on fruits and vegetables eliminated most polio cases. The polio shot wasn't even needed. Is it any wonder that typhus is now returning to big cities that allow open intravenous drug abuse and people to defecating[sic] in the streets?

We now see signs everywhere urging us to get a flu shot. In many cases, 'free' flu shots. Why? Why are they so pushy about it? Why are the fake stream corporate media pushing it so relentlessly? Yahoo recently ran a story about a girl who died of the flu. Their so-called reporting gasped, "She died because she was not vaccinated!" People die of the flu all the time and always have. It’s very uncommon, but they use it as an excuse to pump still more foreign matter directly into bloodstreams. The media are also screaming about measles. Once seen as a harmless and nuisance disease, it's now equated with something horrific. Don't ask what's in the vaccines, either. Most doctors don't even know. They will, however, recommend them. The more vaccines the better!

When I was at the optometrist last year for a routine checkup, the attendant there read off a checklist and then asked me if I had the pneumonia shot yet. WHY would she ask that? What does it have to do with an eye checkup? It was ominous. Will unvaccinated types be refused jobs, the ability to travel or eye treatment? "Show us your vaccination papers, please!"

If we lose control of our own bodies, it's over. We will become outright slaves to evil eugenicists who expect to be obeyed at every turn because they’re scientists, doctors, and authorities. The same people who have no regard for human life.

One of our founding fathers was a physician named Benjamin Rush and he warned us about medical tyranny. In fact, he thought it was so important that he wanted individual choice guaranteed by the Constitution. We The People should have final say about what goes into our bodies — and into the bodies of our children.[25]

This is the kind of insane crap which pushes Ben over the line of being garishly pro-Trump to promoting ideas which are dangerous to public health. He created this cartoon[25] immediately after anti-vaxxers in Washington state caused a deadly measles outbreak,[26] and right before a 6-year-old boy in Oregon was hospitalized with a horrendous case of tetanus[27] because his parents are anti-vaxxers.

Perform a cursory Google search to find out what happens when people don't get vaccinated if you don't mind losing your lunch.

Climate change denialism[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Global warming

One thing I don’t like about true believers is they like to set up extreme negatives for those who disbelieve. Whistleblowers who don't go along with statism are called 'traitors' and threatened with imprisonment. Don't believe in war? You're unpatriotic. Don’t agree with Obama? You're racist. Don’t agree with Hillary? You're sexist. Don't believe in global warming, er, climate change? Your intelligence is questioned and your character impugned. You get called a stupid racist redneck or a planet hater. Some statists have even called 'climate deniers' to be imprisoned.

The climate change argument will not go away any time soon. Even though the ice caps at the poles is[sic] growing. Even though the sun is the primary driver of climate, it gets ignored. Why? Because those running the show at the top want us to pay a carbon tax for breathing. Who benefits from carbon taxes? Al Gore, of course.

The mansion-dwelling fossil fuel swilling, carnival barking huckster Gore has teamed up with former Goldman Sachs man, David Blood (Blood and Gore) to make billions of bucks in 'green' companies. He has a vested interest to push the global warming/climate change agenda no matter what. Scientists are bought off. Data are distorted. Meanwhile, the biggest threat to the planet, Fukushima, is completely ignored. If Gore truly cared about the Earth, wouldn't he be raising awareness of Fukushima? No. Why not? There's no money in it for him.

Like most carnival barkers, he [Al Gore] preys on the gullible. "Step right up! Give your money to me to help save the planet!" Too many people buy into the scam because the mainstream media and Hollywood personalities have been loudly beating the climate drum for many years. They throw around the word 'science' as proof without questioning the data.

Recently the creator of the 'hockey stick' climate graph, Michael Mann, was held in contempt of court for withholding his so-called scientific evidence. Why wouldn't he show his data? Because it would prove it's all a fraud, that's why. The globalists have purchased the best scientists money can by. The data is skewed to fit what the buyers want.[28]

Basically Gore's Law in action with a dash of red-baiting for good measure. For an in-depth look into Gore's flawed "Ice Free by 2014" claim and why its veracity is irrelevant to the existence/importance of climate change, see the analysis by Snopes.[29] In line with most global warming denialists, Garrison also portrays the hockey-stick graph as fraudulent, likely in reference to Ross McKitrick and Steve McIntyre's multiple attempts at discrediting it. These, of course, have all been thoroughly debunked.[30]

Much like Stefan Molyneux, Garrison's hardcore libertarianism lends him to believing that most forms of taxation and government intervention is a precursor to socialism. He believes that climate change is being used to perpetuate "worldwide communism",[31] and regularly blames the Sun,[32] thinking that he will avoid being labeled a denier.

For some strange reason, Ben has also come to think that the Fukushima nuclear meltdown is actually humanity's greatest ecological challenge,[33] despite timely cleanup and generally good forecasts for the area in light of the event.[34]

Insane conspiracy theories[edit]

On the request of alt-right twitter personality Mike Cernovich, Garrison made a cartoon portraying George Soros as a puppet of the Rothschild banking family, resorting to the old anti-Semitic canard of Jews as the puppet-masters behind world events.[35] This is not the limit of his conspiracy nuttery. He thinks the UN is controlled by the "Satanic Illuminati."[36] He thinks Greta Thunberg is a puppet of Soros, who wants to usher in global socialism.[37] And he's responsible for this whale of a quote:[38]

The rule of law has been replaced by the rule of corrupt and powerful men and women from the Deep State Swamp. They control the government, the corporate media, too much of the judicial system, and the security agencies. They use their corporate media to lie to us and control narratives. We conservatives realized they were lying to us, so we found the truth on the Internet. Now conservative voices are being censored.

