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A lunatic Chaplin imitator
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First as tragedy
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Jews love to complain about the "Holocaust." Let me tell you, there was no Holocaust in World War 2 -- but rest assured, there most certainly IS GOING TO BE a holocaust. I look forward to participating with zeal.
—Hal Turner, October 2, 2007.[1]

Hal "from North Bergen" Turner (1962–) is a seriously deranged neo-Nazi jerkwad, Holocaust denier and FBI snitch from North Bergen, New Jersey, former good friend of Sean Hannity,[2] shortwave radio wingnut, and a /b/tard punching bag. Turner is known for openly endorsing the murder of non-whites and people who are "pro-immigration", and he frequently called for the assassination of US officials whose views he despises, even posting their names and addresses on his website. Unsurprisingly he lives in a town that is also the name of a Nazi concentration camp.

For a fleeting moment in early 2008, it looked like he might be a deep cover liberal, but he turned out to be nothing more than an FBI rat who was in it for the money. (Granted we're talking about a bunch of worthless dirtbags that need ratting on to begin with, but come on, FBI. We've upped our standards. Up yours.)

The Hal Turner Radio Show received an "extreme right" and "low credibility" rating from Media Bias/Fact Check, which also notes that Turner's show spews propaganda and conspiracy theories, uses poor sources, fails fact checks, and is a hate group.[3]


Turner first gained mild popularity as a caller to various conservative talk radio shows (Sean Hannity's in particular), and later started hosting a few unsuccessful radio shows of his own.

Turner was frequent caller on Sean Hannity's radio show, where he went by the handle "Hal from North Bergen", which led to a friendship between the two. To Hannity's credit, this was apparently prior to Turner outing himself as a Neo-Nazi, though Hal still had a record of making racially inflammatory comments during his calls, which didn't seem to bother Hannity much. During a Fox News interview with New Black Panther Party Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz (himself a black anti-Semitic racist), Shabazz raised the issue of his relationship with Turner, at which point Hannity first denied knowing Turner - though he quickly recanted, stating that Turner had been banned from his radio show.[2]

Turner claimed to have begun espousing his brand of extremism in reaction to losing the 2000 Republican nomination to the US Congress election from his district. He lost to Theresa de Leon, a female candidate of Puerto Rican descent.[4][5]

Turner later started hosting the Turner Radio Network, his infamous online Neo-Nazi radio show (not to be confused with Turner Broadcast Media). Turner also operated a website and blog of the same name, both inoperative as of late 2009. Turner's sites were frequently the subject of denial-of-service attacks, and were also shut down several times by their host providers due to their perverse content.

Turner has participated in and/or organized Neo-Nazi rallies.[6][7]

Turner was promoting the concept that there were actual Amero coins and bills ready for circulation when the North American Union was started by the New World Order. He even posted images of what he claimed were the actual currency.[8] The "coins" were nothing more than fantasy medallions designed and minted by Daniel Carr,[9] and the "bills" were political commentary artworks created by someone on Flickr named "aleatorysort".[10]

FBI informant[edit]

Evidence that Turner was a rat first surfaced in 2008,[11] when hackers posted emails that were allegedly of him corresponding with an FBI agent. It came out in full when he was arrested in 2009 for death threats he made against US officials.[12] Turner pleaded "not guilty" at his first trial, with his lawyer asserting in his defense that he was a trained FBI agent provocateur.[13] In August 2010, Turner was finally found guilty and was sentenced to 2 years and 9 months in prison on December 21, 2010.[14]


Turner was released from prison on October 5, 2012.[15] After satisfying a court order to stay away from the internet and radio broadcasting, he started a new weekly radio show on October 7, 2015, on American shortwave station WBCQ.[16]

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