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Always and inevitably, everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.
—Carlo M. Cipolla, explaining how this sort of garbage can manage to find a market[citation needed]

Evolved ministry - Universal Mastery, a small but growing cult based in Bloomington, Indiana, propagates fancy phrases like "Universal Connection" and "Unconditional Love" using a variety of buzzwords from physics, mathematics, biology, movies, conspiracy theories, eastern cultural philosophies, and much more. Michael Grubb Jr. founded Evolve Ministry circa 2009 and has garnered a decent following over the years. Grubb was a part of Avatar Energy InstituteWikipedia[1] before he started this cult after he left that cult because of some disagreement. The cult claims that it can teach its followers powers like aerokinesis,[note 1] hydrokinesis,[note 2] telekinesis, etc.

Grubb rose to popularity after one of his videos got over a million views on YouTube.[2] In the video, he appears to generate blasts of air to move leaves around — when in reality, he just adjusts his actions as per the movement of the blowing wind. Bloomington is a windy town and thus a perfect place to pull these shams.

It appears most of Grubb's audience are young adults, Star Wars fans, Matrix fans, and anime fans besides some dumb adults. His channel is highly censoring in nature — especially to comments of critical analysis. Like any other falsehood-propagator, Grubb refers to his critics as brainwashed people or as "unbelievers". The biggest damaging factor of his videos is his propagation of pseudoscience to make it seem that his powers are real. He has used typical buzzwords like "quantum", "magnetism", "universe", "consciousness", etc. to falsely showcase his understanding of science. With no background of any kind in science, Grubb is essentially a social reject who has resorted to spreading misinformation as a result of his own poor understanding of science and interpretation of nature around him. Grubb claims to have a degree in telecommunications engineering from Indiana University,[3] but Indiana University does not offer any programs relating to Telecommunications Engineering. Indiana University started its engineering school in 2016.[4]

Autobiographical bio[edit]

Formerly immersed into politics, the spreading of awareness, and the collective process of evolution. --However...THINGS CHANGE...and they change according to participation, immersion, and demand. Currently, I am a teacher here in Bloomington, Indiana of "Self-Mastery," which attempts to teach the process of personal and collective evolution to those who seek "the path."When not teaching, I spend most of my time engaged in some form of creation or another. I am accented and made better by my beautiful significant other.Finally...I am a musician, an Audio/Video editor and engineer, drummer, singer, guitarist, bassist, martial artist, artist, former fight competitor, meditation trainer, martial arts and hand-to-hand combat instructor, amongst many other interests. My only real message in life is to embrace Unconditional LOVE so that you may TRULY REMEMBER the divinity of those in which you share space, and the heights from which YOU CAME. This illusion will not last forever...and one day REALITY WILL RETURN. -Through the process of LOVE you will be prepared.
—Michael Grubb Jr.[citation needed]

Evolved Ministry Motto[edit]

Self Mastery can be described as the act of improving upon oneself using all elements of mind, body, and spirit. It is the re-connection of the soul into the truth of the all expansive Universal Mind and mainframe. Self Mastery reminds us of the knowledge that we are not alone, yet, we are all one. Additionally, Self Mastery instruction entails being adept at psychology, anatomy, physical and emotional exercises including; martial arts, meditation, and the Universal language of mathematics, science, and the fine arts. Self Mastery is the integration of mind, body, and spirit into all aspects of living and the pursuit of excellence in all chosen concentrations.
—Michael Grubb Jr.[citation needed]

More to read[edit]

His most common practice tools include the Pinwheel on a windy day, leaves, or ripples in water. It is unclear if he truly believes the nonsense he speaks about, as he is selling courses to transmit his misunderstood worldview.

Grubb also claims that he was abducted by aliens and that they gave him all the knowledge, wisdom, and taught him about these powers. He also considers himself as some sort of a savior who goes from one universe to another, revealing universal connection to humans — similar to Neo in The Matrix, if Neo was a salesman with more arrogance than talent.

Grubb has two of his salesmen also selling his courses when he is not around. They have their own channels by the names Joel Jacobson[5] and Daniel Atlas.[6] They also help him filter all the critical comments made on his videos.

He and his henchmen are exactly among those charlatans Carl Sagan warns about in his book "The Demon Haunted World". The lack of understanding of science in the world has resulted in people like Michael Grubb having as many as 30,000 followers. This especially has a negative impact on young children, as it may severely impair their understanding of the physical world, leading to more moronic cults like the Flat Earth Society in the future.

Evolved Ministry is selling its fake teachings in the form of premium courses on teachable.com.

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  1. This literally translates to "movement of air" and refers to psychic or magical manipulation of air, such as generating wind, generating air, moving air from one place to another, launching blasts of air from one's body, conjuring storms such as tornadoesWikipedia or hurricanes, etc. It's common in superheroWikipedia fiction, fantasy, and other genres where people and/or animals often have supernatural abilities. In real life, not so much.
  2. This literally translates to "movement of water" and refers to psychic or magical manipulation of water, such as conjuring water out of thin air, launching blasts of water from one's body (an actual supply of water or propulsion mechanism being optional), stirring bodies of water into motion (up to and including whirlpools, tsunamis, etc.), etc. It's common in superheroWikipedia fiction, fantasy, and other genres where people and/or animals often have supernatural abilities. In real life, not so much.


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