If conservative free speech is gone, one wonders how Ben is able to continue inflicting these cartoons on us.

Wee bit of anti-semitism[edit]

The George Soros / Rothschild "McMasterWikipedia puppet" cartoon above created for Cernovich was widely condemned on social media, and by watchdog organizations such as the ADL, for being blatantly anti-semitic, evoking the long-running "Jews control the world" trope.[39] This led to trouble when Trump invited Garrison to a "Social Media Summit" in July 2019.[40] The invitation understandably drew ire from many Jewish groups, leading to Trump eventually revoking the invitation shortly afterwards.[41]

In response to being uninvited, on July 2020, Garrison sued the Anti-Defamation League... for defamation.[42] In the court filing,[43] the ADL is described as not an "anti-hate organization that seeks to stop the defamation of the Jewish people", but as "a tool of the Democratic Party and private corporations, such as Google, to target Trump supporters, members of the Republican Party, and conservatives generally." In the lawsuit, Garrison insists that it is absolutely true that "the Rothschilds controlled Soros and that Soros controlled McMaster" and that Garrison is not anti-Semitic, nuh uh, no way!

The complaint also takes issue with ADL having a Garrison cartoon headline one of their pages, where Federal ReserveWikipedia chairman Ben BernankeWikipedia was doctored to look like an stereotypical evil Jewish merchant. Although the article apparently originally goofed and wrongly attributed the cartoon to Garrison, from at least July 10, 2019, a caption below the picture was added stating that this was a doctored picture and the original version had no anti-Semitic content[44] Garrison however, in the complaint, ludicrously claims in the lawsuit that the ADL doctored the cartoon, in spite of the fact that the doctored image has been floating around white supremacist forums for a long time.[45]

Vegas massacre[edit]

See the main article on this topic: 2017 Las Vegas shooting
Crooked Hitlery and super hawt Trump.

"Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get."Hillary Clinton

This was Hillary's ignorant and insensitive reaction to the massacre in Las Vegas. She immediately began banging her gun control drum while attacking the NRA, which had nothing to do with it.

The Las Vegas shooting is the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history, (aside from the 700 killed in Chicago in 2016). Many questions remain. Why did the shooter suddenly snap? He was peacefully retired and well-off. He was a hard core gambler and often won. He had no military experience and knew nothing about such weapons. He gave no sign or reasons for the shooting.

Some witnesses claim there were multiple shooters. Why were there so many weapons in his room? He couldn't possibly use them all. Did he convert to Islam recently? It seems unlikely. That religion instructs jihadis to go out in a blaze of glory, not commit suicide. We will get the answers over time—or not.

Despite Garrison's claim, gun control is relevant to the massacre because … the shooter had a gun. Making it harder for people to have guns makes it harder for massacres to happen. Instead of actually refuting Hillary's argument, he dismisses her comments as ignorant and moves on. Ironically, the NRA pushed for gun regulations for bump-stock devices after the massacre:[46]

The National Rifle Association is calling on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to immediately review whether these devices comply with federal law.

Also, the 762 murders in Chicago in 2016 were individual cases,[47] not from a single mass murderer as was the case for Las Vegas, so this is a non sequitur.

Not an argument[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Not an argument
Not an argument.jpeg

Commission for host Stefan Molyneux,[48] topics range from philosophy to economics to art to how to achieve real freedom in the modern world. Passionate, articulate, funny and irreverent, Freedomain Radio shines a bold light on old topics – and invents a few new ones to boot!

The comic supports Stefan Molyneux's signature informal fallacy, "not an argument". It also refers to Molyneux's widely-shared "Untruth About Donald Trump" series produced during the 2016 U.S. presidential election, which despite Garrison's cartoon made questionable use of "logic", "reason", and "evidence".[49]


See the main article on this topic: Islamophobia

Ben Garrison asserts that political correctness is ruining America because we are allowing Muslims in our country.

Political correctness is a modern American scourge.

Even in the face of mass murder, pearl clutching Leftists such as Chuck Schumer feel compelled to lecture us about the virtues and necessity of allowing into our country an endless chain of young Muslim men.

They mostly originate from troubled, war-torn countries. Common sense suggests we should at least carefully check out those who may be determined to come to America to commit acts of terrorism, but the politically correct are more concerned with virtue signaling. They can’t even bring themselves to call the murderers "Muslim," because they’re so afraid of being called "Islamophobic." Jake Tapper even called the cry, "Allahu Akbar" a beautiful phrase, even though it’s often uttered by Muslim terrorists as they commit their heinous acts.

Apparently Islam is above criticism now. Obama (probably a Muslim himself) began forcing it upon our country and now we increasingly need to change American culture to favor the religion of Muhammad. Muslims will soon outnumber Jews in this country. Will Sharia Law replace the Constitution? If that happens, we may as well toss a burka over the Statue of Liberty.

