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Eric Weinstein

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Eric Ross Weinstein (1965–) is the managing director of Thiel Capital, Peter Thiel's personal investment firm, since 2015. He received his PhD in mathematical physics from the Mathematics Department at Harvard University in 1992.[1]

Founder of the Intellectual Dark Web[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Intellectual Dark Web

Weinstein first coined the label "The Intellectual Dark Web" in a New York Times article by Bari Weiss,[2] to describe a grouping of public intellectuals and conservative or centrist political pundits who could talk to each other and criticize "the far left". He was motivated when his brother Bret Weinstein retired from Evergreen University after a brief student protest. Since then the Intellectual Dark Web has arguably become increasingly hermetically sealed, and become a gateway to the alt-right. [3] Critics have called the network a giant myth of victimization disguised as a defense of free expression.

Conspiratorial views[edit]

Conspiracy theories are a frequent element of Weinstein's stated opinions, both in connection to his career and in general. For example, Weinstein believes that his and his wife's efforts in economics, his own theories in physics, and his brother Bret's research in biology are of "Nobel quality" but have been excluded from mainstream peer reviewed channels by the nefarious scientific establishment.

Repressed genius[edit]

For years as a mathematician he has said that he has some kind of theory of everything that will knock everyone out and overturn the field of physics, but he just can't publish it yet because the world isn't ready, and the information will only be suppressed.[4]

In 2020, Weinstein published his much-hyped Oxford lecture of his Theory of Geometric Unity [5]. It was met with silence and indifference among theoretical physicists and the scientific community at large. As of August 2020, Weinstein has not published any paper on his theory.

Bret Weinstein Deserved a Nobel Prize[edit]

Weinstein believes his brother Bret Weinstein was in line for a Nobel Prize, but was undermined by a peer review conspiracy and a female Nobel Prize winner.[6][7]

Views on Truthers[edit]

Weinstein also doesn't understand some things about 9/11, and thinks we need to just ask more questions. But don't you dare call him a Truther.[8]

Conspiratorial views on doctors[edit]

We have entered a period in which we cannot trust our experts....We have two generations of institutional experts that are corrupted and that we can not wake up from that crazy fever dream because we can't figure out who we can still trust. The doctors are compromised, the professors are compromised, the journalists are compromised, the politicians are compromised."
—Eric Weinstein[9]

Wacky political views[edit]

Billy Bragg challenge[edit]

Weinstein challenged progressive musician Billy Bragg to bring him onto the stage of his next concert to debate him. Because, people who go to concerts with their dates would just love to hear the musician interrupt the show for a fifteen minute argument with some rando about what they talked about on Twitter.[10]

Worried about fertility[edit]

Weinstein is worried about all the young women in their 20s and 30s who are not prioritizing being a baby making machine motherhood. As a public intellectual he thinks breasts being sexy is essential to being human, and is annoyed with women who have PhDs who are called doctors even though they're not part of STEM like he is.[11]


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