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Millennial Woes

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I think I am pro-slavery.
—Colin Robertson, when asked what his most controversial belief is[1]
Nobody wants to lynch blacks or kill Jews.
—also Colin Robertson[2]

Colin Robertson, better known as Millennial Woes, is a Scottish white supremacist alt-right YouTube personality.[3][4][5][6] He typically films his hate-filled rants out of a dark room while chain smoking and always appears extremely joyless.[1]

Robertson frequently attends neo-Nazi and white nationalist conferences throughout Europe.[7]

Robertson was formerly associated with Patriotic Alternative but in April 2020 was banned from attending their conferences for sexual misconduct allegations.[8] In response, he posted a message claiming he is leaving nationalist politics to "deal with the character flaws that I have neglected".


Robertson is from Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland.[6][5][9] He attended a London art college in the mid-2000s before launching his racist far-right YouTube channel in 2013 after a long period of unemployment and collecting welfare.[5] Robertson, however, denounces immigrants for exploiting state benefits.[5][6]

Ethnostate support[edit]

African brains are physically smaller than European brains, which are smaller than East Asian brains.
—Colin Robertson, understander of environmental effects on development[10]

Robertson started as a neoreactionary before radicalizing further into white supremacism and racism. He points out that he became a virulent anti-Semite after being radicalized and introduced to the so-called "Jewish Question". He firmly identifies with racialism, white nationalism, Holocaust denial and the Alt Right. His viewers tend to be male NEETs (young people who are Not in Education, Employment, or Training).[1]

He wants to establish a pure white ethnostate in Britain and repatriate all non-whites from said territory.[11] Robertson even wishes to break up mixed race families and deport them outside of Europe, such as to Africa.[11] Robertson is also for the sterilization of non-white individuals residing in 'white' countries.[12] How exactly he defines "white" as opposed to "nonwhite" is questionable.

Genocide fantasies[edit]

Robertson has genocidal fantasies:

The only thing that will take care of itself is the oncoming bloodshed. That these people in the EU and in national governments have worked to bring about.[1]
I wonder if these refugees, vulnerable though they are, should be seen rather as the enemy. Maybe we should blow up their boats. Send some torpedos[sic] and fuck them up. You are going to get lots of men, women, and children who lose arms, legs, and then drown. It is horrendous. It's the worst death you can have.[1]


—Colin Robertson, friend of Jews[13]

Robertson doesn't like 'em. He thinks Jews run the media:

[T]he mainstream media is dominated by Jews, and that they have it in for whitey.[14]

I just wonder what conclusion you'll come to when the ADL, in their superior wisdom to ours, put your videos in limbo. ;)[15]

You're the one who is changing the subject. If the Jews are better than us, you will trust their judgement when your videos are zucked, yes?[16]

He thinks Jews run the government:

Yes, I believe my race is being attacked. As for a Jewish conspiracy theory, it's no theory: it's right out in the open. Anyone who still doesn't see it should be embarrassed, frankly.[17]

Wait - Jewish people are an international clique? Surely not![18]

[W]hat if the Jews fuck us like we "fucked Africa"? ;)[19]

Arkin: I think one of the keys to unlocking American unity in our divided nation is by making allies out of Silicon Valley and blue-collar workers.[20]

Robertson: And by reducing Jewish power.[21]

He thinks their "behavior" is tied to their ethnicity:

I think it's a fundamental aspect of Jewish behaviour - on the basis that it has happened so many times before, involving so many different peoples. The common factor is the Jews themselves.[22]

He's not sure about the Holocaust, but thinks it could be justified:

Robertson: I don't know enough about the holocaust to comment. You might say I'm skeptical.[23]

Sargon of Akkad: I'm not bothered about whether you think it real or not, I want to know if you think it could be morally justified.[24]

Robertson: It would depend entirely on the stakes. If their existence threatened my own people's existence, and there were no other options, then yes.[25]

[deleted, unrecoverable]

Robertson: So you think that a gentile people should commit suicide to save your people? Wow.[26]

He uses the rhetoric of the anti-racist is a code word for anti-white mantra against Jews:

[I]f Jews can take steps to ensure their continued existence, why can't white people?[27]

The Jews are not our group. We are not Jews. We are not as closely responsible for them as we are for European women.[28]

Wow, a Jew celebrating the demise of the goyim. Imagine my shock.[29]

He repeats the "Jewish expulsion" talking point:

You mean like how Jews have been ejected from 109 different places? The common denominator is them, right?[30]

He doesn't like to talk to Jews[31][32][33][34][35][36] and, to top it all off, Robertson whines about Jews not trusting "goyim" and the ADL not featuring him:

"That other goyim doesn't trust us Jews! You must hate him, goyim!"[37]

I'm disgusted that the Jewish hate group, the ADL, don't hate me enough to include me on their list of hate-worthy Alt-Righters. #ADLTerror[38]



Robertson is disturbingly ambivalent about bestiality, while he would not commit bestiality himself - he considers there to be nothing wrong with it.[39]

The Moa Video Essay on Millennial Woes / Colin Robertson[edit]

Meet Millennial Woes: YouTube's Führer in a dressing gown

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