Political correctness is also responsible for our statues being torn down and patriots being labeled "nationalists."[50]

Garrison clearly sees Muslims as a threat to good ol' America. Garrison would prefer that nationalists be called "patriots".

White genocide[edit]

See the main article on this topic: White genocide

In August 2018, following coverage by Tucker Carlson and even a tweet by Trump himself, Garrison promoted the far-right "white genocide" conspiracy theory, with specific respect to the controversial land disputes in South Africa. He not only gave a full-throated endorsement to the theory that Cyril Ramaphosa and the "communist" African National Congress ruling coalition are behind it all, but that Obama is somehow in on it too.

Will South Africa become Zimbabwe 2.0?

When Zimbabwe's Marxist dictator Robert Mugabe confiscated the land of white farmers, disaster ensued. The country was once a breadbasket, but after the white farmers were chased out, agriculture collapsed. The economy was ruined. Inflation ran rampant. Zimbabweans began to starve and food aid became necessary. Mugabe is notorious for his anti-white racism. He once stated, "The only white man you can trust is a dead white man."

Similar anti-white hatred is being expressed by black political figures in South Africa. Many are communists.

To me, the biggest problem is the communism. It always leads to deleterious results – but when it's combined with racism, it quickly leads to genocide. Far too many South African white farmers have already been brutally murdered. The details are horrific. The local police have been sluggish. South Africa has an alarming murder rate and only 10 percent of the cases are solved. It is estimated that one out of three men in South Africa have committed rape. HIV is rampant. Politicians are corrupt. For an excellent description of what has been happening, watch Lauren Southern's excellent documentary:

Stefan Molyneux has also produced several excellent reports about Mandela and South Africa:

Ben seriously cited notorious white nationalists Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux as credible sources. Moving on…

Unfortunately, any time white people complain about black crime, accusations of white racism or even cries of “Nazism” soon follow. Southern and Molyneux are truth tellers and not racists, but New Zealand wouldn’t even allow them to speak there. The ‘mainstream’ media in America have finally begun to allude to the problems in South Africa, even as they continue to tout Mandela and his ‘rainbow’ country. Mandela was a communist and began his ‘struggle’ against apartheid with bombings. Mandela's wife praised the practice of 'necklacing.' Blacks who refused to join Mandela were forced to wear car tires sloshed with gasoline. They were then burned alive.

Yet Mandela became an icon. Obama gushed praise for him in a speech that took place during his trip to Africa. In fact, Obama considers the terrorist Mandela to be one of his 'mentors.' Another mentor for Obama was the communist Frank Marshall Davis. But I digress. Obama also showered praise on South Africa's president, Cyril Ramaphosa, who replaced the incredibly corrupt Jacob Zuma. Ramaphosa amassed hundreds of millions of dollars through the 'Employment Equity Act of 1998' and the 'Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment act of 2003.' Thus empowered, he stole or otherwise took over white businesses. He now enjoys sitting on the board of many white-owned companies in South Africa. In the name of equality, Ramaphosa is become fabulously equal.

Upon taking office, Ramaphosa stated, The expropriation of land without compensation is envisaged as one of the measures that we will use to accelerate the redistribution of land to black South Africans." He may be coy about its implementation, but even more radical politicians are not. Andile Mngxtama of "Black First, Land First," said "We are already at war. Everything you (whites) own is ours!"

The black majority rules South Africa now. The African National Congress will change laws to legally enable them so seize land from white farmers and do it without compensation. This will not end well. Russia and Australian[sic] have offered to take in some white South African refugees. Curiously, Canada's Trudeau will not. Maybe he thinks it’s racist to help oppressed white people. Regardless, leaving is a luxury many South African whites do not have, and that's very ominous as the country devolves into chaos and tyranny.[51]

...Yeah. Needless to say, this is all complete and utter bullshit.[52]

Hillary Clinton[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Hillary Clinton


See the main article on this topic: Pizzagate

Easily the dumbest crap that Ben seriously believes in is the Pizzagate conspiracy theory,[53] and Satanism permeating the federal government to a great extent.

A while back I drew Hillary kissing the ring of the Devil just before making her convention acceptance speech. It turned out to be a prophetic cartoon.

What has been revealed now is something right out of "Eyes Wide Shut." Americans have had their eyes shut for too long. Some on the left will proudly proclaim "I'm with her!" no matter what — they are a lost cause. They will not let facts filter through their hermetically sealed echo chambers. Podesta emails reveal rituals so disgusting that I will not repeat them here. The details can readily be found on search engines.

These people are evil. They engage in Satanic practices in order to gain dominance. They want power over the populace and they have succeeded. It's now time to expose these monsters. The Clintons are connected to a massive child trafficking and pedophile sex ring. Both Hillary and Bill made many trips to Jeffrey Epstein's ‘Pedophile Island.’

No wonder the Clintons have put vast sums of money into banks in the mideast. They have their escape hatches ready.


Funniest among this is Garrison's belief that Bill and Hillary Clinton, of all people, could secretly escape to the Middle East and live there in hiding if their purported empire of Satanic pedophilia was revealed.

