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Billy Corgan

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Billy Corgan (born 1967) is the poor man's Kurt Cobain long time lead singer and songwriter for the Smashing Pumpkins. While their popularity has waned in recent years they were a very influential group in the United States during the 1990s. Always one to lead a varied and interesting life, Corgan has started a number of new projects after disappointment in Obama and the political process in general.[1]

Corgan claimed America has lost its "moral compass" and he wants to take America back to what he used to know[2] by posting writings by Lyndon LaRouche on the Smashing Pumpkins Forums in 2009. No pressure there for Obama to change the United States fundamentally in less than a year to Corgan's liking. This brought Corgan to Alex Jones's attention and stardom in the conspiracy theorist world.[3][4] He has had frequent conversations with Alex Jones about Social Justice Warriors who he claims are "Maoists, cult members and the Ku Klux Klan members",[5] and who are a threat to free speech, needing to be "fixed with reality".[6] Corgan then states in the same interview that he really doesn't want to be criticized because he didn't take his medications, or is tired, or whatever so critics of him should simply not speak. While he continues to criticize anyone he pleases.

Corgan had a career switch several years after posting writings from Lyndon LaRouche in order to start an indie pro-wrestling corporation called Resistance Pro Wrestling in 2011.[7] Later he became their executive producer in 2015. He also started writing a spiritual memoir called God is Everywhere from Here to There,[8] and he started an interfaith website Everything From Here to There to speak his Catholic Buddhist views.

Corgan has also come out in favor of Donald Trump. Not because he agrees with any of his positions but because he wants to make it entertaining and interesting.[9] Which was the course of action for many Brexit voters till they realized it accidentally passed.

Corgan has also revealed that he believes in chemtrails and is a global warming denialist.[10][11]


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