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Essay:Andrew Schlafly's essays

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In-depth analysis

One of the constant sources of amusement on Conservapedia are Andrew Schlafly's "essays", which usually consist of a series of bullet points outlining his "thoughts" on random subjects. Personal essays are, of course, a vital component of any blog trusworthy encyclopedia.

Here is a bullet list of some of the "best" of them, and, indented, a few of our responses:

Mystery Schlafly Theater 3000[edit]

As well as Schlafly's "essays", Conservapedia also has begun featuring his "mysteries". These are like essays, but because they are admitted mysteries, he feels that it is appropriate to post them without evidence or citations of any sort. After all, he's not claiming they are 100% true, just that they are very likely to be true. Most encyclopedias do the same, don't they?

Note: Some of these "essays" have been "improved" by other editors at Conservapedia, but the criterion for selection is that they are Andy's babies, in that he created them, and maintains a strong editorial hand on their rudder.

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