Garrison has further stated his belief in federal Satanism and pedophile rings, writing in another cartoon's description: "...We are now enduring rampant lies, graft, plunder, pedophilia and satanism at the highest levels of government. And of course, we have endless war."[54] One might also spot John Podesta in a few other of Garrison's 'toons, either sitting atop a slice of pizza titled "Spirit Cooking", as an octopus ensnaring little children, or holding a slice of pizza while part of a supposed criminal lineup. He has also suggested without evidence that Podesta could be the son of Josef Mengele, apparently based on a YouTube video by some like-minded fellow.


Ben garrison-sessions weed.jpg

A comic that was supposed to be about marijuana legalization somehow has a description that hates on Hillary Clinton:[55]

Those who have followed my cartoons for a while have probably come to this conclusion: Ben Garrison loathes Hillary Clinton.

That conclusion is correct. I've despised Hillary for decades, starting with Whitewater, Cattlegate, Filegate, Travelgate and a myriad of other scandals carried out by her and Bill, her ersatz husband.

As a young attorney investigating Watergate, Hillary was fired after being exposed as a liar.

Maybe that unmasking inspired her to create her own 'gates.'’ She was never prosecuted for any of her corruption through the years, and that probably encouraged her still further. She pushed her bayonet through multiple envelopes. She was a huge fan of Saul Alinsky, a so-called 'radical.' Another communist, er, radical named Lenin, told his followers to push the bayonet through the mush until steel was encountered. That tactic was used by Hillary and she encountered a lot of mush. She pushed her corruption as far as it could go until the point where she must consider herself above the law.

Our fingers are crossed that Jeff Sessions will reopen investigations over Hillary Clinton's illegal server, the classified emails that showed up on Huma's laptop, the destruction of evidence, the campaign money laundering, the corrupt Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, the Uranium One scandal, …shall I go on?

She needs to be investigated, prosecuted and LOCKED UP!

But it never happens. Our Attorney General, Sessions, has recused himself from investigating her crimes. Instead, he’s going after marijuana.

The so-called 'war on drugs' has been a monumental flop. It's a waste of lives, resources, energy and time. Have you learned nothing from prohibition, Jefferson Sessions? I realize President Trump was elected to enforce the rule of law. We want illegal aliens kicked out of the country, for example. Obama certainly didn’t enforce that law.

But marijuana? Leave that up to the states to decide!

Free speech[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Freedom of speech
Ben garrison-fountains of free speech.jpg

In this comic, Garrison compares far-right "conservatives" being banned from social media platforms to segregation. Garrison claims Sabo was banned from Twitter because of globalists:

Earlier this week the conservative LA street artist, Sabo, had his Twitter account banned permanently.

He was offered no reason for the shutdown, but by now the reason has become all too obvious. Social media is controlled by the globalist left and they want to control what people see and think. Shutting down conservatives is part of their agenda. Milo Yiannopoulos was one of the first to be banned. His offense? He made fun of a black actress for her performance in a 'Ghostbusters' remake. Someone's feelings were hurt? Anything interpreted by the left as 'offensive' is enough reason for the left to silence conservatives.[56]

A few years ago Charles "Chuck" Johnson, who operates ‘WeSearchr’ with Pax Dickinson, told me it would be a matter of time before my Twitter account was shut down just like his was. I don't consider myself to be part of the 'alt right,' but that doesn't matter. The left has lumped me in with them anyway. The Deep State left calls the shots. They don't give two shakes about the First Amendment.

We once reached 500,000 people with a single new cartoon posted on FaceBook. Now we’re lucky to reach a few thousand. On Twitter, I have been shadow banned. We have over 126,000 Twitter followers. We all know what has been happening on YouTube. Conservative voices such as Mike Adams have been shut down for no reason. The globalists are losing the argument and so they’re unceremoniously pulling the rights' plug.[56]

The latest tactic by the Soros-funded left? Starting lawsuits against those with whom they disagree. Alex Jones has millions of followers and so they're attempting to shut him up by legal means. His crime? There was no crime. Alex Jones merely questioned some aspects of the Sandy Hook massacre. He didn't deny children were killed; he only [Just asking questions

Garrison doesn't understand what free speech means and blames conservative silencing on a deep state conspiracy:

No matter how popular they are, conservatives are getting demonetarized and banned from You Tube.[sic] Why does the left want Chinese style censorship? It is obvious they love communism and control. They demand tyranny and censorship.

I talked with an elderly woman the other day and she mentioned Walter Cronkite and what a great anchorman he was. It was my sad duty to inform her that he was a far-left globalist who prided himself as being at the right hand of Satan. He loved the U.N. and collectivist causes. He conducted ceremonies at the Bohemian Grove. Oh—but he looked like such a nice man! He sounded so credible and grandfatherly! Thus making him a perfect spokesman for the Deep State. Times have changed and people are waking up. Thanks to the Internet we can find the truth. That's why the Deep State is now banning and burying conservative voices.



In this cartoon, supposed "libertarian" Garrison reacted to Alex Jones being banned from multiple social media platforms by railing against corporations.

Big monopolies aren't just an economic threat: They’re a political threat. Because they’re largely free of market constraints, they don't have to put all their energy into making a better product for less money. Instead, they put a lot of their energy into political manipulation to protect their monopoly.

An industry made up of 500 companies might want government protection, but it’s harder to get them to agree on a lobbying campaign. One made up of three companies, or one, can do so, and be sure that it will reap all the rewards of its effort.

