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Edgar Mitchell

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Mitchell rehearsing his speech in case aliens show up.
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Aliens did it...
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Edgar Mitchell (c. 1931-2016) was an Apollo astronaut,[note 1][1][2] founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and UFO conspiracy nut.

Mitchell has never claimed, or even hinted, that he saw anything alien on the Moon, on the way to the Moon, or on the way back from the Moon. He has never even said he's seen an alien on Earth, despite having been raised not far from Roswell. However he has said many times that he's been briefed by senior military officers and knows that alien visitation is an established fact.[3] Other UFO believers love him, because they think that his claims are "insider info".

On aliens[edit]

From an NBC interview on April 19, 1996:[3]

MURPHY: Do you think it's more likely than not that extraterrestrials have been to this planet?
Mr. E. MITCHELL: From what I now understand and have experienced and seen the evidence for, I think the evidence is very strong, and large portions of it are classified.
MURPHY: Classified by whom?
Mr. E. MITCHELL: By governments.
MURPHY: You're saying it-it-it not only likely happened, but there's been a cover-up?
Mr. E. MITCHELL: Oh I--I think if it has happened the way it seems to be, there's definitely been a cover-up.

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  1. Pilot of the Apollo 14 Lunar Module, which means that he got to walk on the Moon in 1971.


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