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Allsup (right) at the KZUU radio studio in 2016

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The only racial discrimination going on now in this country is a war on whites.
—James Allsup on Twitter[1]

James Allsup (1995–) is an alt-right commentator who self-identifies as a "right wing libertarian"[2], though it's very clear to everyone watching him that he's a fascist.

As of November 2017, Allsup's YouTube channel had over 167 thousand subscribers and 25.6 million views.[3] Allsup was a former Associate Editor at The Liberty Conservative[4] and runs the Nationalist Review with Nicholas Fuentes.[5] He was suspended from Twitter as of December 26, 2017.[6]

Libertarian or alt-right?[edit]

It is impossible to overstate the importance of this entire past week. From the events Friday night to the celebrations of Sunday night, things could not have gone better.
—Allsup's comment on "The Alt-Right Triumphant" by AltRight.com on YouTube[7]

Allsup appears to agree with the alt-right and white nationalists on many issues. He agrees with racialism,[8] frequently uses anti-Semitic dog whistles[9][10][11][12] and believes there is a deliberate white genocide occurring.[13] He regularly uses alt-right memes, dog whistles, euphemisms, in-jokes and terminology:

  • "Cuck" / "cuckservative"[14]
  • "Cultural enrichment"[15]
  • "Degeneracy"[16]
  • "Deus vult"[17]
  • "Gorillion"[18]
  • "Goy"[19]
  • "Hate fact"[20]
  • "Human biodiversity"[21]
  • "Lugenpresse"[22]
  • "/ourguy/"[23]
  • "/pol/"[24]
  • "Rapefugee" and "RWDS"[25]
  • "Red pilled"[26]
  • "Shoah"[27]
  • "Soy boy"[28]
  • "What would make this picture more diverse? Fewer white people? Almost as if diversity is a code word for anti-white."[29]
  • "White genocide"[13]
  • "You can't run, you can't hide, you get helicopter rides. #Antifa"[30]
  • "You will not replace us"[31]

Allsup also has a page on "Hatreon",[32] and he has sourced content for a video from at least one alt-right website. In "20 More Answers for Black People", Allsup links to an article from The Alternative Hypothesis.[33] The about page for the website states that "we exist within the online community of people which has become the alt-right".[34] Allsup has even admitted that he has referenced bits from alt-right and white supremacist blog The Right Stuff.[35] He has also used the term "ZOG" which is popular in neo-Nazi circles.[36][37] In September 2017, he appeared on a podcast called "Fash the Nation".[12]

However, despite all of this evidence, Allsup has rejected being labelled as alt-right or white nationalist.[38]

Unite the Right rally[edit]

huge victory tonight!
—Allsup's comment on "The Night Before C'ville" by AltRight.com on YouTube[39]

He participated in the August 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville.[40] According to Allsup, Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer was killed "accidentally".[41]

Other views[edit]

It's been Syria where apparently Assad, "he's gassing his own people. They're getting gassed, oh my god." When, you know, that all turns out to be bullshit. You know, imagine that, somebody lying about people getting gassed.
—Allsup, promoting a debunked[42] conspiracy theory, and using it to dog whistle about Holocaust denial[43]
  • On conspiracy theories:
    • "The footage of "Syrian bombing" you're seeing is staged. False flags meant to garner U.S. support for war w/ Assad"[44]
  • On homosexuality:
    • "Statistically, gays account for an extremely disproportionate amount of sexual abusers."[45]
    • "Why do gays only make up 2% of the population, yet make up approximately 30% of all child sex predators?"[46]
  • On race:
    • "Poor whites commit less crime than middle class blacks."[47]
    • "The average white IQ is 105. The average African IQ is below 70."[48]
  • On immigration:
    • "America needs fewer immigrants, not more. Close the border and incentivize repatriation. They have to go back."[49]
  • On civic nationalism:
    • "Imagine having 6 generations of American pioneer and explorer ancestors, and being told an imported Somali = just as American as you are! This is the problem with "civic nationalism." There's more to being an American than magic soil. One must be part of the American nation!"[50]
  • On democracy:
    • It is "a mistake"[51]
  • On the alt-lite:
    • "The alt-lite is already pushing for amnesty for illegals. #FakeRight"[52]
    • "This is not "MAGA." These are 45,000 people who do not need to be here. Alt-lite dopes cheer our invasion."[53]
  • On feminism:
    • "Feminists are disgusting, foul creatures."[54]
    • "Libertarianism used to be about individual rights & freedom. Now it's about shrill, pozzed, degenerate feminism and gay weed."[55]

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