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Look Ken, you're famous!
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DeMyer's Laws are a collection of internet laws based on the debating style of Ken DeMyer and are named in his honour.

The laws[edit]

DeMyer's Zeroth Law of Internet Debating states:

If you are Ken DeMyer, Kdbuffalo, Newton, Conservative or another of Kenneth DeMyer's aliases, the debate will eventually reach a state where you violate one of the internet laws and you are going to lose.

DeMyer's First Law of Internet Debating states:

Anyone who brings Young Earth Creationism into an argument — that is not about creation, the origins of life or the age of Earth — requires no further serious consideration and is deemed to have lost the argument.[1]

DeMyer's Second Law of Internet Debating states:

Anyone who posts an argument on the internet which is largely quotations, can be very safely ignored and is deemed to have lost the argument before it has begun.[2]

DeMyer's Third Law of Internet Debating states:

Anyone who posts a picture with a caption which does anything other than describe the picture is deemed to have already lost on the point they were trying to make and it can be ignored.

DeMyer's Fourth Law of Internet Debating states:

Anyone who resorts to answering and "best answering" their own questions on Yahoo! Answers, in order to win their argument, is deemed to have lost the argument before it has begun and can be ignored.[3]

Public approbation[edit]

Amazingly enough, anyone outside RationalWiki has noticed these, including the popular UK morning commuter fishwrap Metro.[4]


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