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A box of 11 jars of Schüßler salts, from 1923
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Schüßler-Salze (translated: Schüßler salts or Schuessler salts), also sold as cell salts and tissue salts are a group of mineral salts, claimed to be a remedy for virtually any ailment. It's a homeopathy soap opera spin-off.

The invention of cell salts is credited to Wilhelm Heinrich SchüßlerWikipedia[1][2] (1821–1898), a homeopathic medical doctor in Oldenburg, Germany. Cell salts are entirely without merit and a waste of money.[3][4]

"Biochemic healing"[edit]

After Jacob Moleschott,Wikipedia Justus von LiebigWikipedia and Rudolf VirchowWikipedia published their works on cell theory and cellular pathology, Wilhelm Schüßler came to the conclusion that the cause of many or most illnesses must be what is known today as mineral deficiency:Wikipedia a lack of important nutrients leads to cells not working properly.[5] But hold on! Aren't there only minuscule amounts of salts in cells? That's right, so in order to introduce only minuscule amounts of salts into billions and trillions of cells, dillute! I'm sure it all makes sense.

"Biochemic healing" has nothing to do with biochemistry. It is pure woo, intended to be applied to your worries. Literally. If you're worried, there's an app a salt combination for that.[6][note 1]

Cell salts are stuck on 19th century discoveries with misguided conclusions and have been debunked early on.[11][12] There are little to no reputable studies.[13][note 2]

Schüßler had no issue with applying scientific scrutiny to other pseudomedicine.[15]

The salts[edit]

Schüßler salt tablets

After analyzing the ashes of human remains,[16][17][18][19][20][21] he came to the conclusion that the following 12 11 salts are critical for processes in our human flesh bags:[22][23][24]

  1. Calcium fluoride
  2. Calcium phosphate
  3. Iron phosphate
  4. Potassium chloride
  5. Potassium phosphate
  6. Potassium sulphate
  7. Magnesium phosphate
  8. Sodium chloride (table salt)
  9. Sodium phosphate
  10. Sodium sulphate
  11. Silica
  12. Calcium sulphate[note 3][2][19]

But why stop there when you can placebo yourself into believing all kinds of salts make you feel better? After all, Schüßler never gave a real explanation of why certain salts or combinations thereof would result in anything specific. Commonly, 15 additional salts are added to the list.[citation needed]

  1. Potassium arsenite
  2. Potassium bromide
  3. Potassium iodide
  4. Lithium chloride
  5. Manganese sulfate
  6. Calcium sulfide
  7. Copper arsenite
  8. Alum
  9. Zinc chloride
  10. Calcium carbonate
  11. Sodium bicarbonate
  12. Arsenic iodide
  13. Aurum chloride sodium (NaAuCl4)
  14. Selenium
  15. Potassium dichromate

Differences with homeopathy[edit]

Wilhelm Schüßler himself didn't think of his salts as homeopathic.[25] So here's a handy list of differences:

  • "Let like cure like" (similia similibus curentur) is not the basis of the woo, instead, all ailment comes from a lack of salts in your cells.
  • Therefore, figuring out which salts you need to take is instead based on facial analysis.[26][17][27][28][29][30] While Schüßler said it can't be learned with printed instructions,[31] this doesn't seem to have any effect on the industry.[32]
  • As there are usually more than one salt in a typical cell, using several salts is almost a given. Some homeopaths don't like using different homeopathic remedies simultaneously.
  • "Biochemic healing" doesn't say a stronger dilution results in a stronger remedy, but maintains that dilution is necessary to bring single molecules to single cells.Do You Believe That? This results in a potentization of 6X to 12X (i.e., dilution to 10-6 to 10-12).

Nevertheless, cell salts may be sold under the same regulations as homeopathy.[note 4][33] So you can bet this is sold online and in pharmacies, especially in Germany.[34][35][36][37]


  1. This is not a joke. There are salts that are claimed to cure your belief in the salts (credulity),[7] your fear (angst)[8] of Big Pharma, they can even help you forget about offence[9] once someone tells you cell salts don't work, and get over jealousy[10] that other people seem to be healthier than you thanks to modern medicine. As hilarious as these examples are, having a look at the long list of actual diseases and mental illnesses makes it a lot scarier.
  2. That doesn't stop amateurs from conducting poorly constructed studies[14] with no control group.
  3. Schüßler removed this one later on, because it could only be found in the gall bladder.
  4. At least in the EU, otherwise it would count as food.


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