Thus, as Wu notes, "the more concentrated the industry, the more corrupt we can expect the political process to be." And as he points out, these fears (and the realities) of huge companies wielding unchecked political power motivated the antitrust crusaders of a century ago every bit as much as concern about prices.[57]

…Very libertarian-sounding, right? He continues:

...The Deep State and the left are intertwined with Silicon Valley. The CIA helped Google and Facebook get started. Why? To make it easier to spy on people. Over time, millions gravitated toward Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Conservative and Libertarian voices became very strong and that alarmed the Deep State. So they began demonetizing conservatives. Then they shadow-banned them. Now they are deleting them outright.

For many years, Alex Jones reached millions with his journalism and rants. His tirades helped wake people up. He yelled at us about the Deep State, including the corrupt security agencies, the Bohemian Grove, the CFR, the Bilderbergs, fluoride in our water, the lies about 9-11, and yes, even Sandy Hook. The latter had many anomalies that should be questioned.[57]

Garrison again reaffirmed his stance as a Sandy Hook truther.

Cesar Sayoc[edit]

See the main article on this topic: False flag operation

Following attempted mail-bombings of prominent Democrats and liberal public figures by Cesar Sayoc in October 2018, Ben reflexively jumped on the conspiracy theory that the unsuccessful bombing attempts were a false flag operation actually committed by liberals.

The envelope bombs sent to select Democrats are an obvious false flag.

Aside from their propaganda megaphone, CNN, everyone who received a package deserves prison time. Brennan, Hillary, Obama, Holder, etc, all are searching for sympathy because they know they are guilty of high treason.

The Deep State is pulling out all stops to gain sympathy and votes for their team. This is a pathetic means of doing it. The envelopes didn’t seem to have postmarks. If they were hand-delivered, then there should be video of the perpetrators. Especially on Hillary’s property. She has more video surveillance than a drug lord.

The bombs came with digital clocks serving as timed detonation devices that make no sense. The clocks had no countdown function and were added as “bomb props”.

The Soros-funded invasion is designed to garner sympathy and anti-Trump sentiment. It’s having the opposite effect. So now they pull the false flag package bombs. That won’t work either. What’s next, sending a smallpox blanket to Elizabeth Warren?

The Democrats are desperate. They’ve lost the debate and the control they’ve enjoyed for far too long. They are the violent ones. They are calling for an end to civility. Desperadoes take bigger chances.

I wouldn't be surprised if we see another fake news event ahead of the election. Will they take to the next level and actually kill some innocent to achieve power? I hope not.[58]


Even once Sayoc's identity was revealed and images of his van, plastered with pro-Trump stickers, were released, Garrison doubled down and seriously claimed that "the stickers look too new." He continuously updated the post on his blog[58] with desperate denials from fellow conspiracy theorists, an obviously fake Photoshop of Sayoc's supposed voter registration info showing him as a Democrat, and the hilarious straw-grasping that Stormy Daniels and Sayoc worked at the same nightclub.

Crisis actors[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Crisis actor

Following a viral incident in late November 2018 in which migrants attempting to cross the US-Mexico border from Tijuana were tear-gassed by the border patrol, Garrison promoted a completely nonsensical conspiracy theory that the entire thing was staged by the "Fake News Media".

On Sunday between five hundred and a thousand caravan migrants carrying their country's flag bull rushed the border. They screamed profanities and hurled rocks and bottles at the brave Border Patrol men and women protecting our nation.

The Border Patrol was correct to use non-lethal tear gas to break up the horde of invaders. They are defending our nation’s border from an invading force, complete with weapons, (however crude) and flying a foreign nation’s flag.

Right on cue, the moral outrage of the Fake News media elite and the Democrats reached a fever pitch with hand wringing and tears, with cries proclaiming “this is not America” and “Trump gasses women and children”.

The Soros funded caravan, (that Jim Accosting Acosta said didn't exist and wouldn't scale border walls) is growing impatient waiting in Tijuana, Mexico. The Mexican people are growing weary of thousands migrants using their resources and committing crimes. A new poll released shows seven out of ten Mexicans have a negative view of the invading migrants.

Are the Mexicans racist too? Because that is what the left will call you if you question their policies of open borders free-for-alls.

The propaganda moment of the day was a photo of a starving migrant mother clutching her two large crying children clad in diapers running away from tear gas.

This photo was meant to “gas” up quite a few tears of sympathy for the caravan’s plight. Oh, that mean Trump and Border Patrol, they are monsters gassing a poor starving mother and her children, the Fake News Media cried all Sunday and Monday.

The mother was in fact trying to cross the border illegally with her five children, ranging in age from toddler to teenager, attempting to get to the children's father in Louisiana. No one knows the status of the father; he may be an illegal alien too.

People have claimed the Photo was a set up; this could be true. With the amount of photographers ready to sell a "touching" photo to Democrat propaganda arms like CNN.

We really don’t know for sure, but it smells fishy. It gets even stinkier when the starving mom happily posed for a photo holding the very canister of tear gas she and her children were made so "terrified" that they cried.

Maybe she should keep the canister as a souvenir of what happens when you try to break through another country's border.[59]

So did it happen or not, Garrison? He lends himself a little plausible deniability in promoting this ridiculous theory, while simultaneously reasserting his staunch closed-borders stance on immigration. What's more, he provides no reasoning or evidence for why the "Fake News Media" would stage this event, aside from casual and baseless accusations of Soros funding them. Because of course.

