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Lana Jennifer Lokteff (1979–) is a far-right, antisemitic white supremacist, and wife of Henrik Palgrem, founder of Red Ice TV (of which she is also the cofounder). She is a prominent Holocaust denier and also denies the genocide of Native Americans. Lokteff was born in Oregon to Russian immigrants, however, despite being of Russian descent, she is a Neo-nazi (the nazis despised Slavs, especially Russians).[1]

In 2011, she met and married Henrik Palgrem and helped cofound Red Ice in 2003. Lokteff identifies as a Slavic neo-pagan.

General wingnuttery[edit]

During the 2016 election, Lokteff unsuccessfully attempted to convert white women to the alt-right to expand the movement. Being a self-hating reactionary, Lokteff opposes feminism, yet has complained about her treatment in the alt-right by men in the organization.[2]

Unsurprisingly, Lokteff supports eugenics, saying "The alt-right is a very attractive, very sexy bunch ... Matches are being made left and right of beautiful, intelligent couples. It's a eugenic process." Even the New York magazine described her as a "looks-obsessed eugenicist".[3]

Genocide Denial[edit]

Lokteff has promoted Holocaust denial and has published works by the likes of David Cole and Mark Weber. She has also published articles denying the genocides of Native Americans. She has openly defended confederates and nazis.[4]

Red Ice TV[edit]

Lokteff and her husband founded Red Ice TV in 2003, and bizarrely enough, actually started out as an outlet covering the paranormal and conspiracy theories before becoming a white nationalist and neo-nazi website. Red Ice TV's YoutTube channel had 300,000 subscribers before its ban.[5]

Red Ice was later banned from YouTube in October 2019[6] and from FaceBook in November 2019.[7]