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Fun:Global warming denial Bingo

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"Hi, Billy Mays here for Global warming denial Bingo!"

A little something to make arguments with Global warming denialists go a bit more smoothly. Since most of them use the same few arguments, just mark them off as they come up.

Vikings/ Medieval Warm Period. "No warming since 1998." Michael Mann's "fraudulent" hockey stick graph. Climategate. Solar cycles/Sun spots.
Judith Curry/ S. Fred Singer/ M&M/ Richard Lindzen/ Christopher Monckton/ Wegman Report/ Roy Spencer cited. Evil Liberal Science Conspiracy/ Soshulizmz! "It's snowing today. Where's your global warming now?" Petition of x "scientists" who "disagree" with the consensus. "The models are broken."
"The climate has always been changing. It's natural." "Remember global cooling?" FREE SPACE
(Al Gore joke)
Water vapor/clouds aren't in the models. "CO2 lags forcing, not leads."
"CO2 is plant food!" "God will save us/God would never let warming happen!" "Even if it's real, we can adapt!" "Alarmism! Warmist Chicken Littles!" Clean coal
"Any regulations on greenhouse gases will destroy the economy forever!" "CO2 is not a pollutant." "Mars/ Pluto/ Nibiru is warming too!" "It's a scam cooked up by the alternative fuel industry!" "What about the underwater volcanoes?"

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Call within the next ten minutes and receive Creationist Bingo for no extra charge!

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