Again, utter bullshit.[60]


See the main article on this topic: 4chan

Garrison has been the target of a sustained smear campaign[61] by members of 4chan, who have photoshopped many of his cartoons to combine them with strongly xenophobic, anti-semitic, and racist cartoons, most of which are culled from National Alliance newsletters published in the 1980s, specifically A. Wyatt Mann cartoons, which often feature grotesque caricatures of Jews, gays, and racial minorities. These fake Ben Garrison works still contain Garrison's signature, however — thus falsely giving the impression that he holds these views. He may be a crazy right-winger, but he isn't a Nazi or an overt race warrior of the 4chan kind.[62]

Despite some initial pissed off blog posts complaining about the trolls,[63] he seems to have reconciled with 4chan's troll hordes. His more recent cartoons have taken a decidedly alt-right friendly, racist and Islamophobic turn, often portraying Middle Easterners as murderers ready to destroy European culture,[64][65][66][67] including a cartoon alleging an evil plot by Angela Merkel to replace Europe with foreign countries and implement Sharia Law. It seems as long as you limit your bigotry to Muslims, your image will be totally cleared. Alternatively, the entire smear campaign could be viewed as an earnest attempt by the 4chan troll community to take his early Federal Reserve conspiracy cartoons and boil them down to what they really mean.


Ben is deeply pseudoskeptical over the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, alleging that the virus is a hoax made by the "Deep State" in order to oppress the people.

Or, in his own words:

Hey, kids! Can y'all identify all the charming examples of kookery contained within this wondrous, highly informative graphic?

Old Saying: “Give them an inch and they will take a mile.”

House Democrat whip: Coronavirus a ‘tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision’

Big Government (the Deep State) claims to care about its subjects (We The People). This is obviously false.

If government cared about is,[sic] it wouldn’t have allowed the creation of the Federal Reserve and the IRS to steal the fruits of our labor. They wouldn't allow poisonous GMOs into our food supply. It wouldn't send young people to fight and die in pointless, endless wars based on lies. It wouldn't allow babies and toddlers to be brutalized with an ever-growing and already long list of poisonous vaccinations that cause autism. It wouldn't eagerly strip away our freedoms with each and every crisis.

The coronavirus is the latest crisis and the Deep State and the Fake News media are having a grand old time fanning the flames of fear.

Our freedom of assembly is gone. POOF! Our freedom of speech when it comes to the virus is limited. Only the corrupt CDC and even more corrupt WHO are supposed to have the say and have control of the data. We are repeatedly told not to listen to anyone else!

We The People had better darn well shut up and do as we're told! Lives are at stake! You don’t want anyone to die, do you? Of course you don’t! Therefore, you WILL stay in your home and watch the fear porn channels each day. Start begging for still yet another government safety net. Demand that government receives more power and authority! Demand martial law and the mobilization of the troops! Demand Bill Gates release his vaccine antidote — you know, the one that comes with a handy-dandy microchip that can be scanned at government checkpoints to make sure you got your shot.

We need to be safe!

Shut down the economy and cause countless millions to lose their jobs! No worries, we will all get a pittance from our generous government. Becoming dependent on handouts from our virtuous and incorruptible government masters is a wonderful solution! To hell with self-reliance. We had all better do what we’re told, too… because the government can take it away if we don't fall in line and march lockstep according to their dictates.


In reality it all makes me sick how easy it was for government to remove not only our freedom, but our livelihoods as well. We are no longer the home of the brave. We're the land of the fearful.[68]

Garrison has also promoted the discredited conspiracy theory that the pathogen is a bioweapon produced by the Chinese after going on an anti-atheist rant, complete with a potentially libelous misquote of Vermont senator Bernie Sanders.

Pooh's Lying Now

Communists consider religion to be the opiate of the masses. Both the Soviet Union and communist China have oppressed the religious. Bernie Sanders promises action against Christians, whom he calls 'religious bigots.'

Most communists do not believe in God. Their god is the 'state.' The state can do no wrong — it is both omniscient and omnipotent. It is perfect and incapable of mistakes. Heretics who doubt communism can face gulags or a bullet in the back of the head. In China, Mao starved millions of his own citizens for the good of the state. Nowadays, Chinese dissidents might even face having their organs ripped out of them. The state feels no guilt about any of this. After all, they consider humans to be data at best and at worst mere blobs of matter who are there to carry out the will of the state. The citizens must also pretend to be happy about it.

The problem with the perfect state of communism is the lies. The Soviet Union lied about nuclear technology and that led to the Chernobyl disaster. The current Chinese Communists are lying about the release of a bioweapon from one of their labs in Wuhan. The ChiComs must present themselves as incapable of error, so they're now blaming the United States military for the virus. The ChiComs consider themselves to be perfect, therefore they will never admit a mistake. They never accept blame. Being wrong is a sign of weakness.

President Trump realized the United States has been wrong about trade with China. The US has become far too dependent on China for pharmaceuticals, for example. The ChiComs are now threatening to cut them off. It's time to bring manufacturing back to America and that's just what Trump wants to do. If we don't do that, we'll only have ourselves to blame.[69]

The conspiracy theory plot to impose mandatory vaccination is… a disease for which there is no vaccine.

