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Clyde Lewis

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Clyde Lewis is a woo woo bullshit artist and conspiracy fabulist with a syndicated radio talk show called Ground Zero, a kind of poor man's combination of Alex Jones, Coast to Coast AM, and Glenn Beck. Lewis's specialty is a flashy gobbledygook mixture of "paranormal" pseudoscience, ancient history, Forteanism and numerology designed to convince his gullible or mentally ill listeners that evil (government) forces are taking over the planet. One mental health expert said that Lewis is endangering the public when he tells callers suffering from paranoid schizophrenia that the voices they are hearing in their heads really might be caused by some secret government brainwashing project, instead of just being well-known symptoms of an illness.

Lewis often repeats long-debunked tinfoil hattery, like the charge that Obamacare requires Americans to get a computer chip implanted into their bodies. Lewis says creatures from outer space have come to earth to eat people and "farm" their organs. He also says the moon landing in 1969 was faked--but there might be secret US military bases on Mars where the air is breathable and the temperatures moderate. Of course, Barack Obama was born in Africa after being "conceived during a CIA operation" to infiltrate communists because "the communists were black at that time." Lewis says the weather is controlled by the government or "rogue scientists" to manipulate global politics, and said that Hurricane Sandy was maybe created to help Obama by delaying the upcoming 2012 presidential election (it wasn't delayed). In his deranged world, Prince William of Britain "has every chance of being the Anti-Christ" and Men in Black once bombed his car "to scare him." In maybe the scummiest example of conspiracy theory, Lewis says the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a staged hoax (using "crisis actors" and those devices that beam homicidal thoughts into the shooter's mind) as part a conspiracy to take American's guns.

Like Alex Jones, Lewis's pseudo-rebelliousness against authority (really designed to sell doomsday prepper products) often cross ideological lines, but in the end, the idiotically berzerk claims support a reactionary mindset, and Lewis's blabbings regularly overlap with right wing memes. A good example of Lewis's bias is that, though he touts every ridiculous doomsday scenario ("magnetic storms," anyone?) possible to sell his prepper products, he denies the serious global problem that is really happening: climate change. Instead of using climate change to sell dried food junk and emergency kits to his foolish listeners, Lewis says climate change is a hoax created by an international Nazi conspiracy that could lead to another Holocaust by the UN's "green police force."

Lewis's persona of slick snake-oil salesman often disappears in his comments on his own website or in tweets when answering critics, when he regularly becomes scatological, vulgar and proudly hateful. In a typical response to one deranged critic he wrote, "have you ever considered yawning in a rainstorm and drowning? I would applaud while watching this event. You are such a douche canoe.. I don't express my hatred for anyone often but in your case I will put in writing my disgust that you are still breathing .. could you please figure out how to stop?"