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Christophobia is the irrational fear or hatred of Christianity or Christians. For whatever reason, the term hasn't really caught on as much as more verbose alternatives such as "anti-Christian bias." While prejudice against and persecution of Christians is a real thing, the word "Christophobia" is usually used as a snarl word by some Christians with a persecution complex and (at most) only a passing familiarity with reality. There's probably a good overlap with the people who claim there's a liberal bias in the media.

Some examples[edit]

Some examples of the sort of articles where this is being used:

  • "It’s hard not to notice that Christianity – and to a lesser extent Judaism – are the only religions under attack in the United States and Western culture (inasmuch as the latter can be called a culture anymore). Islam, Hinduism, Satanism, Atheism, Humanism and even Kawanzaaism, although that group meets only once a year at Christmas, are all allowed to flourish without political or legal molestation."[1]
  • "Yet the same “progressives” who find “homophobia” under every bed, and “Islamophobia” around each corner, have never imagined the cancerous “Christaphobia” that courses throughout their very own veins. Their narrow little minds won’t allow it. The poor sap with hateful halitosis is usually the last to know." [2]
  • "When did it become only acceptable to believe one way, the secular humanist way? Is that the new state religion? Did an executive order come down from the Dictator Obama saying all citizens of the U.S. must deny the Bible, and now worship the state, or man, humanism?" [3]
  • doesn't use the word directly, but repeats (and is the source) of many of the claims that Christianity is somehow "under attack".
  • "There have been a number of recent cases where Christians are being treated less favourably than others. Nurses, grandparents, firemen, registrars, adoption agencies, care homes are all finding themselves in the firing line for nothing more than hold (sic) the same harmless beliefs that Christians have had for 2,000 years."[4]
  • "Legalize Jesus > is a Christian webzine and a movement to bring awareness to Christian persecution, THE WAR ON JESUS & Christophobia."[5] Christian persecution is unfortunately very real in some countries, but leaving out God from a pledge of allegiance is not a good example of this.[6]

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