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Bernhard Guenther

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Bernhard Guenther is a conspirituality and alternative medicine writer, coach, and woo-peddler, who runs the website[1] He describes the world as semi-metaphorically akin to the reality in The Matrix,Wikipedia and life in this world as shaped by an omnipresent alien conspiracy, similarly to Tom Montalk, except with a large dose of self-help focused commercial self-promotion thrown into the mix.

In the early 2010s, Guenther was into the work of Laura Knight-Jadczyk, only to then break away and promote a similar kind of teaching following a clash with LKJ's community.[2] In this, Guenther is also similar to Tom Montalk (who runs the conspirituality website, though there's roughly a decade separating their times of involvement with and departure from LKJ's teaching and her Cassiopaea community. Montalk parted ways with them back in the 2000s, while they were focusing more heavily on alien conspiracies, while Guenther did so a decade later, when self-help and alternative medicine had become big topics in LKJ's community.

Stylistically, Guenther is a verbose writer. Among his quirks is a copious use of the balance fallacy; he very often describes opposing views as constituting flawed black and white thinking and his own thought as being more rich and nuanced, in this way often preempting any possible critical scrutiny and rejection of his woo. A Jungian, he also describes others whom he disagrees with as engaging in shadow projection (i.e. externalizing all their fears and other negativity), or as being cogs in the shadowy machinery of The Matrix, while of course viewing himself as knowing and being better than that.

Another Cassiopaean schism[edit]

A small rift between Guenther and the community around Laura Knight-Jadczyk grew deeper in late 2014 when they took issue with his latest "alien love bite" drama, judging him as a sleazy predator.[2] Basically, he would contact a woman on Facebook, hook up with her, have lots of sex, and then decide that not only had it all gone wrong (in opposition to his ideals), but it was all due to aliens, and the bad woman who was their agent in The Matrix – and naturally he wrote to warn all his online friends about such horrible things. Based on an idea by alien abduction 'researcher' Eve Lorgen, this kind of thinking is a variation on Targeted Individual explanations for things going wrong in life, specifically in the area of love life. Guenther has written an article explaining in detail how various problems related to both his and others' love affairs are due to such alien meddling with the lives of humans.[3]

Naturally, the Cassiopaea channeling crew (LKJ et al.) have a better explanation for what the "love bite phenomenon" really is – a "government disinformation program for the weak minded" utilizing "microwave manipulation of consciousness and emotions", along with people just being socially programmed with norms and habits and some also having psychopathologies.[2] Sounds, if not half-right, then maybe at least about a third right.

Historical revisionism[edit]

Back in 2013, Guenther promoted the pro-Nazi WWII "documentary" The Greatest Story Never Told and Holocaust denialist works, ostensibly as an exercise in promoting critical thinking and "questioning everything", but not in order to criticize those works, but rather with the view that most of what people believe is false.[4] Together with a 2014 piece promoting the Khazar myth and other antisemitic tropes[note 1] alongside legitimate criticism of Israel and its treatment of Palestinians,[5] this has left a lasting bad impression with some, while others rationalize that Guenther's rhetorical slickness and later disavowal of outright pro-Hitler stances also genuinely separates his stance from an antisemitic one.[6] Back in 2014, Guenther dismissed any criticism of the bigotry and conspiracy theory part of his message as manipulative tactics and as attacks by the evil forces of "The Matrix",[5] a stance which hasn't changed since.

Into the alt-right[edit]

Initially, Guenther was skeptical about QAnon, and believed it to be a psychological trap by the sinister forces running the world, a way to distract people with dreams of an external savior. But then, in 2020, he began to feel a niggling doubt about those doubts of his that were separating him from an ever-growing movement of Q-pilled folks and their endless false predictions. And so, he had a discussion with Tom Montalk, who went in-depth on his thoughts about Q and Trump and more, and convinced Guenther that there was way more to it than he had been able to imagine beforehand.[7][8]

Montalk actually has a point, but not exactly in the way he thinks. He's right that those predictions and "wish lists" plastered over the web, vaguely linked to the Q messages, are not actually implied by the original messages for the most part, but rather conjured up by the overactive imaginations of the people in the QAnon crowd. What Montalk misses is that the entire point of the original Q message is that it is all very vague, bogus, practically void of anything substantial at all, making it a perfect screen for people to project and read all of their hopes and fears and wishes into; practically everything that people make of it is then the product of their imaginations. That is the intended effect, that people join up and begin making stuff up en masse, causing a cacophony of confusion, together with a feedback loop of increasing engagement and people getting fired up and riled up about make-believe stuff. Of course, that can happen in many ways, and Montalk and Guenther exemplify yet another variation on the general theme, the complexity of their esoteric ideas merely making the stuff they make up more elaborate and multi-layered.

In 2021, Guenther slid down the gentle slope from where he then was at into the general American conservative culture war against everything woke.[9]


Guenther goes very far in his general antivaxxer fearmongering, with a particular focus on COVID-19 pandemic. Drawing on Rudolf Steiner and the work of a Thomas Mayer, he describes vaccines as being very harmful for the connection between the soul and the human body, to the point where physicians who administer vaccines will be "exorcising souls" from humanity. Guenther apparently also views the idea that germs cause disease as a "superstition". That is, supposedly the belief that there exists something out there to vaccinate against in the first place is a trap, making people believe in government and in science, instead of in the truthiness of alternative medicine promoters and influencers like Guenther himself.[10][11]

The COVID vaxx has been the Trojan Horse to lay the groundwork for the Transhumanism occult trap, body-snatching, and soul-harvesting via this mass inoculation by hyper-dimensional occult forces and soratic[sic] spirits working through their puppet big pharma scientists and useful idiots in media and government.
—Bernhard Guenther[11]

Transhumanism? Where does that fit in? Apparently, Guenther believes the idea of a Robin Kaiser that there is a great conspiracy to alter the very soul, or "energy body", of everyone vaccinated, through the injecting of some mysterious stuff said to be part of every mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. The secret sauce is claimed to change the course of spiritual evolution in a way that would last across incarnations, towards a "digitalization" of the soul, a secret transhumanist cabal apparently behind the development and use of the vaccines. Not only that, but all these terrible body- and soul-snatching techno-wonders brought by the transhumanists are apparently coming to our world due to karma from Atlantis and Ancient Egypt.

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