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Ben Best

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Ben Best is a woomeister best-known for his promotion of cryonics. He wrote a startling green ink PDF which is actually the best available scientific justification of cryonics practice.[1]

He is the President and CEO of the Cryonics Institute, and has contributed to RationalWiki's cryonics article.

In addition to promoting cryonics, Ben also advocates nutritional supplements on his website. His justifications[2] claim that the difference between medicine and supplements is a large amount of money spent on patentability, rather than the scientifically proven lack of efficacy of much of what he advocates (e.g. antioxidants, chelation therapy). This calls into question his understanding of how the scientific method applies to things you want to be true.

Ben is a proud and active member of Mensa. He used to be in Erhard Seminars Training.

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