Later, Garrison changed his tune somewhat, arguing that the virus was, in fact, made by Bill Gates and not the Chinese government. Apparently Gates is a eugenicist who wants to murder people, including by promoting GMO crops. Garrison also for some reason thinks SARS-COV-2 is an influenza virus.


For the past decade, Bill gates has been warning us about an inevitable pandemic. Conditioning us. Getting us used to the idea.

Last year, he even held a summit on the matter and ran computer simulations to predict outcomes. Why did a former computer nerd and mogul become so interested in vaccination and disease? Possibly because he’s worth over $100 billion and thinks he owns the world. He also wants to make an impact on humanity. Getting rid of excess humanity, that is. Bill's father was once the head of Planned Parenthood. He comes from a eugenics background. Gates frets about world population growth. Is it any wonder he pushes Monsanto's GMO food as well as harmful vaccines?

Apparently Bill's computer simulations discovered that people would easily fold under government pressure combined with an unseen enemy. Billions of people are under lockdown right now. Half the world is shut down. Gates must marvel at how easy it was to do it. Things are going according to plan. They can't control us physically, but he can control us mentally through fear drummed into our brains 24/7 by mass media.

The corona virus is real, but we’ve had many waves of flu viruses throughout the years. Many thousands die each year from the flu. Our elderly and infirm are the hardest hit. This time the deaths are being magnified by the Fear Porn Channels. Statistics are controlled and manipulated to produce panic and hysteria.

The Democrats failed with their Russia collusion lie. They failed with impeachment. They are all for this hysteria because they can blame it all on Trump.

Trish Regan was just fired from Fox Business Network because she called out concerns that the Chinese coronavirus was just another attempt to impeach President Donald Trump.

That was too close to the truth for Fox. They fired her.

We now have social distancing to further divide the human race — as if we were all some sort of disease in need of eradication. The corrupt WHO and CDC have us controlled like puppets on strings. We obey without question. Citizens are not allowed to question medical 'authorities' without fearing censorship or ridicule. When the time comes for a mandatory vaccine, people will already have become conditioned to obey the medical 'authorities,' and it's all going according to plan.

But some plans have a way of not working out as planned.

Never take your eyes off government in a crisis.[70]

His wife Tina was quite obviously elated when Trump defunded the WHO, claiming it hates America and that China "reaps all the benefits", despite the WHO's efforts at combating Ebola in Africa,[71] among other things. She then demanded the UN be defunded.

How dare Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus give money to a country currently suffering from a deadly new pathogen!!!! Instead, he ought to spend the money on his in-laws!


President Trump did the right thing in freezing all funding to the World Health Organization. In the past, maybe this organization tried to help the world, but today, it is a corrupt relic dedicated to covering up China's mistakes.

Trump announced the hold on U.S. funding for the W.H.O., saying "We spend $500 million a year," and noted that China only spends $30 million-$40 million annually.

The president said the W.H.O., an agency of the U.N., had participated in "mismanaging and covering up" the spread of the coronavirus around the world.

“The W.H.O. pushed China's misinformation about the virus, saying it was not communicable, and there was no need for travel bans," Trump said.

The White House's Office of Management and Budget has redirected funds from the World Health Organization to charitable groups such as Samaritan’s Purse and the Red Cross, the New York Post reported Thursday.

The US funds the WHO to the tune of 500 million a year, where as China spends 30 million, and reaps all the benefits. How is that fair?

We would rather see the funding go to American charities instead of a globalist, America hating organizations like the WHO.

And while Trump is at it, he should defund the UN and move them out of New York.

Of course, the brain dead celebrities staged a concert on Saturday fundraising for the commies at WHO.

The usual suspects showed up including Paul "Yeah, Yeah Socialism" McCartney, Granny Madonna and Lady "Gag me" Gaga proclaiming WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a "superstar". How much did China pay her for that?

They ended up raising about 55 million, a drop in the bucket considering the 500 million that was defunded.

Remember China lied, People died, and the WHO covered it up![72]

Wait, isn't ivermectin from the 'medical industrial complex'?

On September 27 2021, Garrison reported that he and his wife contracted COVID-19. In an email to Gizmodo,Wikipedia Garrison claimed to be self-medicating with questionable treatments such as ivermectin, beet root juice, and zinc. He continued to maintain bullshit that the COVID-19 vaccines were "free poison", "foul spike protein-producing jabs which are neither safe nor effective". He also claimed that he’d never visit a hospital to treat his COVID-19, due to his fear that hospitals were killing COVID-19 patients for "extra money for Covid death reports, which is necessary to keep fear ramped up".[73]


Unsurprisingly, Garrison is hysterically anti-abortion, and believes in conspiracy theories concerning chemtrails, the Georgia Guidestones and a Satanist Illuminati-led NWO planned depopulation, having stated that 5G is a plot to kill people and control their minds, and that fluoridated water is evil.

The KKK took my baby away They took her away Away from me The KKK took my baby away They took her away Away from me

The Ramones.

The Virginia legislature submitted a bill that would allow abortions to occur right up until the moment of delivery — and even beyond if the baby survived the procedure.

Virginia’s governor, Ralph Northam, supported the bill along with his fellow Democrats and feminists who apparently consider babies no more than an assemblage of meaningless molecules. The law didn't pass, but other abortion lovers in New York loudly applauded the passage of a similar bill in their state. They are now free to butcher innocent lives at will.

