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Leaked data shows Cancer Tutor, (Webster Kehr), was an agent for "BX Protocol" cure-all.

Cancer Tutor is a webshite that promotes a range of unproven and disproven alternative cancer treatments.[1] The site claims "more than 7 million visitors yearly".[2][3] The webshite is owned by the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. (ICRF),[4] and was founded by Robert Webster Kehr (1946–).[5]

Webster Kehr[edit]

Cancer Tutor was founded by Mormon[6] fraudster Webster Kehr, an evolution denialist[7] and conspiracy theorist.[8][9] Kehr is a classic case of crank magnetism who even denies the existence of photons.[10] If that was the case, the LEDWikipedia technology generating the computer display you are looking at now, would not exist.

According to Kehr, "cancer is caused by microbes inside the cancer cells",[11] which is untrue. He continues, "We depend on cancer patients to contact us if the [treatment] protocol is not working".[12][note 1]

Kehr retired in 2015 and received a lifetime achievement award from fellow alternative medicine conspiracy theorist Ty Bollinger.[13] Since his retirement the Cancer Tutor website received a makeover, so it no longer has an eyesore web design, often an immediate giveaway sign the content is the work of a crank.

Gary Teal[edit]

After Kehr retired, acupuncturist and naturopath Gary Edward Teal took control of ICRF and CancerTutor.[14] Teal's specialist-subject is RifeWikipedia machines[15][16] which allegedly cure cancer and infectious diseases, although he is honest enough obliged to say his devices "… are sold as electronic test instruments. No suitability or claims for any other purpose is stated or implied … We make absolutely no claims of any cure for any disease".[17]


The Cancer Tutor website makes thousands of dollars by referring their readers to purveyors of quackery. Data leaked from Delta Institute, who make the BX Protocol cure-all, show CancerTutor/Webster Kehr received 15% commission on fourteen sales of BX Protocol.[18][19] The current retail price of BX Protocol is $16,995, which is quite a bit for a product that consists of distilled water.


Duckhead.gif Quackwatch says: [20]
The amount of money wasted on cancer quackery is unknown but probably exceeds one billion dollars per year—the amount spent for cancer research. The financial impact upon individuals and families can be catastrophic if they fall into the trap of heroically "leaving no stone unturned" in their quest for a remedy in hopeless cases. Some quacks are quite willing to bleed them dry financially. I know of cases in which survivors were deprived of the family's savings, were left with a large mortgage on a previously paid-for home, or even lost their home.

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  1. One wonders how his dead customers manage to get in touch to tell him his shit doesn't work.


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