Then it was revealed that Northam donned a racist costume in medical school. He either dressed up in black face or wore a KKK outfit. It remains unclear which one was him, but a photo showing the two on his yearbook page was damning. Why hasn’t it been revealed before? I started thinking it was only revealed now in order to distract from the abortion controversy.

The Illuminati who controls the Deep State loves abortion. The Satanists among them love to torture and kill innocent people and nobody is more innocent than a newborn baby. What's next, the execution of children because they’re 'unwanted' by their parents? Before you laugh at this notion, consider the Illuminati is already trying to carry out the message on their Georgia Guide Stones.

Satanists for some reason like to announce in advance what they're going to do to us, and they’re doing it right now. They put fluoride in the drinking water and chemtrails in the air. They force their GMO foods on us as well as their vaccines. Have you noticed how anxious they are for us to get jabbed with flu shots? In a child's first year they recommend over 70 vaccinations. California is making it the 'law.' Now some say being against vaccines should be a crime. They want people to lose control over their own bodies.

The next killer will be 5G. Not only will it be used to control minds, it will also fry them. The illuminati don't want us on 'their' planet. They own it. They think they own us. We are their cattle to be culled. If we accept their premise that life is nothing but disconnected matter without meaning, then it will make it all the easier for them to finish us off.

It's time to stand up for what is right in this world. Common sense tells us that the murder of innocent babies isn't right and is also horrific.[74]

Endorsement of secession[edit]

We're all sure Ben will fight bravely against the gubmint, and will definitely not be getting a comfortable sinecure as a rebel propagandist in the event of a civil war while morons bleed for him.

For someone who claims to love his country and be a patriot, Ben sure enjoys supporting treason and sedition. Here's a post of his with his commentary on a bill that would let Texas leave the union:

The first editorial cartoon published in America was said to be penned by Benjamin Franklin himself. Its title, “Join or Die,” was used as an inspirational meme during the Revolutionary War. The early American states had to combine in order to defeat British tyranny.

Now we have an illegitimate regime in Washington D.C.

After stealing the election, the Democrat Socialists are now coming after Trump supporters, whom they consider ‘terrorists.’ They lie and say we are trying to kill them while they actively marginalize roughly half the country as enemy combatants. They’re even censuring a lawfully-elected representative, Marjorie Taylor Greene. Even many of her fellow Republicans (RINOs) have denounced her. Why? Because she supported Donald Trump a bit too vociferously.

As socialists, the Democrats naturally hate Christianity. It’s predictable. They want to destroy our culture, our economy, and our freedom including freedom of religion. Yes, that will be extinguished too. Communists want to be worshipped and they will permit only their own religion, the worship of the state.

The Biden regime is quickly undoing President Trump’s accomplishments, while telling us we need to wear two to three masks at once. Biden and his comrades love the masks because they are symbols of submission–even though they do more harm than the virus itself. Masks cause bacterial pneumonia and impede oxygen flow to the brain. It’s not about health, though. Not really. What the socialists want is medical tyranny. They want us to pay for unlimited and even late-term abortion even if we disagree with the practice. They want us jabbed with deadly vaccines containing aborted fetal tissue. It’s not science, it’s ghoulishness.

They want to destroy our economy—especially our oil industry. They want open borders. Those in power are globalists, not nationalists. They talk about spreading ‘democracy,’ which really means they want to spread socialism. They have destroyed our Republic.

They have also destroyed our free speech and now they want to take away our guns. One way is through ‘licensing,’ which involves getting evaluated by government psychiatrists who will judge our mental competency before granting us the right to own a firearm. My guess is they will be very picky about doling out approval—especially to conservatives. Regardless, we all already have a license—it’s called the Second Amendment. The socialist control freaks are constantly working to infringe upon it.

What the socialist Democrats are doing is far worse than what we rebelled against with the British. Therefore, the best solution may be ‘un-join and live.’ States should consider seceding from the unrecognizable and incredibly corrupt political hot mess that used to be our country. Why send money derived from our hard-earned labor to traitorous criminals back east? Why let our young citizens get sent to insane foreign wars to fight and die in order to fatten the wallets of the military industrial complex? Why pay money and respect to corrupt security agencies, courts, and politicians who hate us and deserve our contempt? Why be chained to the evil Federal Reserve?

Yes, the time has come for the red states to secede. Perhaps Montana can join with the Wyoming, the Dakotas, Idaho, as well as the eastern parts of Washington and Oregon. We can use gold and silver as a basis for a new currency. Northern California can separate from the insane leftist Hell scape that Southern California is becoming. Maybe states in the south such as Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and West Virginia can all work together as well.

The key is getting ONE state to start to the process and that needs to be Texas. The Lone Star state should seceded and regain its independence. The Republic of Texas! Now that has a good ring to it.

Secede or Die!

—Ben Garrison

Moon landing[edit]


Even sillier than Pizzagate, Ben also thinks that the Moon landing was faked by NASA. Specifically, "the CIA lied about" it, "the Van Allen radiation belts", "it was beyond our technical expertise", and "the Deep State had to win against the Ruskies at the time".

In conclusion, you should probably take Ben Garrison about as seriously as any half-sane person does Alex Jones.


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